Amazing Grace - The best version ever

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Silent Night by 2-year-old Toddler

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The Lord's Prayer by 2-year Old

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Pastor gets punched in the face

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Devotion Gone Wild!!

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Pastor Paige leads the congregation in Praise & Worship

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This is How You Pay Your Tithes

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"Pay Tithes or get SHOT!"--Creflo Dollar

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What Popular Christmas Song was Written for Thanksgiving?
"Jingle Bells" was written in 1857 by James Pierpont (1822-1893) to be sung at a Thanksgiving program at his Unitarian church in Savannah, Georgia. It was originally titled "One Horse Open Sleigh." The performance was repeated at Christmas.
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A Dozen True Complaints Received by Forest Rangers

These complaints are of the sort that make Will and Guy laugh, sometime out loud. You just couldn't make them up; yet, on the other hand the things that people moan about are unbelievable.

1. A small deer came into my camp and stole my bag of pickles. Is there a way I can get reimbursed?
2. Escalators would help on steep uphill sections.
3. Trails need to be wider so people can walk while holding hands.
4. Found a smouldering cigarette left by a horse.
5. Trails need to be reconstructed. Please avoid building trails that go uphill.
6. Too many bugs and leeches and spiders and spider webs. Please spray the wilderness to rid the area of these pests.
7. Chairlifts need to be in some places so that we can get to wonderful views without having to hike to them.
8. The coyotes made too much noise last night and kept me awake. Please eradicate these annoying animals.
9. Need more signs to keep area pristine.
10. A McDonald's would be nice at the trailhead.
11. Too many rocks in the mountains.
12. The places where trails do not exist are not well marked
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I am a Property of Jesus - Part 7 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Being tempted to exercise their "democratic rights"
As in the pre-conversion days
Paul charged them with a shock!
Do you not know that your members of the body
Belong to someone else now
And that when you became Christians
You become one with him?
How then can you take the physical members
(Belonging to the new master)
To fornicate with temple prostitutes?
(Just as you routinely did in your pre-conversion days
Of spiritual blindness)?
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FAMILY MATTERS GALA EVENING - 19 DEC. 2010 - 14h30 - 19h00

MVK- Zone in Partnership with 'FAMILY MATTERS' the couples fellowship at The Freeway Tabernacle invite you to a Gala Evening to be held at Reach Out For Christ Ministries Auditorium on the 19th December. The event will start a 14:30 with a photo shoot session of individuals and couples. This event is a Black tie so please come dressed up and look as handsome and as beautiful as you can be. A 3course meal will be served. Testimonies and a keynote speech. Cost per person is R150. Adults and couples only. Please do not bring your little ones. For your reservations please call Pastor. Billy Maluleke on 0837220815 or make a deposit in the following bank account: ROFC. Standard Bank. Southdale Branch. Branch code; 006405. account number. 202768309. Reference number: Gala1912. And please fax the deposit slip to: 0866057059 at least by the 12th December. Do not keep your slip and hope to bring it on the day we need to make arrangements before the occasion. See you there. Please remember: Babies and children may not be brought along. Read More!

I am a Property of Jesus - Part 6 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Have given me the excuse to sink to such
A level of depraved bitterness and hatred?
I hate those other brothers so much
I have to pretend when I greet them
I hate what I have become.

Given the demands for routine every day Christianity
"The Lord has created a hunger for reconciliation"
The word of God is amazingly comprehensive
Even when it is tough!
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I am a Property of Jesus - Part 5 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

"Are you covenanting today to live for Him?"
We are witnesses today that we really serve the Lord.
I tell you that on the basis of what you performed
Throughout the years of leading you as a nation
You will fail to keep your promise
You will surely be judged severely for all nations to see.
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This Weeks Devotionals - Pastor Mazwe Majola - Soweto - RSA

Mazwe Majola holds numerous qualifications including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Preston University in USA, a Master of Philosophy (Mphil) in Business Ethics from Pretoria University, a Master of Commerce (Mcom) in Strategy and Organizational Dynamics from University of Natal, Executive Development Program (EDP) from Manchester Business School (Manchester University), Licentiate in Theology (LTH) from George Whitefield College, Bachelor of Theology (BA Hons) from Potchefstroom University and various Leadership Development Programmes from Local and International Institutions. Mazwe is currently busy with his PHD in Leadership Studies and Political Economy at University of KwaZulu-Natal. His research areas and interests include, Leadership, Strategy, Systems Thinking, Chaos theory and Complexity theoryMinistry Experience: Mazwe Majola graduated from GWC in 1995 and has been in ministry for the last 13 years. He is the Senior Pastor at Sobantu Communty Church. He is an invited guest preacher and speaker for many different churches and organizations both locally and internationally. He conducts seminars for business executives and provides motivational talks for youth and business leaders.
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I am a Property of Jesus - Part 4 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Dr. Charles Mahlangu
Fake spectacular sights and visions of celestial beings
(who can repudiate your reports?)
Fake the presence of the Lord
(no one can fully explain the phenomenon
nor theologically refute it
Christians will love every moment of it)
Fake personal confrontations you have had
With God, Christ, the devil and demons
(You will be revered among the believers
As the spectacularly gifted one.
You will become an instant star based
on what you verbally claim!)
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I am a Property of Jesus - Part 3 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

The believer dichotomizes the requirement of the Word
With the actual experience in life.
The believer creates their own environment of "Spirituality"
Which will not be questioned by the Word of God
Or the Christian community.
This denial of sin perpetrated in wilful disobedience
Is sublimated with their own feelings
Of perceived blessings
Of revelations
Of special encounters with the Lord
Of special feelings engendered
During the so-called reading and hearing
Of the Word of God!
When they personalize this intimacy with God with
"The Lord showed me"
"The Spirit told me"
"I felt his power this morning . . ."
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I am a Property of Jesus - Part 2 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

(My condition caused by my thoughts precisely)
So long as the sin remains unsettled
unresolved unconfessed genuinely
The condition of stark blindness exists.
What happens when he reads the Word
As I dutifully religiously did for years?
False assessment!
Imprecise logical preoccupation with truth.
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I am a Property of Jesus - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

How, for years could I read Romans:

Charles Mahlangu
"Don't be conformed to this world
Be transformed with the renewing of your mind
So that you understand what is the
Good acceptable will of God?
Don't be conformed?
Be transformed?
Be renewed in your minds routinely?
These are not theoretical constructs
They are active
They are prescriptive
They are to be experienced in the real life!
Yet I read the words in chapter twelve for years
With an tragically closed mind
Doomed to be complacent and "blessed!"
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I believe in an Existent God - Part 1

We live in a generation that has lost ‘touch’ with the things of God. The only things people know about God is that He ‘claims’ to have created the heavens and the earth. He ‘supposedly’ owns every thing we see around us and that He knows us all by our first names. That’s all. Oh, I almost forgot number four, He wants us to live good lives and He makes sure that all the bad guys go to hell when they die. In all honesty if this is all the reality that is about God no wonder not many people are following Him.
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Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 9

One thing that constantly nag me as I write these articles is that I am aware of the generation gap between me and 99% of my audience. These are people who take me for an old timer who is oblivious to the "latest " facts of life and who failed to not transform. And this is far from the truth' because when I got married back on the 28th November 1982 I thought we were the sophisticated generation back then. I thought that our marriages were that different from our parents, but on closer inspection the only true and evident difference was that our wives could wear slacks when my mother and her generation could not and that was just about the only true difference. otherwise everything else remained unchanged. Now today 28 years after when I look at my daughter and Joyce that gap has been closed and everything else remains unchanged. The principles that governed my parents marriage govern mine and still stand to govern my kids'.

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For lovers who love Yahweh - Part 3- By Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Psalm 19:7-11
The law of the Lord is perfect

Reviving the soul
The testimony of the Lord is sure
Making wise the simple
The precepts of the Lord are right
Rejoicing the heart
The commandment of the Lord is pure
Enlightening the eyes
The fear of the Lord is clean
Enduring forever
The rules of the Lord are true
And righteous altogether.
More to be desired are they than gold
Even much fine gold
Sweeter also than honey
And the drippings of the honeycomb.
Moreover by them is thy servant warned
In keeping them there is great reward.
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Presentation Of the Workshop Held on 24 October - MVK

The workshop held on the 24th October at Reach Out For Christ was our third this year since we began in August. we have been endeavoring to help couples resolve some of the challenges faced by most married people today. The workshops and seminars help in making it possible for us to do an en masse kind of counseling. I wish to thank all those who attended the seminar and followed the correct procedure which required that all the attendees pay a refundable fee and I hope you guys enjoyed the whole episode. From my side I can't complain, I fully enjoyed every moment, though as tiring as it was. I also believe that God wants His children to live in peace and enjoy the good of the land as the bible say in the book of Isaiah. As couples we need to commit ourselves to pursuing these laws and make a concrete decision never to turn away from them.

Our next meeting will be held at the same venue on the 21 November at 14H30 which will be the last but one of our meetings for 2010. A map will be attached on the Blog for those coming outside Soweto. A big thank you again to the guys from Pretoria and those coming from other Churches. We believe that the Kingdom of God cannot be contained in one small Church such as ours and That is why we are happy to have members of other Churches join us in these seminars.
I have attached the Power point slides of the presentation hereto, but the notes are only available with the DVD of the presentation on request for a very nominal fee. Please note that the handouts you were given at the seminar are not the presentation notes. To order the dvd and notes please call the office on 011 980-5970 or order on comments under this post. Be blessed. MVK 
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For lovers who love Yahweh - Part 2 - By Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Roving Through Psalm 119

The lovers seek God’s direction for marriage goals from the Word of God. The lovers are guided by the light of God’s Word. The lovers’ supreme pledge is that the Word of God is their heritage forever. The lovers pledge to be found doing the Word of life forever to the end…”
The commandments are the Word of God. The rules are the Word of God. The statutes are the Word of God. The law is the Word of God. The precepts are the Word of God. The testimonies are the Word of God. Meditation is intense intercession the lovers rely upon for marital success.
The lovers lay down policies to be single-minded in their devotion to obedience. The lovers make God their hiding place and shield, for all the challenges faced in their marriage. They declare a persistent longing to be enabled to submit to the authority of God.
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For lovers who love Yahweh - Part 1- By Dr.Charles Mahlangu

Roving through Psalm 119

There is the possibility for lovers to be blessed by God. The lovers can choose the quality of life God blesses. The lovers are guaranteed certain favours by God. However, this is going to cost them. Are they willing to become blameless in the sight of God? Are they willing to commit themselves in their marriage to walk with God? Are they willing to seek God wholly in their hearts? Are they willing to be diligent in the study and pursuit of the Word of God? Are they committed to make their marriage centred in the will of God? Are they committed to pursue purity as godly spouses? Then the lovers’ hearts will overflow with joyful praises.
These lovers are controlled by the Word of God for the law is the Word of God. The testimonies are the word of God. The precepts are the Word of God. The statues are the Word of God. The commandments are the Word of God. The lovers must obey the Word of God in this marriage. [1-8]. Meditation is intense intercession the lovers rely on for success in their marriage.
The lovers are convinced the Word of God alone is sufficient authority for what constitute purity, godliness, and holiness. However, the hearts of the spouses must be constantly saturated with the counsel of God. These spouses must come up with creative ways to make the Word of God invade this marriage through their lives. The lovers must make the Word of God absolute source of reference for all issues they face in their marriage. If the Word of God is the defensive capability. The lovers are committed to put the instructions of the Word of God in all areas of life. The lovers are resounding with praises to God since they find ways to delight in God. Since they find ways to put obedience of this Word of God in their marriage. The lovers have committed themselves to seek God, to fix their hearts to fulfil his ways. After all, testimonies, the laws, the precepts, the Word, the rules, the commandments all describe the Word of God. The lovers must not forget to obey the Word of God in this marriage.

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Who wants to see a demon? - MVK

Back in 1983 when I was a new convert I was challenged by a testimony that two Christian brothers shared with me. We were just chatting about the goodness of the Lord and the many things that they have experienced since they became Christians. The first testimony they shared with me was of a young Christian lady who was walking home from a home cell meeting. She used to walk home with a group of other youngsters but that evening they did not come so she had to walk by herself.
As she was walking across a veld one evening a group of boys appeared and came towards her. She had nowhere to run and had to continue walking. They came closer to her from the opposite direction. By that time the young lady was praying silently and just trusting God to intervene on her behalf.

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A Step In The Right Direction - MVK

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted as a professional speaker by the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. My reason for joining PSASA is because I realized that even though by the Grace of God I am able communicate with people internationally through this blog the door to ‘professional speaking’ was almost impossible to enter unless I am registered with a professional body like PSASA. So what’s next? I will definitely be charging you for speaking to you in person! Just kidding. To be honest with you money is the last thing on my mind because the Bible is very clear on that one. The book of Ecclesiastes sums it up in the following clear terms: Eccl 5:10 Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless. NIV

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My greetings to all our readers and friends out there. The topic of this post says it all: “Is there anybody out there” where has everyone gone to? Guys I’m serious. I have been writing and trying to share my experiences with you and all I see is that yes, someone out there is reading But why the silence? I have only received 8 comments on four posts. Am I communication with you or not? This is the ‘loudest’ silence I’ve had from our blog readers so far. Is it possible to have readers from all 4 continents keep quite on you all at the same time? Please guys say something. This is the only encouragement you can give to me. Comment and let me know that I’m not alone. I’m beginning to feel like the ghosts at house number 1099 have ultimately caught up with me. LOL. I wish to continue with my next post on house number 1099. I’m waiting for you. Be blessed. MVK Read More!

Family Matters Presentation 19 Sept 2010 - MVK

“Family Matters”, the couple’s meeting we had on Sunday at The Freeway Tabernacle was yet another success. The meeting was attended by at least 550 individuals and the challenge was that we expected 430 people. This means that we had to do last minute arrangements to accommodate 120 individuals. We plead with all to please make sure that you register well in advance as we will no longer admit unregistered persons. I also wish to thank the organizing committee for a job well done. Guys thank you very much
We dealt with the issue of communication which was the main “culprit” in our previous survey. I am sure that all were happy with how we conducted the workshop. I must say that I really enjoyed myself even though I was extremely exhausted after the meeting. I also wish to thank Pastor Motlanthe from Pretoria together with all the guys who came with him. The notes for the workshop are available from TFT office for a nominal fee; otherwise the whole power point presentation is attached at the end of on this post.

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MVK Zone Devotionalist- Pastor Phillemon Mathane - Eagles of Faith - Pretoria

Phillemon Mathane is the Pioneer and Founder of Eagles of Faith Christian Fellowship in Akasia, Pretoria. RSA. Please visit Eagles of Faith at The man of God is married to Lebo; and they are blessed with a baby girl, Ofentswe. His assignment is to birth a contingent of matured and multi-gifted Apostolic Eagles who will even advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere of what he calls “The Market Place Temple”. This “temple” includes a myriad of spheres and domains such as business, government, politics, arts science and technology, media, sports, entertainment, etc. He believes that a   true end time apostolic grace and ministry transcends beyond the four corners of a local church. He believes   that until the church produce these ‘eagles type’ in greater supply of quality and quantity, the anticipated plan of God to restore the wealth of nations into the hands of the church will for a while remain suspended. You and I, properly trained and positioned by God, are that generation! Besides church ministry, his professional skills and interests include: strategic planning, financial management and reporting, project management, corporate governance, programme /project monitoring and evaluation, leadership training & amp; development. 

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Family Matters - Marriage Workshop - with MVK

13 Feb 2011 - 14H30

Our present statistics reveal that the lack of proper communication makes 38.27 % of challenges amongst couples at The Freeway Tabernacle. I believe that the couples at TFT represent all other couples around the world since it’s a fact that 45% of published statistics were not researched at all. And please note that the 38.27% was actual indication by married folks at TFT. In this workshop we will be tackling all known common problems to good communication. Everything from “I thought you said” to “that’s not what I meant” I believe that if couples can talk then they are almost half way through communicating.
You are invited to attend this workshop which will held at 
Reach Out For Christ Ministries on the 13 Feb 2011 at 14H30



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Who wants to see a demon? - Part 2 - MVK

It had been three months since I prayed asking God to show me a demon and by this time I was honestly happy that it did not happen because since the day I prayed I checked a lot of books and saw many horrid pictures depicting satan and demons, and this naturally made me afraid up to a point. But then deep down inside I kept feeling that desire to come face to face with a demon, and looking back today that desire made a lot sense because it prepared me for a lot of things that I had to go through in life. Many people who oppose the reality of Angels and demons simply do so because they have never confronted these beings. I have also heard others say that these are simply myths or hallucinations. One Saturday afternoon in 1984 we were cleaning and getting our Church hall ready for the Sunday service and the Church choir was rehearsing in preparation for the next day. I and the other guys were now cleaning the yard outside when the musicians came out of the Church running as if they were being chased by something.

We ran inside the Church to check out and what we discovered changed the way I have always considered the things of the Spirit up until then. We came into the Church and the music was playing accompanied by the best choral voices ever but the problem was that there were no musicians as they were all outside. The sound of the instruments and the singing came from the ceiling of the Church. This is what made the musicians to run outside, they were singing when they noticed that they were not singing alone, every time they finished a song an invisible band and singers continued to sing the same song. At first they thought that they were just hearing things but they did two to three more songs and the results were still the same. Ultimately they knew that they could not take it any more and that’s when they anonymously sprinted out of the building.
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Accountability - By Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Small group/Discipleship/ Married couples/Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Groups
The writer of Proverbs says: “Iron sharpens iron, one man’s face is made wise by another.”
The writer of Ecclesiastes says: “Two are better than one, better still, a cord of three is not easily broken.”
What is an ‘accountability’ relationship? What does it look like?
Who is in it? You and one or two or three believers. You and ---
 A person or persons to meet with at regularly observed times, say once a week.
 A or persons to help keep you in line with your spiritual fidelity and intimacy with God.
 A person or persons who are mature.
 A person, persons dedicated to your progress.
 A person or persons to ask, demand ruthless introspection.
 A person or persons who have been granted authority by you to remove the masks of your soul.
 A person or persons to make you aspire for excellence in all segments of your being.
 A person or persons to covenant with to be absolutely sincere and truthful, even when it agonizes to do so.
 A person who will sit with you face to face and hands with hands, and demand to look into your eyes.
 A person or persons who will be the instruments of God to minister to you.
 A person or persons who will help steer you away from your blind spots.
 A person or persons who would be called upon to reprove, rebuke and ask for deeper motives that drive you.
 A person or persons to pray and intercede for you.
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Why I Think Some Marriages fail Despite All Good Efforts To Make Them Work - Part 12

The key to understanding the importance of compatibility between people lie in the understanding of the composition of man. All religions and spiritual beliefs agree on the following facts: That man is a triune being. Meaning that man is spirit soul and body, and that all these three parts play a very vital role in man’s day to day life; his survival and the choices he makes. The following examples shall shed more light on my points. We say that with the Spirit man contacts and communicates with the Spiritual realm. And subsequently we believe that the Spiritual realm has two sides: The Good side and the bad side; the dark side and the light side, the desirable side and the undesirable side. And we know that given a choice no one would want to be identified with the negative side of the Spiritual realm. That is why we instinctively shy away from anyone who will tell us that they prefer being evil than being good. Now when it comes to religion we all believe that these two sides actually represent two beings; that is they represent God and satan or the devil.
Now this will lead us to saying that religion or any belief in any spiritual being; law or practice cannot be done without involving your spirit. That is why we have witnessed wars between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, Lebanon, and between Israelis and the Palestinians. These are not just wars they are Spiritual conflicts that are deeply rooted in people’s spirits, and no one is prepared to give up their Spiritual belief to accommodate the other. This is the same with people who prefer to become believers in ancestral worship or witchcraft or satanism.

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Articles by Dr. Charles Mahlangu - The Freeway Tabernacle - Soweto

Dr Charles Mahlangu was born and raised in Soweto, South Africa. He married Delores 11th October 1975 in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada and is father to Bonganinkosi and Lindiwe.
Local Church: The Freeway Tabernacle
Their life verses are: Ephesians 4:7-16, It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.
Life Passion: To be a part of transforming mediocre unsatisfying marriages into joyous loving marriages that glorifies God and attracts others to Him.
Hobbies: viewing wildlife, jogging, Comrades Marathon six times.
Present Ministry:Founder and lecturer of Nisela Marriage Resource.
Mission statement: To train emerging church leaders to build strong God-honouring marriages. Dr Mahlangu has developed a counsellor training course. This course is valued at 12 credits towards a Bachelor of Theology degree when enrolling at the South African Theological Seminary in Rivonia. This course is presently being taught at The Freeway Tabernacle.
Method: Train men and women through seminars and resources that are based on biblical principles. These leaders will then be skilled to counsel marriages and families in their Churches.
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Make Things Right - By Dr. Charles Mahlangu - TFT

So you have relational conflicts in your marriage? Make things right.
Your marriage is full of communication explosives? Make things right.
So, the wife has a valid case of rage against the husband? Make things right.
You stole something from God? Make things right. Make a sacrifice according to the Levitical code.
You have grudges against your spouse? Make things right.
So nobody knows you are harbouring a grudge against your spouse? Make things right.
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FUNERAL NOTICES - Ms. Phumzile Lucia Dakile - - - - Mr. Sizwe Kekana

Born 05 August 1978 
Passed away 30 August 2010
Phumzile Lucia Dakile of 17285 Phase 4 Glen Ridge has passed away. Phumzile, a member of The Freeway Tabernacle passed away on the 30th August 2010 after a short illness.
The funeral will be held at Reach Out For Christ
on Saturday the 4th September
The service starts at 11:00
The cortege leaves for cemetery at 12:30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

NOTICE OF THE LATE Mr. Kamogelo Sizwe Kekana

Born 29 April 1990
Passed away 28 August 2010
Sizwe was a second year Industrial Engineering student at the University of Johannesburg
The memorial service will be held at the University of Johannesburg, Doornfontein Campus on Thursday 2 September 2010 at 13h00
The Funeral will be held at Home on Saturday 4th September 2010 at 07:30 and the cortege leaves at 10h00
Take the N12 Highway towards Witbank
Follow the Durban direction
Stay on the R59 Alberton /Vereeniging Road
Pass Mitchell off-ramp (Meyersdal)
Take the next off ramp - Swaartkoppies

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Thank You - Ninety Days After - From MVK

Mr. Charles Dempsey
First and foremost I thank God the father, the Son and the Holy spirit for giving us this season. Thank you Lord. I also wish to express my deepest heartfelt thanks to all our blog friends out there. You guys truly ‘rock’ Its is only three months since we went on the net and so much has happened it actually feels like a very long time.
I also wish to welcome the spring season, I’m sure that most ‘Johannesburgers’ will agree that this was the coldest winter in the past 10 years or so. The FIFA world cup event was another great experience for both soccer lovers and soccer ‘tolerants’ like myself. We almost had an overdose of the whole event. We thank God for       Mr. Sep Blatter Who had faith in South Africa from the onset and was never disappointed. Another Thank you to Julius 'juju' Malema for the best thing he ever said during the World cup event. Mr Malema said NOTHING at all and this was great.The World cup atmosphere is something I will forever cherish. It was truly an experience and my first time to wear a Soccer 'T' shirt. We hung country flags almost everywhere we went and some are still up. My house looked almost like FIFA house with all those flags proudly flying even at night, it was so wonderful to just go out at night and watch them sway from side to side. Some cars across the city still have flags and mirror covers of different countries on them. I also wish to thank God for enabling our country to host such an event even when Mr.Charles Dempsey thought that we were too primitive to do so. And hey world South Africa is NOT a third world country, we are just as competitive like most of you guys who came to visit us here.
During the world cup there were no incidents of Lions roaming the streets or Cheetahs chasing the tourists. no reports of people waking up only to find a black mamba in their shoe. Did you guys notice our Airports? And how about our Shopping Malls and roads. To top it all off South Africans have just proven to be the Worlds best hosts.

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With All of Your Might - By Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Whatever your hands find to do, do all with might
Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Approach your marriage with this attitude of excelling in everything, to make your marriage excellent as a spouse.
Your commitment: Give all might to be committed to make your marriage excellent
Give all might to love your wife as Christ loved the church
Give all might to submit to your husband as the church submits to Christ Jesus
Your covenant: Give all might to keep your covenant of permanence
Give all might to be married for keeps and exhaust means to stay that way forever
Your obedience to God: Give all might to make Christ Sovereign in your fidelity to Him as your only Sovereign and Master of your marriage
Your mate: Give all might to honour him as Christ-like leader of marriage and home
Your wife: Give all might to excel to love in the same way Jesus loves you
Your children: Give all might to raise them in the instruction and admonition of the Lord
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Family Matters Workshop - Held on the 22 August - At ROFC - Report - By. MVK

Marriage Reinforcement Workshop

Held at Reach Out For Christ
On 22 August 2010 at 15H00

Conducted by: Rev. MV Kotu
Workshop Coordinators: Pastor & Mrs Maluleke. 
I wish to thank Pastor Maluleke and the whole TFT team for organizing the occasion. The meeting was attended by 155 couples and 29 individuals. What really impressed me was observing that the majority of the attendees were young couples. This was an indication of the urgency for the need for such meetings amongst young couples. I also wish to thank all the elderly couples who graced the occasion; it gave me the much needed backup that made it easy for me to speak to the house with confidence. Another encouraging factor was seeing the couples arrive as early as 14:15 for the meeting scheduled for 15:00 as a result we were able to start the meeting at the set time. I was there at 13h00 to prepare my presentation equipment. This meeting was the first of the four planned for 2010 with three others scheduled for September, October and November. (Dates to be announced soon)
The objective of this workshop was to reveal and discuss with the couples the results of a survey I did with the couples at The Freeway Tabernacle 2 months ago. Then the house would then agree on the best approach towards solving the issues rising from the survey.
I used a power point presentation to conduct the workshop. (All slides are attached hereto). We discussed each issue then feedback and suggestions were taken into consideration since this was going to determine the direction and subject matter of our next workshop.
The meeting was adjourned at 17h00 and most of the attendees that I spoke to indicated their contentment about the whole event.

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I believe in an Existent God - Part 3

Our faith in God or in anything else will always reach a testing point. This is when we know for sure whether what we have been ‘banking on’ pays off or not. When I came to knowing God in an official manner it was on the 9th of January 1983. I had been sick for a while up to that time. One winter evening in June 1982, I woke up at around 2 in the morning with my whole body burning as if a million hot needles were being pricked into every square millimetre from head to toe.
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I believe in an Existent God - Part 2

Have you noticed that whether we believe in God or not is always influenced by what is happening to us and around us at any particular point in our lives? People hardly pray when everything is going well with them. On the other hand everybody becomes suddenly spiritual when there is a death in the family. I grew up in a Christian family where we were introduced to the knowledge of God from a very early age. My parents taught us to acknowledge and believe in a personal God whether things went well with us or not.
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The Don'ts Of trials and Tribulations - MVK

* Don't lose focus of the purpose of trials - They were purposed to perfect us
* Don't wonder why no one is helping you - Life is like a game, play on and let others watch
* Don't run around knocking on doors - At such times most are locked, it's the  law of trials
* Don't wish you were someone else - Their time is coming too, trials are not avoidable
* Don't forget God's promises - They remain the same even at that time
* Don't get too much into reasoning mode - At such times your mind must be on God
* Don't lose sleep over those issues - Staying awake was never part of any prescription
* Don't grab anything that comes - Trials always make you focus on anything but your dream
* Don't remember those you helped before - They always strangely hibernate somehow during this season
* Don't cheat hoping to make up for anything - Your integrity plays a vital role during this time
* Don't call those who said you must never be a Christian - They will confirm it
* Don't forget to drop me an E-mail - I might just have a word for you.
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MARRIAGE SEMINAR With MVK - 22 august 2010 - 15h00 - Be there!

MVK & Joyce Kotu
Do you feel like you could start all over again in marriage? It's sad that most people do not feel that good about their marriages anymore. for some it has become an unending nightmare and others still just wish they were dead. making the decision to 'tie the knot' as the saying goes has literally tied most people to abusive relationships and prolonged emotional torment. I extracted the following quotation from the DRUM magazine dated 5 August 2010: 'People say that there is no difference between the words: Complete and finished. I say there is; marry the right person and your'e complete. Marry the wrong person and your'e finished' Do you feel complete or finished in your relationship? 
I have been married to the same woman for 28 years and I have never felt so complete in my life. Marriage happens but living together is a skill that can be learnt though talking to others and attending marriage enrichment seminars and workshops. Being happily married and living happily ever after is not easily acquired as one man of God said it's 'blood sweat and tears' It never just happens we have to put a lot of hours learning the necessary skills and asking for the 'paths of old' from those who have been there before. I will be speaking to couples, both married and those engaged to be married. The meeting will take place on Sunday 22 August 2010. The meeting will be held at Reach Out For Christ Ministries in Chiawelo Ext. 3 Soweto.We will start at 3 in the afternoon. and admission is free. For further Enquiries please contact the ministry office at 011 980-5970 or Pastor. Billy Maluleke on 0837220815. alternatively you may leave a response below indicating your attendance. See you there. MVK     For Directions Click Here 
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Prosperity begins when our task is to live for God and nothing else. Conclusion - MVK

One thing that I have learnt in life is that both prosperity and poverty don’t just happen but rather they are a result of laws obeyed or broken. Many years ago when I was a new believer I heard a preacher say that “If you are poor don’t worry because that is exactly what you are capable of’ I was almost offended but instead as a young man who was steadfast on seeking God’s laws of prosperity I heard him very well and started towards working to a better life.

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MVK Zone Devotionalist - Pastor. Moss Nthla. Ebenezer Bible Church. Gauteng. RSA

Moss Ntlha: Pastor, Ebenezer Bible Church. General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa.
Location: Mohlakeng, Randfontein. Gauteng ,South Africa
About Me
Years ago, I think the year was 1987, a church sort of happened around me. I was later to learn that this was called church planting! So I guess I planted a church by mistake. Here is how it happened:
I was working as a chief geochemist with a mining company, having done an Applied Maths and Chemistry degree. With my wife Khumo, we went about trying to figure out how to make a contribution in the country, which was then in the midst of political upheavals and a state of emergency. Both of us activists from our youth. (That’s how we actually met!).
With several friends who were rather subversive types, we decided we would discover how to be biblically faithful, while being politically involved in the diverse struggles of the mass democratic movement at the time. So we prayed, studied the bible, engaged in community struggles of diverse sorts. I realised my theological base was rather weak to sustain the challenge of holding together a community of committed Christians looking to make sense of their faith in a revolutionary context

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From deep within the heart of a parent...

The pains and challenges of parenthood are as old as man himself. The first murder recorded in the bible was between siblings. Adam’s son, Cain, killed his own brother. I cannot even imagine the pain that this act brought to the parents. On the day when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to him it is hard to say I know how Abraham felt like, for it would be better if my child dies as a result of any other means, but when God demands that my hand should become the cause of his death, I imagine the pain within my heart. A man of God, Eli had two sons who were not even afraid of God himself. They died in battle and Eli in his old age sat there by the side of the road when the news ware brought to him. The Bible tells us that he fell and died on the spot as his neck broke. Then much later in history God too, had to give His only son to become a sacrifice to the world. We love our children, we wish the best for them. Sometimes we fight with them and wish that we never had them. But they are ours, given to us by God for a purpose only He knows.

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He's Always Been There; Even During Your Worst Moments [From my archives]

We have all experienced those episodes of feeling totally insignificant in life. Times when God seems far away and one feels like all they want to do is die and be free from worries that engulf ordinary folks. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes seemingly also reached this point at sometime in his life and he ended up by concluding that it would have been better for a person to not be born than to be born and suffer in this world. He uses two different comparisons probably coming from two different experiences that he went through or witnessed. One is about a stillborn being better than a person who lives but suffers Ecclesiastes 6:3, and another one about a living dog being better than a dead lion.Ecclesiastes 9:4 

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Confessions Of a Changed Person - On Purpose, Passion, And Excellence [From my archives]

I have always wanted to be someone above average in life, and like most normal kids I grew up admiring great people, and there has always been those people who stuck out in every society. Around the late 60's Doctors; Nurses; Teachers; Policemen and Clerks were the cream of the crop.It required at least a standard 6 [grade 8] back then to be one of some of these people yet it was still more like rocket science to some, and as a result this group remained small. Second to this group preachers were also acknowledged in the society, but I don't remember a single kid standing up in class and telling the teacher that they were going to become one when they grew up. Like most kids I wanted to be a doctor, and that's what I even promised my primary school teachers including my family back then.
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MVK Zone Devotionalist - Pastor. Modise Moatlhodi

Modise and Zodwa Moatlhodi

Modise is currently an Exco member and Head of Large Business Segment at Absa Corporate and Business Banking.  He assumed this role 18 months ago, after having spent 2 years as Executive Chairman of Moatlhodi Group (Pty) Ltd, an entrepreneurial, diversified and multi-sectoral Investment Holdings Company. As of the 1st October 2008 He has taken over additional responsibilities of being the Head of Absa Africa Corporate and Business Banking. An MBA graduate and one of the first Chartered Marketers in South Africa, Modise has over 25 years experience in Financial services, having started his career as a teller at United Building Society, then moved to the then Barclays as an Administration Clerk, Teller and Savings and Forex Supervisor, manager’s clerk and relationship executive for MNC, corporate finance transactor.

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