Next Hiking - 3 - 5 September 2010

The TFT Hiking club hereby extends an invitation to those who just love the great outdoors. Our next hike is on the 3-5 September 2010.
Venue: The Summit Trail, Rustenburg
Price: R900 includes transport and facilities.
Only a small number of hikers preferred
Enquiries: Archie: 011 980-5970
                  Smith: 0782852104

The Snake And Us In The Picture

We caught this snake on our hiking at Suikerbschfontein, Mpumalanga.
The name of the snake is a Mole Snake. (Pseudaspis cana) scientific name. The snake grows to a maximum length of 2 meters. This one was 1 meter long and quite heavily bodied. It Lives in animal burrows and hunts mostly underground, and kills its prey by constriction (squeezing like a python) It feeds mostly on Rodents/Mice Small mammals and Bird's eggs. It can easily be mistaken for a cape cobra because it rears up and spreads its hood like the cobra. you have to know the difference to identify it.It is non-poisonous but very bad tempered and quick to bite.
Everyone was excited to pose with the snake and we let it go afterwards. The poor thing was so scared when it realized that we were non-whites and came from Soweto. 
Please note that when we go hiking we don't actually hunt for snakes we do however encounter them occasionally. Our hiking club fully supports nature conservation. MVK Read More!