Thank You - Thank You - Thank - You

Hi, everyone. Today is exactly our 7th day on the net. We had more than 1000 hits on the site in just 7 days wow!. I must confess that I never imagined it would be so hectic. I have been using the computer almost daily since 1986, and back then my first machine was a Commodore64. I'ts obvious Windows was just a concept because we never had it. We used large floppy disks that were almost the size of an A5.
I have never spent so much time on the computer in my life as I did this past week, and thanks to you my friends out there. I have a feeling that this could become a permanent part of my new life, God willing.

I thank God for His grace upon my life and the lives of those who visited this blog. Thanks to all those who gave us that undeserved favor of registering as PARTNERS I am reluctant to use the word "followers" because in truth I don't see anyone as a follower since I'm not trying to establish an organization neither do I see myself as anybody's leader so to speak, but just another one of God's children trying to reach out to my brothers and sisters in the Lord. In my heart I simply have a strong desire to pass on to others that part of my life God has given me an increase in.
I don't consider myself to be richer than anyone else I know in anything, but I am simply driven by that inner desire to share with others what little experiences I have gained in life. All of us have experienced God's grace in some way different from others' but until we speak about these things no one will ever know about them.
I will be sharing with you more than I have already done this week. And I will be bringing in others too who have been graced in other different ways. These dear brothers and sisters will be sharing with us in the future publications.

my Confessions Of A Changed Person will run for exactly one week each, otherwise if I share about those experiences on a daily basis I will have nothing left to say in about 6 weeks.Our daily devotions shall be "new every morning". I find them to be quite refreshing, since most of us leave home every day in a hurry without even getting that much needed time to read the bible. I don't mean to say that our daily devotions should replace one's need for daily bible reading. But I think they are better than the scripture quotations that are normally pasted somewhere in our daily newspapers. Please send our link to your friends in your mail box.

I have also received a number of enquiries from others regarding registering as Partners/Followers.
There seems to have been a challenge doing that. Registering is quite simple.Follow these simple steps.

  • Open the blog as usual and make sure that you are in the Home page the navigation button are all on the right.
  • Scroll down to PARTNERS and under that you will notice the "FOLLOW" tab
  • Click on this tab then it opens a page where you you see "FOLLOW MONTOEDI KOTU"
  • I recommend that you use the GOOGLE tab for best connections otherwise you can choose any of the listed connections
  • On the next screen go down on the right and click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW" click on this and it takes you to next page
  • Enter your EXISTING e-mail address and choose any "PASSWORD" eg: morris1287 or joyce0821347765. something you can remember.
  • Scroll down where you see;" LOCATION" - South Africa. If you are outside South Africa choose your country by selecting the "CHANGE"otherwise leave it as it is.
  • ENTER you AGE it's for statistical purposes only
  • Retype the verification code "The Funny alphabets" in the box below. If you cant read it just write anything the code will be verified and another one will appear. 
  • Click the "I ACCEPT, CREATE MY ACCOUNT" button
  • You will be taken to a screen where you have an account created and if you have a picture you can upload it otherwise remain "faceless"
Your registration will definitely serve as a great encouragement to me. It will also give me an idea of who we are and how many folks I'm accountable to.

Be blessed
Yours in His service
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