Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 9

One thing that constantly nag me as I write these articles is that I am aware of the generation gap between me and 99% of my audience. These are people who take me for an old timer who is oblivious to the "latest " facts of life and who failed to not transform. And this is far from the truth' because when I got married back on the 28th November 1982 I thought we were the sophisticated generation back then. I thought that our marriages were that different from our parents, but on closer inspection the only true and evident difference was that our wives could wear slacks when my mother and her generation could not and that was just about the only true difference. otherwise everything else remained unchanged. Now today 28 years after when I look at my daughter and Joyce that gap has been closed and everything else remains unchanged. The principles that governed my parents marriage govern mine and still stand to govern my kids'.

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