Education - Literacy - and Competence Day - 13 June 2010 at TFT 09:h00

Modise Moathlodi,MBA,CAIB,CM
Mumsy Makamo
Class of the 70's
 In celebration of Youth month we, at the The freeway Tabernacle will be celebrating our second annual Education; Literacy; and Competence day [ELC] on Sunday the 13th June 2010. This year our two fold vision in celebrating the day is to Encourage those already doing something to make a difference in their lives through learning and doing diverse things that will ultimately bring a visible transformation in their lives and their communities. And to challenge those at ease waiting and hoping that something will come up. Our philosophy is that the only true treasure we all possess is the time we have   in this world. We encourage especially the youth since they have more time than all others to recognize it as the only commodity that they can give in exchange for all the dreams they have. On the day we will also be recognizing Academic, Technical and Entrepreneurship achievements. Some companies and organizations will be on display and consultants will be available to give information. We request that those who do their respective jobs in uniform:    
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