How I Learnt To Trust God - Part 3 - MVK

One morning around four I woke up with something very strange happening to me. There was a voice coming out of my stomach reciting what I would later identify as Psalm 91. The part that remained with me for the rest of the day was the last verse which says: “with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.” KJV. And it was actually being said in the King James Version. This is the version I was introduced to when I became a Christian in 1983. This is verse 16 of Psalm 91. At first I thought that this voice was coming from somewhere else but on recognizing that it actually came from within my stomach I did not feel comfortable at all, especially because I did not even know its meaning. It went on from when I woke up and continued as I was preparing to go to work. This voice was far from being like mine it was sharp and very authoritative but peaceful at the same time. I went and fetched my Bible and as if someone told me where to open I went straight to Psalm 91 which I was seeing for the first time. This also was not natural. I read the Psalm line by line while the voice continued to recite it.
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