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Hi all,i have just joined the family and cannot contain my excitement.Moruti I think this is a great tool and look foward to having powerful encounters on this blog.By the way i did not know you were into snakes eish!!!!!

after noon pastor on sunday u spoke about listening to the spirit i prayed and ask the holy spirit to speak in every thing and in every dicision i make as young as iam iam 17 years old and HE (holy spirit) did amd all that has made realise within a week all things i have said and all things i huv done were all under the influence of the holy spirit GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR HOUSE HOLD.

Heita broer. thanks for joining us.I agree this site shall definitely help us as Christians. Not that we need to be exclusive but just have something we can identify with.
as for snakes broer, I have always loved them. I have pictures with the Black mamba;Puff adder;Spitting cobra. And on our first Mountain hiking trip to Mpumalanga i caught a 1 meter long very beautiful mole snake. The guys posed with it and we let it go. I will look for the pictures and post them.just in case you encounter one, don't run just call me I am a licensed snake handler!! LOL

Be blessed
Psalm 55:22


Hei wena Buhle i'm glad someone tried it and it works. You see most people never imagine that the Holy Spirit is actually a person and not just an influence. His presence can be felt at any time one wishes to feel it. His being invisible does not make Him powerless at all. continue to seek Him and you will know His fullness.

check Job 33:3-4
Be blessed


morning pastor
I'm so excited this is an excellent site for me as a christian, i love it.i dont have friends & am glad i'll be chatting 2 other christians. I was getting tired of things that did not encourage me and learnt nothing from them. I love your quotes. Its so amazing that you love snakes and even have a licence 2 catch them? I'm so terrified of them & cannot even watch them on TV i'm so scared of them. Lizzy M

I am happy and proudly. i dont have to follow remote teachers only. the fact is besides we think made in america is better, is sometimes those tools were not available. God places us in this locality same as in the family. charity begins at home. the people made those international speakers. we can make ours and celebrate them than drug addict sexual immoral celebrities

Hi des. Thanks a zillion man for checking out this blog and becoming a partner. I say this is just our first week and there are millions of the brethren out there. it's possible that we can touch most of them.

Be blessed

Hi Tshibi. Thank so very much for signing in I am sure we will be able to communicate better now since I used to receive Emails from you only when there was serious agenda to talk about. now here we can talk about almost everything.


Good afternoon pastor, I've just joined the blog and i think it's super cool...also the website. I'm excited about everything but mostly daily devotion, Prayer and thought of the day. I hope to learn more and also to grow in Christ. I saw on your profile that you're a snake catcher and i thought it's time to get over my fears, "snakes" which is one of them but i know that i'm getting step at a time.ciao!!!

Dumelang bana ba Ntate....
Hmm, I am overwhelmed by the growth of TFT. It is initiatives like this site that will encourage us to live Christianity as a true lifestyle. I mean who needs facebook when we can interact with Christians on our own social medium. I am so impressed.

Hi Mpho, I fully agree with on this one. we are that generation that will be fed whatever anyone wishes to feed us. And unless we become wise as serpents and gentle as doves as our master said we will be swept away by anything. By so saying i'm not promoting discrimination but CHOICE. Yes we all have a choice and our survival relies heavily on our choices. Welcome


Hi Mathlaloganyo. why is everybody afraid of snakes? the thing is you guys have never come across people who are more dangerous than snakes. My love for snakes is quite normal or so i imagine. and guess what, most of us are misinformed about these beautiful creatures.
Anyway madam, Welcome and I hope you enjoy our blog.


Evening pastor, I am really excited by the blog.This is one of the best ideas you have come up with.I know that should I need advise on any issue I'm going through I will get Godly advise. Well done Moruti.

Hi. Ms Shiba thank you very much for your input i'm very optimistic that we will make that much needed difference in the lives of others. please join us. :-)


Greetings Sir
Well what do I say? I'm very much impressed, thank you very much for this initiative, and most of all for making yourself available to us whenever we wish to get in touch with you concerning anything. Thank you for streching yourself, for ''reaching out'' to us, and for that may this God, the Father of this Jesus that we serve, continually take you from dimension to dimension.
By the way, I agree with you, I think everyone should own a bike, my goodness I love those machines and may God bless whoever conceptualised the idea of a BIKE...AMEN!!...Lol.

hi Katlego, thank you for your comment and encouragement. And ja, i also agree that these machines were "divinely" inspired. guess what? you will own one someday!

be blessed.

Morning ya'll
Im very excited n impressed wit this site. its so refreshing to join a blog where u can be yo yourself(Be who u r in Christ). The "world" dnt undastand our language, lifestyle even sense of humor. Awesome man!! Moruti thank u... thank u for yo fresh idea. God bless u.


When i grown up i use to take my mother for granted.I use to think that she HAD TO take of us.When i became my mother myself i started to appreciate her as i could see myself what she was going through raising us.After reading confessions of a changed person - on mothers i love her more,i'm going to look after her, protect,clothe & feed her.I believe that blessings comes from parents therfore we should take an opportunity while they are still alive.

am so very glad am part of the TFT ministry because what i realized with it is that, its not only a place to praise good but also a place to be exposed to many life changing opportunities. i would love to say thank you sir for this blog and hope there are many more to come. even though it tend to confuse me am loving it. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

Hi Correta, thanks for your much valued comment. i'm glad you like the blog and as for the part that tends to confuse you please feel free to highlight it I will be at your service ASAP :-)


Hello Ntsotiseng. I agree with you but also I think maybe we should try and use this blog to reach out to our unsaved friends and family otherwise we might end up with a "bless me club". we have articles that can reach out to others. I have added "confessions of a changed person" and I believe it has what it takes to challenge everybody. so try it refer a few of you unsaved pals and see what happens. Be blessed


Hi Tshibi. the truth is if most young people could just realize what their mothers went through in bringing them up there would be no need for anybody to try to revive their consciences about such issues.
I'm glad that now that you are a mother you get the picture.
And ja, happy mothers day to you as well.


Hi Tshibi. the truth is if most young people could just realize what their mothers went through in bringing them up there would be no need for anybody to try to revive their consciences about such issues.
I'm glad that now that you are a mother you get the picture.
And ja, happy mothers day to you as well.


Hi Pastor

The side is brilliant. I haven't came face 2 face with a live snake and will like to test my reaction one day. As for bikes I have never been on one and will like to ride one. Today's preaching was good, no super, lack words to explain it

Madam Thank you very much for your comment. unfortunately I can't get any snake on loan anywhere unless I catch one in the the wild. And by the way there are quite a lot of Rinkhals snakes or "spitting cobras" around Jo'burg. Last year only snake catchers around JHB south: Bassonia /Winchester Hills / Meyersdal / Naturena/ were called out and collected a total of 40 of these snakes. We also caught 1 in our Church Property in Soweto last year. It is not easy to get snakes in the wild because they usually hide from humans. With you living in the west rand other snakes you are most likely to encounter other than the Rinkhals is the Puff Adder[very dangerous and responsible for most bites in Africa]it's found mostly under rocks and shrubs in the garden.[Please don't look for them]
I can also arrange someone to bring a number of snakes for educational purposes but we must have a group of at least 30 guys.I say, use this blog to campaign for interested friends then let's see if we get some. Alternatively I recommend that you go to the Snake Park at Haartebeest they actually allow you to handle some species under supervision. I will also check for Snake Expos they occasionally come around cities for exhibitions. As for bikes I would like to give you a ride but my cruiser only takes one person. there is a guy at Church though, he comes with a cruiser every Sunday and his can take a passenger I can speak to him. But be careful it's addictive!


Afternoon Pastor. hope u having a gud day.ur sermon yesterday it was so nice. i have learnet a lot. tnx 4 being a gud father n teacher to me.

Hi Spike thanks for your comment and commitment to the Lord. Yes I agree yesterday's sermon was quite inspiring. But have you ever thought of putting it into practice? Try it and see. The Bible says:"taste and see that the Lord is good"

Be blessed and have a good day

Indeed the Lord never fails His children.When i look back i can boldly say He never failed me not once.I cannot imagine life without the Lord,He is my everything.I depend on Him with everything.I am where i am because of Him,If it wasn't for Him i don't where i would have been.


Greetings to you, I am happy to comment on your blog. Your blog made me realize that you are available, reachable and friendly, making a way so simple to all who wants to positively associate with you.

But to be honest chatting/comments with the man of God is not likely so easy, but profound.
To me I have grown so much in the Lord from 2002 through your guidance and teachings, and I have not wished to look back anywhere no matter what. To me is like we are living in a changed technological world which needs open communication, flexibility, transparency and accountability.

I am also impressed that you moving with the yearly calendar, "mothers day comments", I know that your mother was a darling, and that you were going to share mothers day with her. As time goes on you will enjoy living as an orphan cause God is everything to you.

You are more advance in things, and Pastor you are a blessing, stay encouraged and we pray that God keeps you with your family and our lovely mother pastor. As for this sunday sermon, hey hey hey, m still feeling like m hanged thinking of angels wings of worship, the glory of God upon me,, heyehehyehy m still feeling it''' bye for now


Hi All

I'm loving this and thank you Pastor for opening this platform for us. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good and His mercy endureth forever. Worshipping the Lord is an interesting thing, one cannot explain it as you need to taste it yourself to get an experience. I encourage all of you to find time to do this, from Abe

Morning all
Pastor, you have been speaking of seeking the ministry of the spirit and worshiping the Lord. "Our God is an awesome God He reigns from heaven above..."
I have been praying for a healing in my body and have been asking God to restore His being in me and that I should be able to worship and praise him.
Guess what this morning as I opened my eyes, that soft voice that you have been preaching about, just said to me, all is well just worship the Lord for what ever that made you sick is gone.
I thought I was dreaming then I asked the Lord for a scripture to help me understand what was happening to me.
I went to get my bible and there I just found myself reading DANIEL 4:1-37
All my questions were answered immediately.Quote, No one can hold back His hand or say to Him:"What have you done?" (DANIEL 4:35).
I thank HIM for HE is worthy.
N.B Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled,his body drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like feathers of an eagle.
This took me back to sundays preaching.

Baba Mfundisi wami,
I am glad that finally, I can post a comment. I have been following the blog the day after it was announced two Sundays ago. It is interesting and indeed my favourite is the daily devotional and the thought of the day. My suspicions have been confirmed!! Pastor Kotu does read. There is nothing irritating like a pesron who is ignorant. Please check the SA flag, it's other way round. Very much unlike you!! Stay blessed.

Lele I thank God for reaching out to you and touching you in the way that He only could. Be blessed


Hi Muzi, man thanks a lot for your comment. And yes broer we need to read otherwise if we don't we will be "read to" by those who do. and when that happens the sad thing is they will choose what we need to know. If only the young generation could get the point they will have a great future. thank you sir.
ps. the flag is right it's just facing right we are used to seeing it facing left.I will try to get a left facing one.

Be blessed

Hi Azwi. thank you and yes I agree with you that chatting with someone you esteem does have it's own challenges bu I have said it many times at Church that I am available hence I have been giving my e-mail and cell numbers over the pulpit all these years. The only challenge has only been trying to communicate face to face with all the multitudes that come to Church every Sunday. But here we are with a platform that gives us the ability to speak regularly even though not face to face but it's still better than nothing.


Mfundisi wami,
The articles on your marriage are very insightful.I am also one of those who is staying with mother and wife.At first I thought it symbolises failure of some sort on my part. However I have grown to accept and thank God for the current set-up though I now want to change because we now have extra mouths to feed. Life so far is simlpy bliss, although I know deep down my mother will be biased towards my wife than me. She just loves her!!
Your statement on the Bafana, got me thinking.How, as mzalwane, do I support people who do not believe and appreciate God's work. I believe that our country has relegated God to such an extent that people believe in "democracy" and all other so called freedoms more than the Creator Himself.This is a shame. I agree with you wholeheartedly: let the team that believes in God win.Problem is, it's going to be Brazil and all their Catholic idolatory!!

Indeed we need to learn how to reach a compromise as couples. Thank you for the daily inspirational words, I get challenged daily and look forward to the next part, from Abe

I agree with you Abe compromise does not Kill it's just uncomfortable.

Hi Pastor
On Sunday the choir led worship with a song that has been resonating in my spirit the whole week.The words goes like(rephrasing) 'When the oceans rise like a storm,I will soar with you,cause you are king of the floods'I have been so inspired and assured by these words and I thank god.Moruti I believe the spirit of god has been on me this whole week.In case you are wondering if the teachings you impart weekly are working,they definately are working.I believe you are an angel send by god to change the lives of his children.I am amazed by how you take what appears to be complex problems and make them seem so easy.I am a changed person since joining TFT in 2004 and you continue to inspire and encourage.One Sunday you mentioned that most of the problems we face its because of our inability to see in the spirit,We continually view our lives from the here and now and for that reason we even miss what god is trying to do in/with us.I am so glad i got the revelation and life has become so muc easier for me.Thank you so much,you are such a blessing.

Is intellectual inquiry a part?

On the 26th of June you published a picture of Mr Tladi without his teeth. In my mind I just thought this was a doctored picture and I could not stop laughing.I sent him an sms, immediately he responded saying it was not him, I left it at that. On a following Sunday, when I saw him at church!!imagine the embarassment I had. I just could not ask him anything.

hey mfo that man's teeth were extracted for real. we have a contest for best male and Uncle Bob's foto is first Tladi is next and mine is on wednesday and others will follow maybe u Tladi u zo wina. MVK

This is after my devotions and thank you for the blog as it helps me read the bible regularly, because of the excellent people you invite. Pastor last week saturday death became so real in my life as i buried a friend that i knew from standard 2, more than 20 years. He brought me to church in February 1997 and guided me in my walk with Christ. I must say I know He is in Heaven resting in the presents of the Lord and i really want to thank God for bringing him in my life. Some friendships they are worth celebrating. He has been a brother, sometimes a father as i spoke everything with him and looking forward to see him one day in heaven - Awelani Mulaudzi. I will alway remember him when he said don't be disconnected when i worried regarding issues of life and when he quoted the story of Jehoshaphat saying take your position for the battle is not yours but the Lords, when i was loosing it because of issues of life. The man was a great man quietly, he touched many lifes without making a lot of noice. I thank God that I knew him. Arthur

Hi all
Arthur, when i heared also touched. I also had to study/question the operation of God.He is Holly as we know. i know the guy from far, as i grew up in Chiawelo, we saw a clean life when mst of us were chasing the world. mayb is not the way to go, if we rate a person's life by the numbers of years they lived, than what if they finished the race. i know we all want to be 120, and we can question why the bad people lives on and on, i think is an old debate. as u say he influenced u to Christ, i ask myself; what a we doing a we the light/salt? the reason for man to live is to win souls. some touch people in their own way. as you say, we can say to die is gain. may he rest in peace. as he doesnt feel pain .may the loved ones find streagth that God is still in control, He doesnt make mistakes


Finding or Chasing your Destiny! Yho! What a series. Yesterday was special, in the sense that, when you mentioned the Men and Women of God who were busy with their respective destinies, it dawned that, they were all divinely enabled. Going back to Jeremiah, where were just an Idea, God had already put some injectors and pumps in us, in our souls to push destiny!

Like you said, people who are busy with their destinies cannot explain how they got to a certain point. Eg. Moses was not eloquent, for the fact that he knew Pharoahs' might and he still chose to face possible death, got out alive by God's enablement - That Assurance, that belief, that God has spoken and that Destiny might take him anywhere, pushed Moses !

May God continue breathing His Wisdom into you.


Hi Moruti

since i have joined the blog, it has helped me a lot. am even reading my bible like never before.

hw do i open ur sermons, i have been tryin bt it doesnt open.

Hi spike just click on the 'my sermons manuscripts' then when the sermons page opens, highlight the part you want as you would normally do with any document. then copy it. open your Microsoft word blank page and paste it. easy hey. thank you very much for your support. MVK


Thanks Moruti for your daily communication and your Sunday teachings, be rest assured we are practising every teaching and yielding all the results one couldn't imagine. There is clearly a difference in ourlives, we will post our testimonies on this blog, because things are happening Bazalwane, just connect yourselves with this man of God, you will move from Glory to Glory I promise you.
May God continue to bless you with Wisdom and inner peace.

Q: have you ever wondered what would happen if the devil and the demons repents and ask God for forgiveness?

But Moruti any thing is everything... where do I start????

Hi mabo what is it that you are referring to? i'm not on the same page with you. MVK

Martin. i'm not too sure on how to answer you. but I imagine that should Go decide to forgive satan and his gang, He's the boss anyway I am sure that He will have a good reason for doing so. MVK

What a question Martin. Should God forgive them i wonder if hell will still exist? What about people who died and went to hell?this is a question that makes one to wonder. Never thought abot it one bit.

Madume Rre Abraham Montoedi Kotu...

You love to touch the mind when you prayer & when you preach the word of God.You have the mind of Christ.>>Let that sink in for a moment.That's what God's Word declares in 1 Corinthians 2:16 about every born- again beliver>>Q,...But what does that mean and what does it enable the believer to do?

4rm Lekgetho Mogagabe

Mvk....Thank you ,thank you...

I Love to commet.... About this NEW SERIES TOUGH LIFE MASTERS 1

Doors slam shut... my wife applied for jobs,and still didn't get hired,".As we listened to the series it helped us understand what God had been teaching us,Two Questions bombarded us every day:How will we pay the bills and What will we feed the kids:We have learned the best repsonse to fear is radical praise.Rather than focus on the mountain of problems,we focused on the goodness of God.We Believe God was the only way out.In addition ,We knew it was time to step out again and start our own business.We also made a decision not to worry about tomorrow.Nothing is impossible with God. This SERIES TOUGH LIFE MASTERS 1 making a quality decision to cut yourself off from the world's system ,because the world's actually operates against God's system.We believe God would meet our needs rather than trusting in a bank."

4rm Rre Mogagabe

I am so hooked to this its not funny. There's not a day i don't check in here.
Here is a question : what do you think about dreams being it bad or good? the bad bad part about them that you can actually feel the same pain that you felt when you were dreaming.

Eish Jabu my sista me I DONT understand a word except dat you had a dreem of sum kind. can anyone out there read wat Jabu says and orientate me? MVK


His the dream let me lay it out for you. you know how parents can be so old and they do old fashioned stuff like ancestoral things. well mine they still believe in that. I dreamt that they were planning on going to that person only that they did did not see me. I followed them but now there was this thing that they were travelling with of which it was not right. so this thing swa me coz i was trying to protect my parents & it chased me. I was tripped by a tree and fell, in the morning that was yesterday the side that i fell on had a bruise and my hands were full of scratches like literally. so its not the 1st that this has happened. i tried to call on the Name of Jesus but i couldnt open my mouth, but eventually i said it in my heart. so that is the dream that i had. last night i asked my parents if they were planning any trip they said yes. exactly what i dreamt about. now what do you say about that.
i know all that they want to do and they never tell me this stuff. its like i am the pillar. even her pastor said the last time he was there, you have somebody that can pray why not ask her. he was refering to me. help out here.

Dreams nee..?.My opinion i take a dream as a dream, its a dream i was asleep and i dreamed i woke up and its in the past.I DO NOT base my life on dreams.Q:-Why is it that when people dream good things they dont believe in them and dont make them a big deal? & when they dream badly (ghosts,witches etc)they will make it a big deal?Moruti what do u say on this one?Is it not when the devil torments people at night they wake up thinking that they were dreaming?Moruti say something sometimes you keep quite and i know you are very wise you know these thing.

tjo its been long since i last posted a comment on this blog. usualy i just open the blog, read whats new and just close. today i therefore took time to log in a greet everyone and hope you all enjoying your day. God Bless

Ja Correta of course its good that you're back and thanx for remembering us. MVK

I dont believe in bad luck however i would sometimes think "maybe" i have bad luck because i always always fight for whatever i get.Even with a simple ID doc i wanted to change my surname 3 years back and still fighting even today i still dont have an ID.I will meet a person for the first time be nice to them & they will not like me for no reason.I used to wonder what execatly was the problem.With fighting for everything i sometimes become so frustrated because people close to me dont have to fight to ge thing but with me i wont just get things i will have to fight.This really frustrate me.


Hi all, responding to Tshibi and Jabu about the whole dreams issue: I don't know but in most cases i found that dreams happen to be some sort of warning of what is about to happen, both good & bad dreams, i think people tend to stress more about bad dreams as they are usually terrified. It's happened a lot of times where good dreams also come to pass, so Jabu what i can say is that take your dreams as a pre warning and pray coz u could prevent certain negativities from taking place, or for that matter you could secure and cover a certain positive that is coming your way! Stay blessed.


Hi All

About Dreams.
Dreams such as Jabu's dream happen to people sometimes. I had a few myself some years back. I had just lost my best friend to cancer. On a regular basis I would dream about her, harmless dreams. But this one night, I had a bad dream. She had come to fetch me. When I refused to go with her, she started to get physical with me. She strangled me, and I started to call on the name of Jesus. When I eventually woke up, my throat was so sore I couldn't swallow my own saliva and I had scratches on my neck. I was greatful that Jesus and I won that battle that night. My advice is: If you find yourself having such a dream, fight Jabu, fight. If you've had a visitation from the evil world then the fight is appropriate. If it's just a meaningless and harmless dream, take it that you just had a midnight prayer and it's okay.

Hi Pastor, hope all is good and well with you. My question is one that I have never fully understood and I hope you can shed some light on it. I have never been able to fast. Not the actual actions of it, but rather lacking knowledge on it's meanings and what it represents. I'm going through a challenging time in my life and would like to strengthen my relationship with God as well as dedicate time, thought and energy to Him. Kindly advise.

Take care


Hi all

on the Dreams issue:
Dreams come as a warning of some sort. Since God cannot tell you things in the conventional way He uses dreams at time to tell you what he needs to. But as all things goes spiritually Evil always tries to take advantage of that. I also have dreams were I find myself suffocating and the only way I can wake up from that dream is calling on the Name of Jesus in my heart and mind. And I also have wonderful dreams were I wake up in the morning truly blessed. God also reveals things to me in dreams that are going to be instrumental in resolving certain issues.

Thembekile M.


I am really enjoying myself these days. i am so happy that all is okay. Guess what i have managed to spend time with God for the whole week without skipping a day.
Pastor, why is it that there are no camps for women. like the real ones that we sleep outside? i am asking this cos i would really love to go to one.

Hi gugulethu. sorry for responding late to your question. I suggest you read the following scriptures then try to find any identification between where you are and the relevance of any of the scriptures then ask me a more direct question. 1 Kings 21:9, Nehemiah 9:1, Esther 4:3, Esther 9:31, Psalm 109:24, Isaiah 58:4-6, Jeremiah 36:6-9, Daniel 9:3,Joel 2:12, Matthew 4:2, Matthew 6:16-18, Mark 2:18, Luke 2:37, Acts 13:2 and Acts 14:23. Thanks. MVK

Hi Jabu. its really good to hear that you are doing well. I'm thankful to God for that. About the ladies camps etc. I don't know how to answer you but I imagine that maybe the ladies should take the initiative and organize such outings. Try to speak to those interested or go through the Ladies fellowship dept.we can only recommend such places to you guys. MVK

hi pastor
what i can tell is this. the ladies camps they sleep in dormitories. they talk about how a woman should conduct herself in general. then they go for a walk of about 30min then they rest. then come back just to sit. i don't want that. I want to walk for hours, have fun. i think my idea of fun is the same as the other ladies. I am still shy that won't change, that's why i don't have freinds.


Jabu sisi, you have a good idea that needs to be explored. As suggested by Moruti, please see any of the ladies at the ladies fellowship. You can get our contact details from Mashudu at the office during the week or alternatively, speak to sister Linda.Thobile

nyiko mkone  

Pastori are u sure u have the hours in a day like all of us! U make an effort of responding to every1. I quit facebook. Mvk blog here I come. Maar I will play far from snakes in the mean time.

This is of the hook. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Thaa pastor.

Hi Nyiko. all of us have time the only challenge is how and where we use it. I choose to use mine influencing others. it doesn't come easy though, but its possible. all men who changed the lives of others put time into it and thanks for reading our blog. MVK


Brothers and Sisters

I don't know if anyone observes nature like I do. I am giving you guys a task especially those who are sad and feel that they will never break through. We are in spring on the natural, my question is, who told the trees to grow leaves? We have not yet experienced the first rain, but trees are already growing leaves, seasonal fruits are growing flowers, grass is becoming green. For me this means God wispered to them and said "ITS TIME", some stubborn trees are waiting for the first rain but those who listen, are already in motion. Bazalwane, let us stay in motion and listen to THE VOICE, this voice comes through different directions, Pastors, the blog,nature,one on one with God and etc. Stay blessed and in motion, your summer is coming.

Hi pastor
i am so glad that you have decided
to bring such a good way for us to communicate with you and other christians, at least we wont feel alone or puzzled if we have something to share or to ask, may GOD INCREASE YOUR WISDOM AND YOUR KNOWLEGDE.UNTIL NEXT GOD BLESS.


Good Morning pastor
Peoplelike you at such a world that we are living at are really needed to gudie us and also support us as a youth of today which is living in a world full of corepation


Hi Everyone, I have a tesimony to share. Three months ago i bought a car (toyoya tazz) for my aunt but i'm the one using it most of the time as she only uses it when she realy needs it.So dis past monday i came from work @round 10pm.Right, i packed the car where i usualy pack it in the yard, i then went to sleep.I woke up @ 1am 2 check if the car was there as i usualy do on a nightly basis and it was then i went back 2 sleep again.@ 4:05 am i received a phonecal from a police officer asking where the car was,i went like,the car is outside.he then said check it out,wen i opened the door and the locked gate was widely open and the alarmed car was gone. the rest is history. I thank God that he ENSURED that those thugs got nowere with the car, they only managed to disapear with the car sound only. God is out there and keep on trusting in him, He's gona do wonders for ya.


I always take stock of my lyf when I'm alone. I always wondered how I escaped dangerous situations even b4 I got born again, but now I have an answer, yes Jesus loves me, I b'lieve it not b'coz the bible says so, but b'coz I've seen Him, felt His love, heard His comforting words. B'coz He lives I can face 2moro & fear is gone.

Vusi G Tshabalala  

"Everything that belongs to Jesus will eventually return to Him,as an heir,He stands to inherit that which belongs to Him. The process may seem chaotic to the naked eye,However to Him the process is flawless,He protects His sheep,not because they have been perfect, but because He stands to gain His precious seed"

Putting Christ First
There are three characteristics of man: self, family, possessions. Anyone who places these before the Lord Jesus, cannot be His disciple. Nothing comes over him and nothing comes under him. He is Suprm, Mighty and all powerfull.


Hi Moruti , i must say i;m really blessed to be a member of Reach Out For Christ . i had a great time the past weekend in the men's convention , i knew that God restored me and the were great manifestations inside of me and around me , with issues regarding purpose , career and life in general as a man. Thank you so much , Modimo a go blesse, a go blesse, A go blesse gape le gape!

hi anon. I was truly blessed too by the men's conference and I receive your blessing bro. MVK


hi pastor an everyone''''i am grateful to be back on d chatroom'' i hope and trust that u all strong an still keeping faith as a toughlifemaster'''' stay courageous an remain blessed''' wt much lv an care,,,, lets move on


Papa you are also quite...I have been logging on to check what new article have you posted and i see the last time you updated was on the are u currently on leave?...well i will log on again and see if you have updated...

Guys I have been extremely busy with engagements. Last week Thursday evening I was invited to speak to students at the TFT Bible college.Then both on Friday and Saturday evenings and on Sunday morning I was speaking at Ebenezer Bible Church in Soweto. all this was normally preceded by much preparation. I am busy with my Part 6 of The battle at house number 1099 and will post it on Thursday morning. Otherwise I am just too tired but doing fine. Thank you very much. MVK


Good day daddy, Every time you write something or open up your mouth, I always find wisdom in your doings. This is truly the Lord's doing and I personally thank you for taking this opportunity and choose to help us on how can we go about life challenges. I would also like to say congratulation for becoming an internationally speaker. I believe that GOD will keep on blessing you and your family. IF GOD BE FOR US NO MAN CAN SUCCESSFULLY BE AGAINST US.

dear pastor

i resently turn 19years an d an a second year student at Uj. my 1st year was not at all a pleasent one in all muy life it was the 1st time failing in subjects and thinking of repeating was so stressfuk that is even made me sick my having painful chestpains that the docter even told me that if i dont get better i will be admitted as a post depression patient, that for me was a deal breaker coz me being sick was not only affecting me but also my sich mother. i decided to take things one step at a time and even my 1st year results were not that pleasent this year am doing quite well. even though i didnt get mt results in time due to my loan being declained coz of my bad academic record i know i did well and thak God that even if it was late my appeal was approved and know am just waiting to get my 1st simester results. at the moment am just wiating to write me final exams which start in a week time am a bit nevours but with Gods favour upon me and definatly sure that am gonna make it. reason of explaining all this to you ist coz i need your advice, i know u are not a medical doctor but as someone i look up to i would like you to advice me with something. i have a cousin from my uncle who has a kidney failer and from what i hear it both kidnies and hes in need of a donor, as it has always been my wish i would like to test and see it an capable but my biggest fear is my health, since the last year issue i seem to attract a lot of sicknesses and am affraid that i might donate and remain sick my self, my mum aslo has a concern about it and shes also scared what my father's family side will say about the matter in case i get sick. yet i realised that am legal to donate without my parents concerns and i would love for you to advice me if its a good decision to make?

thanks and God bless



I know this is a blog, but being an academic, I am very worried about your spelling mistakes. When you write exams, please make sure that you do not make these spelling mistakes. You might have failed some of the courses due to spellings, just be cautious of that huh.

Hi anon. I agree with you on this fact. But I think the greatest culprit to spelling nowadays is the SMS language that leaves the reader to make up for whats omitted and/or mis-spelt.But this can be very disadvantageous in the exam room and general communication. Thanks. MVK

Hello Correta. On the kidney issue you need to see the Doctor in charge of your cousin's case .I think you have to be a 'match' somehow. [im subject to correction] It would be very considerate for you to do that for him/her. In any case you can still lead a healthy life with 1 kidney. But then you HAVE to speak to your family about it. They have a right to comment on the issue. Otherwise in the meantime try to concentrate on your studies and your health. Be blessed. MVK

Moruti, I often wonderd how you realy manage with the busy schedule that you have. Moruti you are a pastor, you are studing, you write your weekly articles,you are a husband, a father and a father to all of us,you go around preaching at other churches and I know there is still more things you are doing that we do not know of as yet and now the church is about to be build. shooo
In all these I pray for strength and may the holly spirit act as a redbull when ever you need energy and power.

And to all mighty gents, lets all go and help to put the thetch on saturday. lets do our part. Izandla ziya gezana!!!

Wow Pastoor yesterday's sermon...that was really for me. The bank i work for was retrenching on Friday. I was ok and trusted God on the issue when the anouncement was made weeks ago however on Fiday when the reality came i've never been so afraid in my life.When some of my colleagues were called to be given the letters i was shaking sitting on my desk trusting God and afraid at the same time. When The HR people left i rejoiced and thanked God.Rumors was that HR was coming back on Monday to give out letters as they were no finished on Friday, then i said "Oh my God its not over" but after yesterday's sermon i was revived and i am not afraid anymore and coming of HR on Monday? it was just a rumor they were done thank God i was not rentreched.

Hi Tshibi im truly thankful to God for coming through for you.Ja, thats the way it should be. MVK

Nkazimulo ndoda. Life belongs to those who take it. one person said: "only the strong survive, all the weaker ones fall by the wayside" You are still young and you have all the time in the world therefore make use of it while you can. MVK

Guys please forgive me for not replying timeously to your comments. I have become unbelievably busy since we started with the Thatch building at the Church. We did not have sufficient funds therefore I had to come in as the project manager and also as the Architect I have to be there all the time since we use volunteers from the Church to do the Job. But I'm not complaining at all I'm actually happy to be part of this great project which we hope to complete by the end of January. When the structure is finished it will be big enough to accommodate 4000 seats. And it will be the first Thatch Church Auditorium that we know of in Johannesburg and possibly in Gauteng. So it's worth it big time. I am also busy with a daily devotional that must be ready for the shelves by January. Shooo! MVK

Guys please forgive me for not replying timeously to your comments. I have become unbelievably busy since we started with the Thatch building at the Church. We did not have sufficient funds therefore I had to come in as the project manager and also as the Architect I have to be there all the time since we use volunteers from the Church to do the Job. But I'm not complaining at all I'm actually happy to be part of this great project which we hope to complete by the end of January. When the structure is finished it will be big enough to accommodate 4000 seats. And it will be the first Thatch Church Auditorium that we know of in Johannesburg and possibly in Gauteng. So it's worth it big time. I am also busy with a daily devotional that must be ready for the shelves by January. Shooo! MVK

moabi kotu  

Hi My father ,, you are indeed a hardworking man , and putting all your strength into the work and the kingdom of God , i really admire that and God is fully repaying you, He is minding your business as you mind His , God increase and bless you. for making our church to have so much order, standards and class, or should i say swagg!!! please check out the tracks that i did, over the years and just want to share with you on this link here i know you will enjoy cheers

Hi Moabi. thanks for your comment and I truly enjoyed the music its great keep up the good work. VK


Woooow, This site is amazing. And Pastooorrr, what a life you living for a black man ofcourse;Scuba diving,snakes...yoh yoh. Im sure you and Adam will have alot to talk about in heaven- ANIMALS!!

I anon. thanks for your compliment on the site. and ja, I just enjoy touching snakes or shall I say sssnakesss! and its also wonderful to swim around with the fish it better than hanging around some guys. MVK


sorry my mistake i did not double check my spellings, and thanks for your concern.



I have a question for you, I just wanna know. Is it normal to go to the same church for more than 4 years and still feel that you don't belong there. The thing is I was raised by a single mother and for her church was like a father(a way to bring us into order). We were forced into it and I really hated it, but had no option but to go for my mum sake. Then came teenage-hood and and I was no longer force to go, so had to choose to go or not to go. I stopped all together. A year down the line I saw that NAH this is not the life that I wanna live and I went back. In 2003 I gave my life to the Lord again and this time knowing very well what I was doing. Its been seven years but I still feel like the is something that I am not doing right.

Like with my non christian friends I don't fit in and its the same with my christian friends, its like I am not holy enough nor am I worldly enough.I have been @ your church for 4years but still feel like I am in a foreign land. Believe you me I know its not the church cause I have been around**giggle** I need help this is very FRUSTRATING!

I know I should be doing more for the church but I just cannot bring myself to doing it. I feel like a sad christian, who is not enjoying what My Father left for me.

Advise tuu....

Madam. Thanks for your openness. So you have been saved for seven years and we are the second church you have been to. Did you feel the same way you do now in the other Church? If Yes then maybe this is a personal issue and has nothing to do with both Churches. And if no then our Church could be the problem. Do you have friends in the Church and are they committed Christians or just the so-so kind? This can also have impact on your Christianity. If you really believe that everything on your side is okay then your challenge is where you're at, which is our Church. My advice would be that you take a few months and try to visit a few Churches, spend at least 4 weeks in each until you get the real feel of the particular church. I'm sure that you will be able to settle peacefully. But if you still feel the same please feel free to come back to me and let us have a face to face talk maybe I could help. There is something else that will be help you in this regard. 85% of people who go to Church actually like the Pastor and NOT the Church. The other 15% go there because they have friends; they like the music, the place is near or comfortable. What made you choose our Church? This will also help you. I hope that I have given you something to work on.
Be blessed :-) MVK


Good evening

Thank you very much for your reply pastor. It means a lot. To answer your question, I have been to a number of churches (about 4 or 5) and I now believe more than ever that this is a personal problem.Friends I don't have simply because its hard for me to trust anybody. Crazy as it is, I live in my little box. I don't bother anyone and I don't want to be bothered. That is how i have been living and would like that to change. I will take you up on the challenge that you gave me and will let you know how it went.

If all else fails guess, I will have to have a one on one talk with you which I would really love. Truth of the matter is I think I should start with the talk, but I cannot bring myself to it.

I know my life can be fixed, I just have to reach out and ask for help. I pray God can just take away my pride and low self esteem. I have been trying to do things on my own, but I can see its not working.

Thanks again.
NB:One day soon, I will be giving a testimony.

I hear you say you want to talk to someone.
If you don't mind come lets talk I might just come in handy.
an hour one Saturday morning can do


Ok yes, That would be nice. Can it be end of the month cause I am busy with my exams. I will drop you an email.

Thanks again.

Ja, I will wait till you're done with the exams.I'm glad. MVK




Hi Thembi. thanks a lot for logging on and commenting. Thanks also for watching my sermons on DVD Im glad that they are impacting you positively. I don't understand what you mean by:"MORUTI TELL ME MORE ABOUT BEING CREATIVE" Please clarify. Thanks. MVK


Thank u MORUTI Iam reading a book called A CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD its so interesting but it keeps on talking about GOD created us to be creative we are here to creat not to discover our lives that is why i need to know what do we creat!!

Hi Thembi. Its really not easy to answer you on this one considering that the platform we have is not for long conversations. I recommend that you get my series on "Colour Your world" I'm sure that you will get answered. You can send an E-mail to She will provide the media.
Be blessed. MVK

Hi Moruti
Thanks for the Sundays sermon, you always manage to speak to me about my life. its as if you know whats happening in my life becouse you always sport on and at times I feel the sermon was just for me.
Thank you for being connected in christsnet, In the mean time I will striev for perfection.

Stay Blessed


The earth is of the Lord and everything it it. psalm 24:1 it just pop in my mind. He is the CEO and founder. and no voting.


Hi pastor,i have a question, its about the annointing oil,i get why it was used in the old testament and why,well since our lord JESUS died on the cross for us, many things were made easier for us due to the wonderful covernant through our LORD and SAVIOUR and when he went to the father he said i will send you the helper,and those who confess him as LORD and SAVIOUR will receive the HOLY SPIRIT,SO WHY DO WE NEED TO USE THE ANNOINTING OIL NOW?

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and b glad in it. I receive all blessings!!!

Dumelang. @Nkhola, my understanding about the anointing oil is that, it is not under the "Law", just like other principles in the Old Testament, therefore, it can be used in any Dispensation. The anointing oil serves as bringing a sweet fragrance to God, when ordaining God's servant, as God loves a sweet scent being presented to Him. David also mentions that, "He anoints my head with oil, my cup overflows..." That even in the face of challenges, God can save a person by the anointing upon ones' life.

Moruti can elaborate further though.

Morning Pastor

i have a question its about tithe.

is it possible for a person to tithe in more than 1 church?

Hey spike, can I comment on your question while you are waiting for your answer from Moruti.

According to what I know you are to give your tithe to a church where you belong as a member and if you feel like giving to the other churches you can do so but not as a tithe. If you feel the need to give, it can be in a form of free will giving, supporting or as a pledge. And as to what percentage, I believe it is as the lord leads you.

tnx Nkazimulo for the advice