MVK Zone Devotionalist - Rev. Thembelani Jentile - Mamelodi Baptist Church - RSA

Thembelani Jentile, an ordained minister of the gospel, is the husband to Refilwe Jentile, and a father of three boys: Siphosethu (5), Omolemo (3) and Ntuthuko (1) He pastor’s Mamelodi Baptist Church, a growing church in Mamelodi West, East of Pretoria; since 2003.

Rev Jentile is a regular co-host of ‘Wednesday live’on Radio Pulpit with Lucky Mbiko. A Sunday Sun columnist (since 2005 to date); writing extensively on LEADERSHIP, as a Spiritual and Servant leader; and MARRIAGE, as a marriage officer. He has, however authored and self published a book titled ‘Repairing Broken Alters’ based on his sermons; and several unpublished work. A firm believer in education; and as such, he has obtained his Diploma in Ministry from the Baptist Convention College; Diploma in Theology from the Joint Board Southern Africa with distinction (all in 2003). Honours Bachelor of Theology in New Testament with the University of South Africa (2009). Rev Jentile is currently doing his Masters of Theology in Practical Theology, with the University of Pretoria.

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The Battle at House number 1099 - Part 1 - MVK

My wife - Joyce
Back in 1998 we sold our house in Soweto and we had to move out within a month. We were very desperate for a place to stay but since we were not in a position to pay high rental I made an announcement in our Church one Sunday that we were prepared to live anywhere. “We will live anywhere, even if it’s a haunted house” I said. On Wednesday of the same week I received a call from one of our Church members asking me if I really needed a place to stay, I told him yes my family needed a place as soon as possible. The man told me that we could move into his house in the most prestigious suburb in Soweto. He dropped off the key the next day and we were ready to move in. He informed us that the key that he gave us was the only one they had because they had lost all the other keys. So the kitchen door was locked with a latch from the inside. Joyce and I went to check the property in the evening. It was a very large house with all that a family could need but something did not look okay when we checked the house properly.It looked like it has been empty for a while and was in a much neglected state. There was also something unexplainably odd about the house; it did not feel like a house. I am not too sure about how to explain it, but there was a “spooky” feeling around the house and Joyce and I agreed that we felt “watched” whilst we were moving around the house

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Confessions Of A Changed Person - Still Alive 24Years Down The Line!

Once I heard someone say:" You will never know how far you can go until you have your back against the wall". And still another one said:" when you are with your back against the wall, the only way out is forward". These statements including many others that have the same impact over our faith can sometimes become the only reason why we choose to "hang in there" even when it is obvious that we have failed.

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MVK Zone Devotionalist - Gloria Mbokota - TFT - Soweto

Born in Soweto, I spent part of my childhood in a small rural village in the Mpumalanga Province. An experience I cherish for the life lessons it has taught me. This is where I first got introduced to salvation. I hold a Masters degree in Public and Development Management from Wits University, B.A. honours in Development Studies (cum laude), a degree in Psychology and recently qualified as a certified Meta-Coach. I has been consulting on organisational development and design for over 15 years in the public, NGO and private sector. Currently working as a Principal Technical Advisor for the National Treasury’s Technical Assistance Unit. My work includes consulting with social services national and provincial departments including Presidency.
Before that, I worked for many years in a number of community development NGO’s as an educator, trainer and manager, ultimately taking on the role of National Director. During this period also served in a number of NGO boards as part of my contribution to development in the country.
As a young person, through seeking to make a meaning out of life in the township, I became a member of Reach Out for Christ Ministries (now Freeway Tabernacle) since its inception (1986) and served in the ministry as a leader in various capacities including managing and overseeing the running of the Bible class and the overall coordination of the ministry of helps in the church.
I consider myself a community development practitioner and leader. My passion is to see ordinary people develop and succeed, to help people become the best they can be and discover their own passion.
I am inspired by reading inspirational books, The Bush (National Parks) or anywhere near the ocean is the best place for me to recharge

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2010 - 2011 What it meant to me - MVK

Exodus 11:1 Now the Lord had said to Moses, “I will bring one more plague on Pharaoh and on Egypt. After that, he will let you go from here, and when he does, he will drive you out completely” [niv]

Last night was New Year’s Eve and the last day of the year 2010. To me as I stood at the treshold of the new year I could almost hear God say that 2010 and all its bad challenges was like the Pharaoh who had me bound under his cruel power and God was saying that the ‘passing over’ from 2010 to 2011 was like the exodus from Egypt and the beginning of a voyage to the promised land.
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