Why I Think Some Marriages fail Despite All Good Efforts To Make Them Work - Part 12

The key to understanding the importance of compatibility between people lie in the understanding of the composition of man. All religions and spiritual beliefs agree on the following facts: That man is a triune being. Meaning that man is spirit soul and body, and that all these three parts play a very vital role in man’s day to day life; his survival and the choices he makes. The following examples shall shed more light on my points. We say that with the Spirit man contacts and communicates with the Spiritual realm. And subsequently we believe that the Spiritual realm has two sides: The Good side and the bad side; the dark side and the light side, the desirable side and the undesirable side. And we know that given a choice no one would want to be identified with the negative side of the Spiritual realm. That is why we instinctively shy away from anyone who will tell us that they prefer being evil than being good. Now when it comes to religion we all believe that these two sides actually represent two beings; that is they represent God and satan or the devil.
Now this will lead us to saying that religion or any belief in any spiritual being; law or practice cannot be done without involving your spirit. That is why we have witnessed wars between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, Lebanon, and between Israelis and the Palestinians. These are not just wars they are Spiritual conflicts that are deeply rooted in people’s spirits, and no one is prepared to give up their Spiritual belief to accommodate the other. This is the same with people who prefer to become believers in ancestral worship or witchcraft or satanism.

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