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I might just be able to advice you or maybe give you my opinion on the matter. so come on, go ahead I'm waiting for you.
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My Contribution To You

Everyone of us is driven by a conviction of some kind.
As for me I truly believe that for one to keep abreast in life one has to be a keen reader.
My second conviction is that what we read always transforms the way we view certain things in life. And at the end of it all we end up responding towards others and towards life in general according to the information that we have inside us.

We are a generation that has so much free information changing hands everyday. Yet amongst us we still have so many who are ignorant.
Today in South Africa almost every city has a free weekly newspaper delivered at no charge to every household. These newspapers have almost all the necessary information, stories, and
educative material that does not require one to possess any scholarly back round to understand them.

Reading has always resulted in my mind being challenged into creating thoughts; questions; and philosophies influencing how I view certain things in life. I can say it with boldness that there is not a single reader who is not an imaginative individual.
All reading people have proven to be people with an intense sense of Authority, Purpose, and Boldness.

And in my case this has been proven by the many Thoughts, Questions, and Quotes that have crossed my mind during my reading times

Every time I have to treat a certain subject, be it by my own choice or as requested by others I end up coming up with these thoughts and questions. Some I end up using in Sermons or addresses that I have to deliver. And still others never get to make it into my public speaking sessions

I think the smartest thing I have done in my life was to write everything down, and this habit has led to me having a treasure of quotations on almost every subject I have treated thus far.

I have compiled these "nuggets" for your consideration or usage whenever you find yourself in a position where you have to say something. Or simply to make them your "rules to live by"

I have listed all my original quotations in the "Quotations" page found under contents on the right side.

Please feel free to use them as you wish but please remember to at least give me credit for them. And remember to write or quote "Montoedi Kotu" and not "Anonymous" after every quotation you use.
Also I have to deliver a sermon every week of the year, either in our Church where I'm the senior Pastor or somewhere I would be invited.
Every so often someone would ask me "can I have the manuscript for today's sermon" and sometimes it would be more than one person. well here goes, I also have a page for my Sermon outlines. In this page you will find my unedited sermon manuscripts just the way they are.

The only challenge will be when they are compared with the actual sermon delivery. There is always a slight contrast between the two.

It would actually be interesting for you to have the actual Audio or DVD sermon delivery together with the manuscript. The CD and DVD sermon will come in handy for those who are interested in sermons delivery .

Please post me your comments through E-mail the "Contact me" tab is on the right of screen.

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