LEHLOGONOLO ‘NONO’ LEFAKANE – 5 Jan 1988 – 21 Jun 2010 - RIP

AN ELEGY TO A FRIEND – By MV Kotu                                     

From behind darkened glasses my eyes flow with drops of tears. Tears of grief for a friend gone back to her master a while too short than I care to accept. It was only but for a moment too brief that she came into our presence, and just as we thought that her purpose she has found, right there before our eyes she was called back, as if it was by mistake that she was sent. It was so sure that her face never again shall we behold in the land of the living. Her master in his presence he wanted her to come, and this none of us could resist. For who in this world can never want to be in the presence of his God. She had to go back from where she came.Hard as we try to be strong. Strong for the sake of those who constantly trouble us with questions we cannot answer, wanting to know how come so quickly she was called. We all wish to know how come hers was such a brief appearance when others long enough live until they beg the master to call them back home, and as if ignoring their cries He continues to let them live.
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