MVK Zone Devotionalist - Mrs. Joyce Kotu - TFT- Soweto

Joyce Kotu
Mrs Joyce Kotu is married to Montoedi Kotu. They are blessed with two children Tumelo and Lerato who are now adults. They reside in Winchester Hills, south of Johannesburg. She is the co-founder of Reach Out For Christ Ministries International, a family of Churches in and outside of RSA. and ministers along side her husband at The Freeway Tabernacle in Midway, Soweto. She is the director of ROFCMI ladies fellowship, a ministry towards ladies that is held annually. Joyce is the resident Psychologist at The Freeway Tabernacle. A people's person by nature, Joyce is an ex fashion model and a dancer. Joyce is also a seasoned preacher and public speaker. This is what her husband has to say about her: "Joyce has a heart of gold. She is rich in grace and understanding. You don't just come across her kind easily is this world. And that's my own judgement. She is the kindest person I know so far on this planet. After I gave my heart to Jesus, Joyce took whatever is left of it. She occupies my mind most of the time. She's just too special. Yes, she is that special. I constantly pray to God. "Lord, let me be the first to come home. I can't imagine this life without her. I salute her.
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Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 8

After knowing what preferences are and how to handle them, I want us to go through principles. I have come across folks who claim to be living without following any strict principles. They say their lives are not controlled by any law at all. What these guys don't realize is that living by no principles is a principle by itself just as Lawlessness is a law by itself. People who break the law simply don't agree with it and as a result they live by their own laws. Therefore they have their own self made principles that govern them. Principles are standards; rules; beliefs;theories and attitudes that were handed down from one generation to another. Or that are laid out by anyone to govern themselves;or other people; or things. Let me give you an example of some of my own principles: I don't lend people money, I would rather give it to them simply because I try to avoid any future disputes just in case they can't pay me back I made this principle after being at loggerheads with folks. In the same way I don't borrow money from anyone for the same reasons. This is my principle on money. But then same rule changes between me and the bank because I do borrow money from the bank.
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