Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 14


I want you to read the following statement and do a soul searching long enough. ‘You can’t both be right but continue to have a problem between yourselves. Or you cannot have a problem yet both of you claim to be right, not unless the meaning of right has changed or you have a new and a different definition of right’. One sad thing I have seen with this generation is they lack the ability to know right from wrong. For example I have come across a lot of young married couples who “want their space” or “need a break”. And when we speak to them we discover that had they been honest with themselves from the beginning they would have never reached the point where they are at presently. I mean needing your space is definitely not for the married. Most of you confuse where you met with where you’re heading to. The fact that you met at a social club does not mean that you are going to build a social family.
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