Confessions Of a Changed Person - On Mothers

With Mothers day coming soon I wish to speak to all those who still have their mothers.
For me this will be my first year without a mother. She peacefully went on to be with the Lord on the 18th September 2009 exactly 87years after she was born. one thing amazing with my mother's death was that she passed away on her birthday. The inscription on her Tombstone read a bit funny one would imagine that an error was done but even us, her kids had to remind ourselves that there was nothing wrong with it.

Her tombstone read as follows:

Melita Mamoeti Kotu
Born - 18 September 1922
Passed away - 18 September 2009
May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

Well my topic is not about my mother's death but rather about Mothers. But I must confess that it's only now that she is no more that I try harder than before to think that she was the most amazing person. But while she was alive, like most kids do I used to see her as "just a mother". I am sure that should I be given a chance to have her back from the dead I would be even more prepared to live with her despite all the flaws i used to see in her. because no one is perfect.

It is truly so sad to see today how many hate their mothers.They ill-treat them; they ignore them; they despise them; they deny them; and others still beat them up . I once read about a man who raped his own old mother. Not that if she was young it would make it better.The truth is our mothers are just that.... they are our mothers, and as mothers they should be treated with utmost honor and care by those who happen to be their children.

Like most kids from age 11 I grew up with a non-resident father, they divorced with my mother and as usual she, like most mothers had to carry us kids through thick and thin, as the saying goes. My mother worked as a hotel manager for the Sun International Hotels, but because now she was "pulling" alone she had to work overtime everyday and take extra jobs just to make ends meet. This resulted in her doing odd jobs at the hotel after hours hand washing clothes for guests for a fee.

For a while it worked and our lives became normal in as far as survival was concerned. But then disaster struck! at age 55 she was diagnosed with Arthritis. This affliction would be the beginning of her unhappiness for the remaining part of her life. She suffered until the day she died. My mother had arthritis for 32 years. One thing I wish to thank God for though is that during my mothers lifetime I never offended her, or ignored her. I was not the best kid around the block but my conscience is clear in as far as I treated my mother during her lifetime.

I got married at 23 and we stayed with my mother for 16 years and never did to her what most children did, and still do to theirs. We later built a very large house and in it we built a Studio type accommodation for my mother. She had her own Lounge;Bedroom;small kitchen;and en-suite. On the Tuesday before she departed as she was lying in Hospital I looked her in the eyes and told her: "you look so beautiful, I have asked Jesus to come and fetch you, and he said he will come soon". I will never forget that peace on her face as she acknowledged with the nodding of her head. She was waiting for someone she's been talking about almost all her life.

My mother was a child of God. She was born again in 1948. Just after midnight on the 18th September 2009 someone my mother has been waiting for walked silently into the hospital ward and took her away from her suffering, By the time nurses came to her bed she was no more because the Lord took her away.

I salute my wife Joyce, she lived with my mother as if she was her own mother.They were more like best friends instead of in-laws.

Do you have a mother? love her;honor her;look after her;be proud of her;protect her;clothe her and feed her. She is the only mother you will ever have in this world.
She will be gone one day and there will be nothing you can do for her then.
If for some reason you believe that your mother is NOT the kind of mother to be celebrated then ask God to enable you to forgive her and offer her another chance. Mothers are people like us, they are not perfect. Think of it this way: If your mother abandoned you every time you wronged where would you be today? most of us would have died long ago. so come on, do it you can.


Father God we pray for all those of us who were hurt or disappointed by their mothers
may you give them the strength to find it in their hearts to forgive them. And also give them the courage to openly show them love. we ask for this in Jesus' name

To all mothers: "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY"
From me to my mom: Rest In Peace, You were the greatest!


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Wola Moruti, nyc mssg i must say nd 2 all mothers, happy Mother's day (9 May 2010). Sori 2 hear abt yo loss bra

yes bro thanks to you too. at least you still have a mom, Tell her i sent my "happy mothers day" to her


Thank you pastoor for de message. Mothers are really heroes. i was also raise by a singe mother. This is really a good reminder to know that they don't stay forever with us and we need to take care of them meanwhile we can. Matshaba

This is one day when one feels that her mother is no more and wish I could know if everything I did for her pleased her. She raised us even when times were tough but she was always there and always showed love.One thing that confused me most was her last days on earth,she was so stubborn. Above all,she died on the same day that her mother passed on 16 february. May her soul rest in peace.

Hi Lele, Now that your mom is no more there is nothing you can do about it. And sad as it may sound that is the truth. at least in your memories you are trying to find out if all that you did for her pleased her whilst she was alive. which simply tells me that you know in your conscience that you tried to do good to her. to some guys out there the feeling is totally different theirs is: "only if she was still alive so i could do things differently". so just thank God that you know that you tried. My mother passed away and the truth is I did all that I could as a child to make her comfortable BUT i'm not sure if I pleased her in everything. Those few instances where she was not happy with me about things she would tell me and we were able to sort things out. So I assume that she died pleased with me. And by the way one Sunday in December last year I had the opportunity to speak to your mother and she sort of "poured her heart out" to Joyce and I and she was totally at peace with you and your sister. I say you did well to her she passed on peacefully and above all else she was born again and we know that she is in a better place by far.Amen

Yes, we don't always realise how wonderful the presence of a mother is until what we have always expected suddenly changes. I am blessed to have a wonderful supportive mother, who's comments leave me smiling at her wit and amazed that I still have so much to learn. And the older I get, a few years shy of 30 I am realising that nothing comforts me more than eating my mom's food, talking to her, complimenting her, buying her stuff and making her realise that I am her biggest fan. To all the current mothers and future mothers - you are God inspired.

Thank you for sharing Pastor

hi!Moruti waka i have known you for more than ten years and always thank God for bringing you in my life i dont regret knowng you i am what i am today becos of Gods teaching thru you, i take you as my father,

Eish, Gugu now you make me jealous. Please ask your mom if she would consider adopting a very well behaved independent adult orphan. And ja, tell her also that I already have a car so I wont be asking for transport money. Please put in a good word for me. [LOL]

I'm glad for both both you and your mom. Maybe it be like this for as long as you both live. be blessed.


afternoon Paster,on Sunday you talked about worshiping God actually being a true worshiper. I've always asked myself how do i become a true worshiper and also on Sunday morning i was asking myself that. I have heard people saying a true worshiper doesn't always come to God complaining or aksing for something[which you also talked about on Sunday]. It was as if i was answered and that i just have to give thanks to the Lord. I never thought i'll say this in my life but i just LOVE being in the presence of the Lord and i wish it could happen everytime.I just want to say thanks for your sermons and the ones Mama Joyce gave on Friday Night.Just tell her that I always say and believe that "FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD".God bless you anf your wife.

Madam. being a worshiper of God does NOT mean that we don't have to bring our issues to Him. There are times when we worship Him for hearing us as we bring our issues to Him. One thing we must never forget is that it pleases our father when we show total dependence to Him.

I'm glad you u made a breakthrough in that area. May He show Himself strong on your behalf. MVK

MVK...I had a personal experience with the old lady whn we were doing your birthday video. I attest to the fact that you were a good son to her. She never stopped asking God to keep you and expand your ministry. In her soft spoken voice she appreciated you and told of how you have always been a good child even before you were saved. The experience with her, talking about you, changed my life. I have always tried to be a good son but since that day, I have put more effort. This experience to me, was and remains a priceless gift...Heita Da! BM

Hi BM. Bro for me respecting my mother was no matter of choice but of gratitude. I was 11 when my father walked away from the family and being the eldest son something in me was born. something that told me to rise up and become "the man of the house" I started and never looked back.
I will forever be grateful to god for that divine enablement.
The bible actually says "honor your MOTHER and father" Exodus 20:12 [emphasis mine]

Hi Pastor
I want to tell you how much I appreciate the positive impact you have made in my life.I have an entirely new outlook on life. I had a tendency to blame other people in my life for my problems and at times was battling with feelings of bitterness. When I found out about Jesus,. Now my attitude has been transformed.The anger and hatred is gone, and I am at peace with myself.I can't thank you enough for the gospel you are presenting to the world! I was profoundly moved and inspired. From the depth of my being, thank you for your role in our awakening.

Wow, what a service on Sunday. Pastor Ralekgolela is really annointed. I'm still thinking about the message of the day. It is true that we have exalted the challenge that we have more what they really are. Our mindset play a vital role on how we tackle issues of life. I must say that my perseptions have changed and looking forward to becoming a new creature or rather a changed person. Thank you once more Pastor for allowing God to us you and for inviting Pastor Ralekgolela. To those who are still undoubtful, wake up and smell the coffee, God is real and is on the move. You can experience His personal touch and goodness, only belief and wait upon Him. He is a faithful God and whatever that in your life He will surely complete it. Love you all, cheers from Abe


Hi pastor
i am so happy that i am joing the family. am learning a lot from what i am reading here. hopefully i will learn to open up and get help from all of you guys coz at times i feel like giving up. jabulile


I've been reading the comments about mothers. i still do have a mom butwe always fight. she never approves of anything that i do. i m turning 26 tomorrow the 30th. i made a mistake of having a child out of wedlock and even today i still beat myself for that. its like she still thinks i m going to make a istake again. everytime i talk about this i get mad & start to cry. i am hurting a lot. i wanted to move out but she said no. my sister said that she cried the whole day when i told her that. i think i love her coz she brought me to this world but she never taught me how to be like a girl. i will sent you my e-mail once its been set up at work. jabulile