MV Kotu 27 May 1959 -

Joyce and Me
Today is my birthday. I was born on this day 51 Years ago to Zachariah and Melitah Kotu. I was the first boy after three girls in my family, and this resulted in my parents and their families getting so excited about my arrival, that each family member came to see me bearing less gifts and more names. This resulted in me having no less than 5 official names excluding 4 nicknames that I have excluded from this encyclopeadia. My parents named me Katshepo [with hope] and Verity [truth]. Then my mother's family came from Bloemfontein and made sure they never left me empty handed, the name that was handed down to me is Kgosietsile [the king has come] From my father's side of the family they threw in theirs: Montoedi [defender]. all the while my father's mom who was living with my parents was waiting until everyone thought the baby had enough names, She named me Abram [hebrew for: exalted father] When the dust finally settled there was little me wondering why so many names and which one to respond to when called. My present birth certificate
And The Boulevard
identifies me as Montoedi Verity Katshepo Kotu. I was born into a preacher's family,and  my father's father was a preacher too, and I guess I had no choice; it's been hanging over my head all this while. I thank God for both my parents; my dear wife Joyce; my brother Shimmy; his family and my only surviving sister: Grace. My kids Tumelo and Lerato. The congregation at The Freeway Tabernacle. The Reach Out For Christ Family. All my friends on the net. I must admit that being 51 does not hurt at all  but makes one to realize that time waits for no an.When I was young I used to look at elderly people and admire a number of things about them, especially the  fact that they did not have to go to school; no one sent them around; and they could do just about everything they wished to. But now that I'm almost there I must admit that it looks totally different from this elevation. I know now that I have  all that I have been working towards. deep down in my heart I have always dreamt of helping others and making a difference in my generation at large. One thing I still require from the Lord is that May He grant me the favour to build Him a better and a bigger temple amongst his people. Not that He will dwell in that temple, but at least there His people shall come and commune with Him in Spirit and in truth. Thank you. MVK

Happy Birthday to you my sweetie. If I could give you the world, I would. To me you are not only a husband but a father whenever I need protection; A brother when I need a shoulder to cry on. My Pastor when I need spiritual guidance and a my best  when I need advice. I really thank God for you. You are a gift from above. Thank You for loving me, and for all that you have done for me. Words cannot explain the way I feel about you. All I can say about you is: I LOVE YOU. You are the best. May the good God bless you and increase your days. May you live to see your fourth generation.
Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthdays are not a time to count how well we are aging, They are neither a time to count what mistakes we have made in the past, Nor a time to think of how long we still have to live, They are not a time, day, moment that we can just continue as if its business as usual. Birthdays are a time to pause and take stock, To reflect on how well we have used the time that has been granted or us on this planet. To reflect on all the goodness of the lord and what he has done for us To reflect on our purpose or mission in life and how we are actualising ourselves towards that. To celebrate successes and life in general. For our greatest purpose is to be self actualising beings, for that is the main distinction between us and the animal kingdom. Our purpose is to give meaning to life. Our purpose to shared light to the average man-for an average man is a human being with dampened and shattered dreams and hopes. Our purpose is to be fully functional beings, for that is how the creator intended for us to be. You have impacted positively on millions of people in South Africa and beyond, You have remained humble despite your achievements, You have continued to be non-judgemental and encouraging to all those who come in contact with you. I wish for you on your birthday: That you continue to make your potential real and actual. That you become all you can become-and more than you can imagine “for what a man can be , so he must become”. That you continue to experience full humanness, and prosperity in all areas of your life. That God bless you family in ways that you can never imagine. That God keep you for fifty more years so you can continue to bless more people. Have a great and blessed day. Celebrate; and Have fun!.Happy birthday
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Next Hiking - 3 - 5 September 2010

The TFT Hiking club hereby extends an invitation to those who just love the great outdoors. Our next hike is on the 3-5 September 2010.
Venue: The Summit Trail, Rustenburg
Price: R900 includes transport and facilities.
Only a small number of hikers preferred
Enquiries: Archie: 011 980-5970
                  Smith: 0782852104

The Snake And Us In The Picture

We caught this snake on our hiking at Suikerbschfontein, Mpumalanga.
The name of the snake is a Mole Snake. (Pseudaspis cana) scientific name. The snake grows to a maximum length of 2 meters. This one was 1 meter long and quite heavily bodied. It Lives in animal burrows and hunts mostly underground, and kills its prey by constriction (squeezing like a python) It feeds mostly on Rodents/Mice Small mammals and Bird's eggs. It can easily be mistaken for a cape cobra because it rears up and spreads its hood like the cobra. you have to know the difference to identify it.It is non-poisonous but very bad tempered and quick to bite.
Everyone was excited to pose with the snake and we let it go afterwards. The poor thing was so scared when it realized that we were non-whites and came from Soweto. 
Please note that when we go hiking we don't actually hunt for snakes we do however encounter them occasionally. Our hiking club fully supports nature conservation. MVK Read More!

Something Everyone needs To Know

  • That those who hate you are now officially fewer than those who actually love you. I just joined those who love you so cheer up.
  • That you have failed at achieving some things but there are other things you have done well so far
  • That though most of your days are difficult some, like today are much nicer than yesterday
  • That you've been the best you could be so far, now you need God's grace to to make it happen
  • That self condemnation is your choice, if no one condemns you give yourself a break and enjoy life
  • That there are no grey areas between success and failure you have the right to look for success
  • That hard work is not the only rewarding factor you will need in life. you will need God's divine intervention as well
  • That though life offers no guarantees, God does and He said I will never leave you or forsake you.
  • That being content with what you have is a gift from God. If you practice this long enough soon you will receive many other gifts from God
  • That you need to start loving your job from today, many are queueing outside waiting for you to leave
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Spiritual - Motivational - Educational

Hi everyone. Happy 2nd week Birthday to our blog!!! I have a number of very interesting topics coming up from this week. To be precise this week I will addressing the following:

  • Why some marriages never work out at all
  • Are you on the rebound? then do these things
I also have more on the: Confessions Of a Changed Person.Please make sure you don' miss this one.
Yesterday we had Rev. Ralekholela  "setting the house on fire" at our Church, The freeway Tabernacle. It was a wonderful service indeed. Many folks re-dedicated their lives to God and the most encouraging was to witness the number of youths who came forward to give their lives to Jesus. I give all the glory to God for the obvious work of the Holy Spirit.The preaching of the word of God by His servant was full of revelation and revival. My faith was renewed and my mind was re-settled in the promises of God. I came out of the service knowing without doubt that I have been to Church and God had spoken to me. To Him be all honor and glory. 
Whilst I prepare myself for the task that lies ahead of me this week, I wish to give you the following mind enriching ;thought provoking quotes. Think on these things
REMEMBER: These are just thoughts and statements I have uttered sometime
  • You will always learn something from a wise man even when he is wrong, than from a fool who is always right.
  • The difference between growing up and growing old is in how we do each one: To grow up we mature; to grow old we wear out.The latter does not require any effort, just wake up, go to bed and wake up again the next morning. But the former requires that you do something with your life every time you wake up.
  • Never die with questions un-answered you must have the courage the to keep asking every time you want to know something.
  • The only place you can walk but never get anywhere is on the treadmill, anywhere else you are sure to get somewhere
  • Every time you are faced with little or nothing always go for little it's alway better than nothing
  • Time is the only true commodity we have in life, nothing more nothing less
  • Better a man who reads for himself that one who's always told. because little knowledge is more dangerous than total ignorance
  • Never be willing to spend a thousand rand on a ten rand worth idea
  • Isn't it funny that evolution stopped happening since we became aware of it? I mean every day marks the end of a million years yet things remain the same.
  • When you always tell the truth you don't need to have good memory
  • If you keep seeing the same customers at your door everyday know you haven't changed your recipe
  • The friends you have today may not necessarily be the friends you have tomorrow. 
  • There is no such thing as an empty life, you will always have something to live for in this life
  • Your past plus your present equals your future. If you don't like what you're seeing ahead do something with the formula.
  • Sometimes the light at the end of your tunnel is actually an approaching train, so be vigilant always.
  • When all your dreams have died don't despair dream another one.
  • success and failure just cost the same, so don't be fooled into doing nothing
  • The power of failure lies in it's ability to convince us that we cannot make it.
  • If a murderer can swim he won't drown
  • Don't be average, most people are already!
  • Being average is like wearing a cheap pair of shoes, even if no one notices them you're still uncomfortable in them.
  • The main reason why most people remain average is because being successful requires discipline; good character; and staying power.
  • If you ever feel like God doesn't know you feel free to tell Him who you are, it's that simple
  • If God was our enemy none of us would be around 
  • God is our sparring partner, not our opponent.
  • Should God beat you down or knock you out don't worry He will pick you up
  • With God on our side even our own mothers won't recognize us.
Hope You find Them Valuable

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Confessions Of a Changed Person - On Mothers

With Mothers day coming soon I wish to speak to all those who still have their mothers.
For me this will be my first year without a mother. She peacefully went on to be with the Lord on the 18th September 2009 exactly 87years after she was born. one thing amazing with my mother's death was that she passed away on her birthday. The inscription on her Tombstone read a bit funny one would imagine that an error was done but even us, her kids had to remind ourselves that there was nothing wrong with it.

Her tombstone read as follows:

Melita Mamoeti Kotu
Born - 18 September 1922
Passed away - 18 September 2009
May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

Well my topic is not about my mother's death but rather about Mothers. But I must confess that it's only now that she is no more that I try harder than before to think that she was the most amazing person. But while she was alive, like most kids do I used to see her as "just a mother". I am sure that should I be given a chance to have her back from the dead I would be even more prepared to live with her despite all the flaws i used to see in her. because no one is perfect.

It is truly so sad to see today how many hate their mothers.They ill-treat them; they ignore them; they despise them; they deny them; and others still beat them up . I once read about a man who raped his own old mother. Not that if she was young it would make it better.The truth is our mothers are just that.... they are our mothers, and as mothers they should be treated with utmost honor and care by those who happen to be their children.

Like most kids from age 11 I grew up with a non-resident father, they divorced with my mother and as usual she, like most mothers had to carry us kids through thick and thin, as the saying goes. My mother worked as a hotel manager for the Sun International Hotels, but because now she was "pulling" alone she had to work overtime everyday and take extra jobs just to make ends meet. This resulted in her doing odd jobs at the hotel after hours hand washing clothes for guests for a fee.

For a while it worked and our lives became normal in as far as survival was concerned. But then disaster struck! at age 55 she was diagnosed with Arthritis. This affliction would be the beginning of her unhappiness for the remaining part of her life. She suffered until the day she died. My mother had arthritis for 32 years. One thing I wish to thank God for though is that during my mothers lifetime I never offended her, or ignored her. I was not the best kid around the block but my conscience is clear in as far as I treated my mother during her lifetime.

I got married at 23 and we stayed with my mother for 16 years and never did to her what most children did, and still do to theirs. We later built a very large house and in it we built a Studio type accommodation for my mother. She had her own Lounge;Bedroom;small kitchen;and en-suite. On the Tuesday before she departed as she was lying in Hospital I looked her in the eyes and told her: "you look so beautiful, I have asked Jesus to come and fetch you, and he said he will come soon". I will never forget that peace on her face as she acknowledged with the nodding of her head. She was waiting for someone she's been talking about almost all her life.

My mother was a child of God. She was born again in 1948. Just after midnight on the 18th September 2009 someone my mother has been waiting for walked silently into the hospital ward and took her away from her suffering, By the time nurses came to her bed she was no more because the Lord took her away.

I salute my wife Joyce, she lived with my mother as if she was her own mother.They were more like best friends instead of in-laws.

Do you have a mother? love her;honor her;look after her;be proud of her;protect her;clothe her and feed her. She is the only mother you will ever have in this world.
She will be gone one day and there will be nothing you can do for her then.
If for some reason you believe that your mother is NOT the kind of mother to be celebrated then ask God to enable you to forgive her and offer her another chance. Mothers are people like us, they are not perfect. Think of it this way: If your mother abandoned you every time you wronged where would you be today? most of us would have died long ago. so come on, do it you can.


Father God we pray for all those of us who were hurt or disappointed by their mothers
may you give them the strength to find it in their hearts to forgive them. And also give them the courage to openly show them love. we ask for this in Jesus' name

To all mothers: "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY"
From me to my mom: Rest In Peace, You were the greatest!

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Thank You - Thank You - Thank - You

Hi, everyone. Today is exactly our 7th day on the net. We had more than 1000 hits on the site in just 7 days wow!. I must confess that I never imagined it would be so hectic. I have been using the computer almost daily since 1986, and back then my first machine was a Commodore64. I'ts obvious Windows was just a concept because we never had it. We used large floppy disks that were almost the size of an A5.
I have never spent so much time on the computer in my life as I did this past week, and thanks to you my friends out there. I have a feeling that this could become a permanent part of my new life, God willing.

I thank God for His grace upon my life and the lives of those who visited this blog. Thanks to all those who gave us that undeserved favor of registering as PARTNERS I am reluctant to use the word "followers" because in truth I don't see anyone as a follower since I'm not trying to establish an organization neither do I see myself as anybody's leader so to speak, but just another one of God's children trying to reach out to my brothers and sisters in the Lord. In my heart I simply have a strong desire to pass on to others that part of my life God has given me an increase in.
I don't consider myself to be richer than anyone else I know in anything, but I am simply driven by that inner desire to share with others what little experiences I have gained in life. All of us have experienced God's grace in some way different from others' but until we speak about these things no one will ever know about them.
I will be sharing with you more than I have already done this week. And I will be bringing in others too who have been graced in other different ways. These dear brothers and sisters will be sharing with us in the future publications.

my Confessions Of A Changed Person will run for exactly one week each, otherwise if I share about those experiences on a daily basis I will have nothing left to say in about 6 weeks.Our daily devotions shall be "new every morning". I find them to be quite refreshing, since most of us leave home every day in a hurry without even getting that much needed time to read the bible. I don't mean to say that our daily devotions should replace one's need for daily bible reading. But I think they are better than the scripture quotations that are normally pasted somewhere in our daily newspapers. Please send our link to your friends in your mail box.

I have also received a number of enquiries from others regarding registering as Partners/Followers.
There seems to have been a challenge doing that. Registering is quite simple.Follow these simple steps.

  • Open the blog as usual and make sure that you are in the Home page the navigation button are all on the right.
  • Scroll down to PARTNERS and under that you will notice the "FOLLOW" tab
  • Click on this tab then it opens a page where you you see "FOLLOW MONTOEDI KOTU"
  • I recommend that you use the GOOGLE tab for best connections otherwise you can choose any of the listed connections
  • On the next screen go down on the right and click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW" click on this and it takes you to next page
  • Enter your EXISTING e-mail address and choose any "PASSWORD" eg: morris1287 or joyce0821347765. something you can remember.
  • Scroll down where you see;" LOCATION" - South Africa. If you are outside South Africa choose your country by selecting the "CHANGE"otherwise leave it as it is.
  • ENTER you AGE it's for statistical purposes only
  • Retype the verification code "The Funny alphabets" in the box below. If you cant read it just write anything the code will be verified and another one will appear. 
  • Click the "I ACCEPT, CREATE MY ACCOUNT" button
  • You will be taken to a screen where you have an account created and if you have a picture you can upload it otherwise remain "faceless"
Your registration will definitely serve as a great encouragement to me. It will also give me an idea of who we are and how many folks I'm accountable to.

Be blessed
Yours in His service
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Puff And Pass


Do you have information that could help some of us? say maybe a job; a learnership program; a temp or a bursary.
Please post your comments here and whatever information that you can.

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