Something Everyone needs To Know

  • That those who hate you are now officially fewer than those who actually love you. I just joined those who love you so cheer up.
  • That you have failed at achieving some things but there are other things you have done well so far
  • That though most of your days are difficult some, like today are much nicer than yesterday
  • That you've been the best you could be so far, now you need God's grace to to make it happen
  • That self condemnation is your choice, if no one condemns you give yourself a break and enjoy life
  • That there are no grey areas between success and failure you have the right to look for success
  • That hard work is not the only rewarding factor you will need in life. you will need God's divine intervention as well
  • That though life offers no guarantees, God does and He said I will never leave you or forsake you.
  • That being content with what you have is a gift from God. If you practice this long enough soon you will receive many other gifts from God
  • That you need to start loving your job from today, many are queueing outside waiting for you to leave
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