From deep within the heart of a parent...

The pains and challenges of parenthood are as old as man himself. The first murder recorded in the bible was between siblings. Adam’s son, Cain, killed his own brother. I cannot even imagine the pain that this act brought to the parents. On the day when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to him it is hard to say I know how Abraham felt like, for it would be better if my child dies as a result of any other means, but when God demands that my hand should become the cause of his death, I imagine the pain within my heart. A man of God, Eli had two sons who were not even afraid of God himself. They died in battle and Eli in his old age sat there by the side of the road when the news ware brought to him. The Bible tells us that he fell and died on the spot as his neck broke. Then much later in history God too, had to give His only son to become a sacrifice to the world. We love our children, we wish the best for them. Sometimes we fight with them and wish that we never had them. But they are ours, given to us by God for a purpose only He knows.

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He's Always Been There; Even During Your Worst Moments [From my archives]

We have all experienced those episodes of feeling totally insignificant in life. Times when God seems far away and one feels like all they want to do is die and be free from worries that engulf ordinary folks. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes seemingly also reached this point at sometime in his life and he ended up by concluding that it would have been better for a person to not be born than to be born and suffer in this world. He uses two different comparisons probably coming from two different experiences that he went through or witnessed. One is about a stillborn being better than a person who lives but suffers Ecclesiastes 6:3, and another one about a living dog being better than a dead lion.Ecclesiastes 9:4 

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Confessions Of a Changed Person - On Purpose, Passion, And Excellence [From my archives]

I have always wanted to be someone above average in life, and like most normal kids I grew up admiring great people, and there has always been those people who stuck out in every society. Around the late 60's Doctors; Nurses; Teachers; Policemen and Clerks were the cream of the crop.It required at least a standard 6 [grade 8] back then to be one of some of these people yet it was still more like rocket science to some, and as a result this group remained small. Second to this group preachers were also acknowledged in the society, but I don't remember a single kid standing up in class and telling the teacher that they were going to become one when they grew up. Like most kids I wanted to be a doctor, and that's what I even promised my primary school teachers including my family back then.
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MVK Zone Devotionalist - Pastor. Modise Moatlhodi

Modise and Zodwa Moatlhodi

Modise is currently an Exco member and Head of Large Business Segment at Absa Corporate and Business Banking.  He assumed this role 18 months ago, after having spent 2 years as Executive Chairman of Moatlhodi Group (Pty) Ltd, an entrepreneurial, diversified and multi-sectoral Investment Holdings Company. As of the 1st October 2008 He has taken over additional responsibilities of being the Head of Absa Africa Corporate and Business Banking. An MBA graduate and one of the first Chartered Marketers in South Africa, Modise has over 25 years experience in Financial services, having started his career as a teller at United Building Society, then moved to the then Barclays as an Administration Clerk, Teller and Savings and Forex Supervisor, manager’s clerk and relationship executive for MNC, corporate finance transactor.

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Happy Church Going! - Contributed By: Bianca Chaane

In a small town in America, a person decided to open up his bar business, which was right opposite to a Church.  The Church & its Congregation started a campaign to block the Bar from opening, with Petitions and prayed daily against his business. Work progressed. However, when it was almost complete and was about to open a few days later, a strong lightning struck the Bar and it was burnt to the ground. The Church folk were rather smug in their outlook after that, till The Bar owner sued the Church authorities for $2million on the grounds that the Church through its congregation & Prayers was ultimately responsible for the demise of his bar shop, either through direct or indirect actions or means.
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Provoking Destinies- By Bishop DJ. Comfort. from England

Pastors. Phillemon and Lebo Mathane of the Eagles Of Faith Christian Church in Akasia, Pretoria. RSA will be hosting Bishop Dudu Joseph Comfort on the 11th July 2010. the meeting will be held at the Big white tent In Akasia and the service will start at 09h00 with an intercession service 
Ps. P. Mathane (Host)
Bishop Dudu Joseph Comfort resides in England with his family. He is the Presiding Bishop of The Favors Cathedral and Senior Pastor of discipleship Christian Centre. He is a highly esteemed international speaker; and has ministry operations, association, network and offices in USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Europe. He’s the visionary behind ‘THE IMPACT VISON’ an annual Prophetic inter-denominational and church unity gathering.
DATE: 11 July 2010: TIME: 9:30 (starting with intercession)
VENUE: 75 Clarina, AKASIA (North of Pretoria). White Big Tent
TYPE OF EVENT: “Provoking Destinies” with Bishop D J Comfort
HOSTING MINISTERS: Ps: Phillemon & Lebo Mathane: 
GUEST SPEAKER: Bishop D J Comfort - England. Your life will no longer be the same after this meeting.CONTACT US: 076 376 9032
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Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 17

You have probably heard someone say: ‘we are doing fine under the circumstances’ I have always imagined that this was just another way of saying ‘we are doing just fine thanks’ until one day I began to think deeply about these folks who somehow manage to make it even under those whatever circumstances they’re talking about. Then one day it happened to Joyce and I, like all couples we began to have disagreements and misunderstandings on certain issues and I had a better understanding of what doing fine under the circumstances meant.
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Lest We Forget How To love - (Previous Post) - By Kids

What Does 'Love' mean?
A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, 'What does 'love' mean?' The answers they got ere broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think........
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Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 16

One thing that I wish to highlight today is that there is not a single totally trouble free marriage. The best marriages are those that are running on frequent compromise, forgiveness, and an occasional “letting the other get away with murder” attitude. I consider my marriage to be amongst the world’s best but the truth is if Joyce and I would really want to get at each other’s throats we’d do so on a daily basis simply because there is always something that we have to contest about in our marriage. I have mentioned earlier in one of my previous articles on the same subject about the importance of compromise in marriage. Marriage cannot be operated as an aeroplane with a checklist on hand and making sure that all the pressure gauges are one hundred percent full before we can take off. Also remember that the Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. By this I hope that I‘m not also promoting abuse of grace that we receive from each other. Joyce and I are very serious about our relationship and we never take each other for granted or despise the mercy that each receives from the other, but then as I have mentioned there are those times when we both feel that we have forgiven the other more than we have offended them. And it is during such times when one wishes they had an outsider to come a judge the case. But we refuse to let ourselves go that route because we are still much capable of ‘self repairing’.
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MVK Zone Devotionalist - Pastor. Elliot Borchardt - Banner Of truth Ministry - RSA

Pastor. E. Borchardt

Pastor. Elliot Borchardt is the founder and Pastor of Banner Of Truth Ministries. A Church based in Devland Extention 27 outside Soweto. Gauteng. RSA. Elliot is married to Sabbath and they were blessed with a daughter and two grand children. Elliot and his wife Sabbath came to Devland about a decade ago when it was just a squatter camp. They started a very small congregation and grew it to the present vibrant Church. 

They were able to to build their Church which was the first church building in the area This year they have already started putting up a new structure  which will see the ministry expand to a larger building with offices on site. The Church presently runs a day Nursery based on Christian values which is growing at a steady pace. At banner of truth the philosophy is 'Community transformation'. Banner of truth ministries is a member of Reach Out For Christ Ministries International. Read More!