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Joyce Kotu
Mrs Joyce Kotu is married to Montoedi Kotu. They are blessed with two children Tumelo and Lerato who are now adults. They reside in Winchester Hills, south of Johannesburg. She is the co-founder of Reach Out For Christ Ministries International, a family of Churches in and outside of RSA. and ministers along side her husband at The Freeway Tabernacle in Midway, Soweto. She is the director of ROFCMI ladies fellowship, a ministry towards ladies that is held annually. Joyce is the resident Psychologist at The Freeway Tabernacle. A people's person by nature, Joyce is an ex fashion model and a dancer. Joyce is also a seasoned preacher and public speaker. This is what her husband has to say about her: "Joyce has a heart of gold. She is rich in grace and understanding. You don't just come across her kind easily is this world. And that's my own judgement. She is the kindest person I know so far on this planet. After I gave my heart to Jesus, Joyce took whatever is left of it. She occupies my mind most of the time. She's just too special. Yes, she is that special. I constantly pray to God. "Lord, let me be the first to come home. I can't imagine this life without her. I salute her.
The Freeway Tabernacle - Chris Hani Road - Midway - Services: Sunday 9:00-12:00. Tel: 011 980-5970 - Email:

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Dear Paster

I thank God for you and your wife for being an impact on my family,today my family we are where we are because of you two,maybe you don't know.If i can share all,i cannot finish.

From 1997 when i join your church after that my husband follow me through your teachings,don't loose heart Paster and Mom keep it up.

There is a lot of progress in my family,all through your teachings.
Mama,i am a woman who i am today because of you.Keep on telling us the truth,because you are setting us free.THANK YOU.

I Love you all,You and your Wife
God bless you.

Mama Joyce is one special lady. When she talks, just by talking over a situation things change.Last year i had a baby prematurely she was very small when she was born less than a KG.She was suppose to be discharged when she was over 2.5kg.And Mama Joyce told us that the baby will be discahrged the same week we spoke to her,GUESS what she was discharged the same week when she was only 2kg.She has spoken a lot of positive things in my life and my life is exactly what she said it would be.I really thank God for her.Again what i like about her she will NEVER share your challenges you share with her with other people.She is the best.Thanx Moruti for making her your wife if not we would not have met her.She's the best.

Thanks a lot madam. be blessed. MVK & joyce


i dont regret joining this church i thank GOD for directing me to it,mama your the best,you know mama when i hear your voice it heals me especialy when you sing on woman fellowship(thursday)i know my life will never be the same again,looking foward for thursday.stay blessed.shony

hi mama

mama we thank GOD for you for your true teachings & thank you very much for loving us and we really love u to. Mama hw i wish i could see your wedding band at a close range just to c a pearl touch it ohhh mama

Hi Mama

You have been a great example on how Christians ladies should lead their lives.. I have nothing but LOVE and RESPECT for you. I thank God for you and your husband and my prayer is that he may bless you abundantly. I am blessed to know you... Love you Mama...Xxx