Education - Literacy - and Competence Day - 13 June 2010 at TFT 09:h00

Modise Moathlodi,MBA,CAIB,CM
Mumsy Makamo
Class of the 70's
 In celebration of Youth month we, at the The freeway Tabernacle will be celebrating our second annual Education; Literacy; and Competence day [ELC] on Sunday the 13th June 2010. This year our two fold vision in celebrating the day is to Encourage those already doing something to make a difference in their lives through learning and doing diverse things that will ultimately bring a visible transformation in their lives and their communities. And to challenge those at ease waiting and hoping that something will come up. Our philosophy is that the only true treasure we all possess is the time we have   in this world. We encourage especially the youth since they have more time than all others to recognize it as the only commodity that they can give in exchange for all the dreams they have. On the day we will also be recognizing Academic, Technical and Entrepreneurship achievements. Some companies and organizations will be on display and consultants will be available to give information. We request that those who do their respective jobs in uniform:    
Mr Nhlanhla Mabasa
Head boy 2009 and
Mr. Gabuza Maswanganyi
Police;  Military; Nurses; Security personnel; Paramedics; Firemen; Chefs; and any other occupation that requires a uniform to please put on their uniforms. Scholars may wear their school uniforms, and academics please put on your robes let's have variety on that day, and hey, why not adults too who still remember how to put on that school uniform.
Let's just come together on that day,enjoy the day and encourage each other. The keynote speaker for the day is Mr. Modise Moathlodi: Bcom,MBA, CAIB,CMMr. Modise is currently an Exco member and Head of Large Business Segment at Absa Corporate and Business Banking. 
Venue: The Freeway Tabernacle - Chris Hani Road Midway - Enquiries: Nozizwe 0733681339 
Time: 09h00-12h00
At [TFT] The Freeway tabernacle we believe in the holistic improvement and advancement of the whole person. These initiatives are a sign of our continuous commitment to this cause. We encourage our members to use the intellectual resources that God gave them in order to enrich themselves and the lives of those around them. We recognize every effort towards this and appreciate all forms of self improvement. We believe that it is never too late for any individual to learn to do something, be it intellectual or technical. TFT is a member of the Reach Out for Christ Family of Churches

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Oh my God i know this he definately is the man for this kind of a job he has always encouraged us to study...when i was still in sunday school


This is definately the man for the Job....he used to encourage us to study when iwas in sunday school wow small world indeed

Looking forward to this educational and inspirational event. Cant wait!!!!

Afternoon Mr Kotu, i managed to get the side, thanks a lot

Shiwe elisa kato