Family Matters Workshop - Held on the 22 August - At ROFC - Report - By. MVK

Marriage Reinforcement Workshop

Held at Reach Out For Christ
On 22 August 2010 at 15H00

Conducted by: Rev. MV Kotu
Workshop Coordinators: Pastor & Mrs Maluleke. 
I wish to thank Pastor Maluleke and the whole TFT team for organizing the occasion. The meeting was attended by 155 couples and 29 individuals. What really impressed me was observing that the majority of the attendees were young couples. This was an indication of the urgency for the need for such meetings amongst young couples. I also wish to thank all the elderly couples who graced the occasion; it gave me the much needed backup that made it easy for me to speak to the house with confidence. Another encouraging factor was seeing the couples arrive as early as 14:15 for the meeting scheduled for 15:00 as a result we were able to start the meeting at the set time. I was there at 13h00 to prepare my presentation equipment. This meeting was the first of the four planned for 2010 with three others scheduled for September, October and November. (Dates to be announced soon)
The objective of this workshop was to reveal and discuss with the couples the results of a survey I did with the couples at The Freeway Tabernacle 2 months ago. Then the house would then agree on the best approach towards solving the issues rising from the survey.
I used a power point presentation to conduct the workshop. (All slides are attached hereto). We discussed each issue then feedback and suggestions were taken into consideration since this was going to determine the direction and subject matter of our next workshop.
The meeting was adjourned at 17h00 and most of the attendees that I spoke to indicated their contentment about the whole event.

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