Family Matters Workshop - Held on the 22 August - At ROFC - Report - By. MVK

Marriage Reinforcement Workshop

Held at Reach Out For Christ
On 22 August 2010 at 15H00

Conducted by: Rev. MV Kotu
Workshop Coordinators: Pastor & Mrs Maluleke. 
I wish to thank Pastor Maluleke and the whole TFT team for organizing the occasion. The meeting was attended by 155 couples and 29 individuals. What really impressed me was observing that the majority of the attendees were young couples. This was an indication of the urgency for the need for such meetings amongst young couples. I also wish to thank all the elderly couples who graced the occasion; it gave me the much needed backup that made it easy for me to speak to the house with confidence. Another encouraging factor was seeing the couples arrive as early as 14:15 for the meeting scheduled for 15:00 as a result we were able to start the meeting at the set time. I was there at 13h00 to prepare my presentation equipment. This meeting was the first of the four planned for 2010 with three others scheduled for September, October and November. (Dates to be announced soon)
The objective of this workshop was to reveal and discuss with the couples the results of a survey I did with the couples at The Freeway Tabernacle 2 months ago. Then the house would then agree on the best approach towards solving the issues rising from the survey.
I used a power point presentation to conduct the workshop. (All slides are attached hereto). We discussed each issue then feedback and suggestions were taken into consideration since this was going to determine the direction and subject matter of our next workshop.
The meeting was adjourned at 17h00 and most of the attendees that I spoke to indicated their contentment about the whole event.

Family Matters Workshop Slide Presentation

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This was a most informative meeting, Arthur and I invited some of our cousins to come to this meeting and they were impressed and they can't wait for the next meeting. We are in a mission to reduce the rate of divorce in our family, and build up loving and united families. On the next meeting we will come with five couples (coursins). Charity begins at home.

Bonginkosi Mzila  

I wish to know if tapes are available for future ref? Cud not attend as intended because my wife had booked us on a surprise holiday. This had been long planned and she could not tell me we were not going to be around on that date as it would have spoiled the surprise.I'm now keeping my eyes closely on her, no more surprises around such important dates. BM

yes I agree the meeting was great and
I enjoyed it too. The next three meetings will definitely bring more light to the whole thing. and thanks for inviting your cousins and i'm glad they were not disappointed. MVK

No sir we did not record any but I hope you managed to see the slides we used. they are under "read more' MVK


Dear Pastor MVK & Pator/Mrs Maluleke

I would like to commend you for facilitating such an appealing and profound seminar on the 22nd.

In hindsight, I would like to suggest that we should take the discussion into the next level, by workshoping those issues in group
sessions,and subsequent to that each representative from the group should provide feedback around their findings.

I hope that other couples could share the same sentiment, as the approach will be engaging.


Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

Wow,MVK...Thank you for the Resource,for every problem there is a solution.This meeting "Family Matters adapt to change and maintain a good sense of humor in order to sustain a happy home life.It reveals why it's crucial for the heads of households to change themselves first in order to inspire change in lives of other family members.


Thank you Moruti Kotu and Moruti Maluleke. The seminar was eye opening, those stats are scary and we definitely do not want to be part of. As suggested by Lovely, it will be nice if we can now go to the heart of the highlighted issues and brainstorm as groups, then open the floor for discussion and advice based on experience. Siyayitsandza imindeni yethu, we will do anything Godly to keep them. Thank you once more for your wisdom and God bless.

B Mzila  

Sir. I did go through the slides. was able to draw the gist of wht the meeting was about, I'm sure we will be able to catch up on the next meeting.
I wish to agree with Mrs Bishop on group sessions. Group dynamics are still one of the effective tools and it would'nt be a bad idea to have them.BM

I am unble to see the marriage seminar slide presentation.It displays in white and there is nothing written on it. I dont know is it my computer maybe?