Prosperity begins when our task is to live for God and nothing else. Part 3 MVK

Most people think that a call to contentment by God is a way of keeping us mum and depriving us of our freedom to question God about situations and the things that we don’t like. I wish to highlight that I was not taught contentment by the Church but by my parents. In our family you never complained just for the sake of doing so, we were taught to make sure that our grievances were legitimate or else you got an hour long lecture for ‘taking things for granted’. More than this affecting us negatively it helped us to view things in a more realistic and Godly manner, and unlike most kids we grew up more appreciative than negative. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles; my family was more on the average side of life, not very poor but definitely not rich either. We grew up knowing and acknowledging that it took a lot of efforts from our parents’ side to keep us the children alive. How I wish that today’s generation could just realize that too.

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