Prosperity begins when our task is to live for God and nothing else. Part 3 MVK

Most people think that a call to contentment by God is a way of keeping us mum and depriving us of our freedom to question God about situations and the things that we don’t like. I wish to highlight that I was not taught contentment by the Church but by my parents. In our family you never complained just for the sake of doing so, we were taught to make sure that our grievances were legitimate or else you got an hour long lecture for ‘taking things for granted’. More than this affecting us negatively it helped us to view things in a more realistic and Godly manner, and unlike most kids we grew up more appreciative than negative. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles; my family was more on the average side of life, not very poor but definitely not rich either. We grew up knowing and acknowledging that it took a lot of efforts from our parents’ side to keep us the children alive. How I wish that today’s generation could just realize that too.

My father always used to tell us that God doesn’t like people who are forever complaining about things and their present state. Instead he said; God wants us to be thankful since He does not owe us anything, everything we get from Him is purely by His grace. As a kid I did not fully agree with my father simply because I always imagined that my dad was saying these things just to make us shut up and stop bothering him. It was only when I started working and imagining that I had the power to make improvements to my own life that I realized that even if God gave me the power to change my life I would still fail at it. I tried to work as hard as anyone could, always putting extra efforts into whatever I was doing, but for some strange reason things just kept going their own way. It felt like I was operating under a closed heaven. Has anyone ever felt like that out there?

I wish to ask you a few questions that might just help you to start seeing the importance of relying on God. And please realize that whether we are aware of it or not, everyone on earth is in some way a ‘beneficiary’ of what someone else out there is keeping in control. And that someone is none other than God himself. And before you dispute it I want you to think about this; do you really believe that this flawless organization called creation that we see around us could really be a result of just a big bang? That we are relatives of the monkeys and evolution is actually our creator? How come therefore that the buildings that were blown out by explosives or destroyed years ago never get to re-organize themselves even if they are left like that over years? what happened to that ‘self organizing’ force some people credit for the creation of the world? There is no way that all we see around us could have just happened.

Every creation speaks about its creator. Paintings never draw themselves just like every work of art points to the artist. I once heard someone say evolution takes place at least once every million or so years. But just think about this; every day we live on earth marks the end of another day, another week, another month, another year, another decade, another millennium, another million years etc. how come then that none of us has witnessed evolution? I’m saying there is a creator out there and we are all dependent on Him for more things than we can actually imagine. I’m sure that we’re all glad that no one on earth has rights to the rain, the air we breathe, the clouds, the seasons etc. In our era we are faced up with man’s worst nightmare called global warming and the apparently worn out o-zone. If we really have the power to direct our lives including the things that surround us how come no one on earth has the answer to solve these problems? The Bible tells us in Genesis one that God just simply said ‘let there be!’ and behold there was! I believe that God is the one in control of not only these things but also in control of our lives too even up to the minutest detail.

Now here is my first question; do you think that you actually posses the power to be in full control of your life? I have directed this question to a number of people and the majority of them gave me an affirmative answer. But then the problem that I noticed with them was that they were still unable to get through the simplest things in life, even after they have taken control of their lives. I have seen people doing every thing in their power in order to prepare themselves for a better future yet fail as if they have never even lifted a finger at trying to do so. I am here to ‘sell’ you the idea of being God dependent, and my point is that even though many of us choose to become independent it is only so with the things that are within our reach. What are we doing about those things that we cannot change or alter or fix? Things like the ones I have mentioned above.

Our dependence on God is not a sign of weakness or ignorance. We are dependent on God by creation. And just like a Nashua copier cannot renounce its origin from Nashua we too cannot successfully prove our autonomy from God. And please note that Nashua printers did not happen too, they were created. The hierarchy of supremacy and dependence works to the advantage of all parties only if it is well understood and obeyed. A roman centurion comes to Jesus and asks Him to heal her servant, just as Jesus indicates His preparedness to go the man’s house the centurion turns around and says to Jesus; Matt 8:8-9 The centurion replied, "Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed. For I am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, 'Go,' and he goes; and that one, 'Come,' and he comes. I say to my servant, 'Do this,' and he does it."
This is how things were really meant to happen, Contentment springs from dependence. The foundation of ‘cashing in’ on God’s promises is our full dependence on Him. The only reason our children are happy with our efforts is because they are depend on us. Go on make your dependence on God known today then you will see that being content is not a problem. To be continued. MVK

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I wish that i could have read theother parts. You have put it to be simply. Being God depended really does make one to live their lives better, to bad i had to learn the hard way. It was too late. But right now i am really trying my out most best and it is working. I look around at everything and i see the wonderful things that God has created. Depending on God is by far the best thing that one can do I just hope that people can realize that soon..