MV Kotu 27 May 1959 -

Joyce and Me
Today is my birthday. I was born on this day 51 Years ago to Zachariah and Melitah Kotu. I was the first boy after three girls in my family, and this resulted in my parents and their families getting so excited about my arrival, that each family member came to see me bearing less gifts and more names. This resulted in me having no less than 5 official names excluding 4 nicknames that I have excluded from this encyclopeadia. My parents named me Katshepo [with hope] and Verity [truth]. Then my mother's family came from Bloemfontein and made sure they never left me empty handed, the name that was handed down to me is Kgosietsile [the king has come] From my father's side of the family they threw in theirs: Montoedi [defender]. all the while my father's mom who was living with my parents was waiting until everyone thought the baby had enough names, She named me Abram [hebrew for: exalted father] When the dust finally settled there was little me wondering why so many names and which one to respond to when called. My present birth certificate
And The Boulevard
identifies me as Montoedi Verity Katshepo Kotu. I was born into a preacher's family,and  my father's father was a preacher too, and I guess I had no choice; it's been hanging over my head all this while. I thank God for both my parents; my dear wife Joyce; my brother Shimmy; his family and my only surviving sister: Grace. My kids Tumelo and Lerato. The congregation at The Freeway Tabernacle. The Reach Out For Christ Family. All my friends on the net. I must admit that being 51 does not hurt at all  but makes one to realize that time waits for no an.When I was young I used to look at elderly people and admire a number of things about them, especially the  fact that they did not have to go to school; no one sent them around; and they could do just about everything they wished to. But now that I'm almost there I must admit that it looks totally different from this elevation. I know now that I have  all that I have been working towards. deep down in my heart I have always dreamt of helping others and making a difference in my generation at large. One thing I still require from the Lord is that May He grant me the favour to build Him a better and a bigger temple amongst his people. Not that He will dwell in that temple, but at least there His people shall come and commune with Him in Spirit and in truth. Thank you. MVK

Happy Birthday to you my sweetie. If I could give you the world, I would. To me you are not only a husband but a father whenever I need protection; A brother when I need a shoulder to cry on. My Pastor when I need spiritual guidance and a my best  when I need advice. I really thank God for you. You are a gift from above. Thank You for loving me, and for all that you have done for me. Words cannot explain the way I feel about you. All I can say about you is: I LOVE YOU. You are the best. May the good God bless you and increase your days. May you live to see your fourth generation.
Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthdays are not a time to count how well we are aging, They are neither a time to count what mistakes we have made in the past, Nor a time to think of how long we still have to live, They are not a time, day, moment that we can just continue as if its business as usual. Birthdays are a time to pause and take stock, To reflect on how well we have used the time that has been granted or us on this planet. To reflect on all the goodness of the lord and what he has done for us To reflect on our purpose or mission in life and how we are actualising ourselves towards that. To celebrate successes and life in general. For our greatest purpose is to be self actualising beings, for that is the main distinction between us and the animal kingdom. Our purpose is to give meaning to life. Our purpose to shared light to the average man-for an average man is a human being with dampened and shattered dreams and hopes. Our purpose is to be fully functional beings, for that is how the creator intended for us to be. You have impacted positively on millions of people in South Africa and beyond, You have remained humble despite your achievements, You have continued to be non-judgemental and encouraging to all those who come in contact with you. I wish for you on your birthday: That you continue to make your potential real and actual. That you become all you can become-and more than you can imagine “for what a man can be , so he must become”. That you continue to experience full humanness, and prosperity in all areas of your life. That God bless you family in ways that you can never imagine. That God keep you for fifty more years so you can continue to bless more people. Have a great and blessed day. Celebrate; and Have fun!.Happy birthday

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Morning Pastor, hapi birthday n may God bless u n ur family. you r a gud pastor indeed n luv u pastor.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Birthdays are milestones, reflection of achievements, successes,and breakthroughs during a specified one year period. It's a good measure of what happened in the past forecast into the future resulting in a hope and faith for attainaing a double measure or even 100 fold measure of what you are capable of. Of the things you couln't accomplish, you now know which button to press first.

All I'm saying is, celebrate yourself today, enjoy yourself, your wife, your son and daughter, and your children in the Lord. May the Lord of mercies grant you according to your heart's desire, may you live to see the successes of your children and children's children, may the good Lord grace you with more fruitful life and enable you to build His House in your generation.

With lots of love

Grace and Kopano Mohapi

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, how I wish I was a philosopher for today to be able to say good words. age is not always wisdom to many, may you not grow old but grow old in wisdom, for the sake of the kingdom of God. in this latter days we/kingdom needs you. may God bless you to the extent that we dont recognize you (but recognizing you)

HAPPY BIRTHAY 2 u,O kgole kgole,Hip Hip Hureee...

U'r a father 2 us.May the LORD keep u for all of us.Keep on taking good of yourself you look younger than 51.HAVE A FAB DAY.

oh my , if didnt log in today i would have not remembered that to day its your birthday, but know that i did i would like to take this oppotunity to wish you a very blesset birthday , may the Lord double your years and make you prosperous in every way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR.

Afternoon sir.

i once wrote telling you about how confused i was with regards to the blog. Sorry it took me so long to tell you my confusion in detail,i was a bit busy with my exams. and the blog its self can be addictive, mostly when you start reading about the wonders God has done in someone elses life.

well sir my problem is that when you 1st told us about the blog i used my phone to log in and i singed up using my gmail account, i then again went to school were i usualy have access to the internet but there i used my Yahoo account to sing in with . i would like to continue using my gamil account as a secondary one and remove the yahoo one but i seem to be stark, would you please kindly assist me with that part.

well again on the other hand i want to know how do i log in using a public computer and see my name because i can't seem to see it but could only see when using my phone and thats only when i go to where the icon points if i want to sign in.

i know it might be too long to read and a bit but i really would like to understand the blog like i do face book.

you can reply on


Your coming to this earth has been a great blessing and you have touched many live and heoped to shape many destinies in a great way. I am honored to know shauch a wonderful person who is uncomplicated and selfless. May God coninue to bless you and grant you great favor. From Rev. T.O. Chapole and Mrs M.M. Chapole we love you and happy birthday.

Happy birthday Moruti we thank the Lord for keeping you safe and healthy we really blessed to have you as our pastor, you complete us in so many ways you not just our pastor but also a father,leader,friend and life coach.

Hi Pastoor, you are truly a blessing and would like to say. May you and MaJ live longer, stonger, properous. Be Blessed and enjoy you birthday. Arthur

Mpoetsi Noah  

Happy Birthday Ntate, I call you Ntate because that is what you are to us. We are entrusted to you, your flock and marvel at your wisdom and influence. You are truly a blessing.

I am sure that our Father gives you more years to reduce me to tears, that is the effect you have on me and many of your congregation and undoubtedly, friends and family.

We are all blessed to share in this wonderful gift, and having you as a leader is an honour.

My prayer for you and yours is that you may be expanded, blessed, loved, protected, enriched beyond the imaginable.

Jehovah Rohi lives in you, the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is yours, aint that wonderful?

You are blessed, and we love you.
Thank you and the Mighty Father for the good work He has entrusted you with.

Mpoetsi, Kamohelo and Tumelo Noah

Thank You Guys I appreciate your kindness.MVK

Prudy Serobatse  

Dumela Moruti Kotu,

You came to our church to host getting unpoor convention@ Ebenezer Harvest Family Bible church dobsonville extension 2. I have decided to follow the spirit of giving and i do not want to fall off this wagon before i begin. Kindly assist or refer me I have ideas i need to implement without failure?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!
mmaserobatse jnr

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