The Don'ts Of trials and Tribulations - MVK

* Don't lose focus of the purpose of trials - They were purposed to perfect us
* Don't wonder why no one is helping you - Life is like a game, play on and let others watch
* Don't run around knocking on doors - At such times most are locked, it's the  law of trials
* Don't wish you were someone else - Their time is coming too, trials are not avoidable
* Don't forget God's promises - They remain the same even at that time
* Don't get too much into reasoning mode - At such times your mind must be on God
* Don't lose sleep over those issues - Staying awake was never part of any prescription
* Don't grab anything that comes - Trials always make you focus on anything but your dream
* Don't remember those you helped before - They always strangely hibernate somehow during this season
* Don't cheat hoping to make up for anything - Your integrity plays a vital role during this time
* Don't call those who said you must never be a Christian - They will confirm it
* Don't forget to drop me an E-mail - I might just have a word for you.
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