The Don'ts Of trials and Tribulations - MVK

* Don't lose focus of the purpose of trials - They were purposed to perfect us
* Don't wonder why no one is helping you - Life is like a game, play on and let others watch
* Don't run around knocking on doors - At such times most are locked, it's the  law of trials
* Don't wish you were someone else - Their time is coming too, trials are not avoidable
* Don't forget God's promises - They remain the same even at that time
* Don't get too much into reasoning mode - At such times your mind must be on God
* Don't lose sleep over those issues - Staying awake was never part of any prescription
* Don't grab anything that comes - Trials always make you focus on anything but your dream
* Don't remember those you helped before - They always strangely hibernate somehow during this season
* Don't cheat hoping to make up for anything - Your integrity plays a vital role during this time
* Don't call those who said you must never be a Christian - They will confirm it
* Don't forget to drop me an E-mail - I might just have a word for you.

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On the subject of fathers/husbands and mothers/wives: Pastor your exeperience and input are really encouraging and challenging. I grow up without experiencing the love of a father and mother. I made a decision to never be like my father and to depend solely on God to teach me how to become a better father and husband. It is possible to be an example even though your background was not one of the best. I challenge all the fathers/husbands to live a life that will touch the lives of their loved ones. The greatest thing that ever happended to me was to find the love of my life and the two boys. Once more thank you, will await part 5, from Abe

Hi Pastor thats so true we easily forget to consult and stick to God during trials and tribulations and it should`nt be so. Thanks for the reminder,encouraging and inspiring tips.

Dear Pastor:

I have just read: "The Don'ts Of trials and Tribulations - MVK". I am truyly blessed out of my socks. I need to add another one if you do not mind. It goes like:

Do not be shocked when you go through Trials and Tribulations: You are a righteous wo/man MOS!

Phillemon Mathane (Pretoria)

Hi family. thanks for your contributions. And Bro Phi, why not? re pholositswe mos! Amen

what you are saying is true. i sometimes wish that i could be someone at that time forgetting that those people they have got their own skeletons in their closet. i tend to forget that i am unique, i am me and life is great when i am me. sometimes its hard to believe it but here i am today still in tact. i think

Yes Jabu I fully agree with you. Life becomes much better when you are what you were meant to be. MVK


wow! only if i knew that a year ago, that i dont have trust in men but God alone, even if it did not make anay any sense. Know i know the price of missing God. TumiZwane