Ten Rules To Successful Thinking - Part 2 MVK

# 6 Think while you sleep

Train yourself to think round the clock, especially when your mind is at its most creative state, when you are asleep. I have noticed that some of the negative things that I refused to entertain during the day would suddenly come back after hours especially when I’m asleep. As a result I have resorted to making sure that I avoid all manner of negativity in the evening. I make sure that I read a bible verse or a chapter from a book that I would be busy with just before I sleep. In this way I make sure that my last deposit into my mind will enable me to think positively and creatively while I sleep. I have found many solutions to some problems during my sleep. Things that I was unable to resolve during the day were unlocked during that time of sleep and by the time I woke up the next morning I had the solution. I believe that nightmares and bad dreams are also a result of a mind that was allowed to sleep without being fed positive stuff to process.
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