The Battle at House number 1099 - Part 1 - MVK

My wife - Joyce
Back in 1998 we sold our house in Soweto and we had to move out within a month. We were very desperate for a place to stay but since we were not in a position to pay high rental I made an announcement in our Church one Sunday that we were prepared to live anywhere. “We will live anywhere, even if it’s a haunted house” I said. On Wednesday of the same week I received a call from one of our Church members asking me if I really needed a place to stay, I told him yes my family needed a place as soon as possible. The man told me that we could move into his house in the most prestigious suburb in Soweto. He dropped off the key the next day and we were ready to move in. He informed us that the key that he gave us was the only one they had because they had lost all the other keys. So the kitchen door was locked with a latch from the inside. Joyce and I went to check the property in the evening. It was a very large house with all that a family could need but something did not look okay when we checked the house properly.It looked like it has been empty for a while and was in a much neglected state. There was also something unexplainably odd about the house; it did not feel like a house. I am not too sure about how to explain it, but there was a “spooky” feeling around the house and Joyce and I agreed that we felt “watched” whilst we were moving around the house

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