The Battle at House number 1099 - Part 1 - MVK

My wife - Joyce
Back in 1998 we sold our house in Soweto and we had to move out within a month. We were very desperate for a place to stay but since we were not in a position to pay high rental I made an announcement in our Church one Sunday that we were prepared to live anywhere. “We will live anywhere, even if it’s a haunted house” I said. On Wednesday of the same week I received a call from one of our Church members asking me if I really needed a place to stay, I told him yes my family needed a place as soon as possible. The man told me that we could move into his house in the most prestigious suburb in Soweto. He dropped off the key the next day and we were ready to move in. He informed us that the key that he gave us was the only one they had because they had lost all the other keys. So the kitchen door was locked with a latch from the inside. Joyce and I went to check the property in the evening. It was a very large house with all that a family could need but something did not look okay when we checked the house properly.It looked like it has been empty for a while and was in a much neglected state. There was also something unexplainably odd about the house; it did not feel like a house. I am not too sure about how to explain it, but there was a “spooky” feeling around the house and Joyce and I agreed that we felt “watched” whilst we were moving around the house

We were well armed with cleaning equipment and within two hours the place looked neat enough for us to move in. We prayed over the house thanking God for His protection and invited Angelic presence on the property. This we always do even when we spend a night in a hotel room or any place. We were going to move in on the same Saturday so we only had 2 days to sort ourselves out. That evening we came home late and told our kids that we found a place and that we should start moving some of our belongings that were already packed in boxes. The kids were excited as well and all of us could not wait for the exodus. The next day after work we packed some boxes in the car and drove to the house so that at least by Saturday we should move only the larger items. We arrived at the house and I put the key to open the front door but to my surprise the door was unlocked.

I started to question if I had locked the door last night or if maybe the owner of the place came earlier and forgot to lock the door. We went inside and switched on the lights. I went to the main bedroom and put some boxes in the room and when I got to the next bedroom I found a bottle of Coke, a pillow and a blanket all neatly put in a corner of the room. These items were not there last night when we left. Could it be that someone else had access to the house? This did not sound too good and we decide to check the rest of the house. We checked the other bedrooms; the bathrooms and the garage, all were clear except for the kitchen. The kitchen floor was littered with dry leaves as if it was never cleaned at all, and the door was locked and obviously with a key because last night we only used the latch on the inside to lock it. And remember that the owner told us that they did not have the key for the door. We stood there not really knowing how to interpret the whole thing. My mind was like on pause for a while I could not think at all. Joyce too, stood there and we looked at each other.

Now there are some things I need to reveal about my wife. Joyce is a very lovely person, always supportive in whatever I do but Joyce will not take any nonsense from the devil. She is the kind of person who understands her spiritual rights and always cashes in on them. If there is one person I know who is not afraid of satan and his cohorts then Joyce is that person. I have seen her confront satanic forces head on and come out as the winner always. Now here we were standing there not knowing what to make out of the situation. In my mind I’m thinking that in two days we have to move in and I’m not sure if it’s still a good idea to do so. Every time I’m dumbfounded I keep quite lest I give the devil something to work with. This has helped me a lot in many difficult situations. We have also made a covenant with Joyce that when were’ confronted with difficult situations we should not speak until we are ready to say the right thing so I kept quite.

Joyce spoke first and she said “if satan thinks that we’re going to back off then he’s in for a surprise, were moving in on Saturday” she became so infuriated and began to tell “whatever demon” that stayed in that house that we are here to stay. I came to my senses and agreed with her. We took the brooms and cleaned the kitchen once more and threw all those leaves into a refuse bag. There was not a single tree in the property and no window was opened so these leaves were really bothering us.
When we left that house we made sure that all the windows were locked and this time I also made sure that the front door was locked. We agreed that we were not going to tell our children about the incident lest we cause them to fear.

On our way home I called the owner of the house but I could not find him. I tried calling him again the next morning and he was still unavailable, then I decided to call his wife and what she told me was not what I really expected to hear. I asked her if they went to the house on Wednesday evening and she said no, and wanted to know why I was asking. I related the whole matter to her, the locked kitchen door, the leaves on the floor and the items we found in the bedroom. The lady said to me “It’s good that now I have a witness that the house is haunted” I thought I did not hear her correctly and asked her what she meant by that. She told me that the reason they left their house was because strange things have been happening but her husband was not prepared to believe her when she told him about these things. She told me that the “ghost” in the house locked the doors and opened taps at will and did many other things that “you guys will discover by yourselves” she said.
It was on Friday morning and we were moving in the very next day. I told Joyce about what the lady said. We joined our hands, prayed and agreed that there was no turning back we have to move in the next day because the family that bought our house were also moving in on Sunday. The next morning we woke up early enough and started loading our belongings on the van. I did three trips and we started unpacking and putting our things in order. We moved into this haunted house only armed with our faith in God and His written word that promises us that “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons. Mark 16:17” we had nowhere else to go, so we were here to stay. And the things we experienced in that house taught us to believe every word the Bible say about the power that is in the name of Jesus. To be continued. MVK

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wow interesting i cant wait for the part two of this battle God everytime we go through tough situation he already knows the out come of the battle that is special thing about God that is why he is not pleased when we fail to win and that is the reason he is not pleased by the death of a sinner because he know their destiny so its for us to play our part and God will finnish the rest and he has the answer to us


Moruti, I know what u r talking about, the difference is I was taught that ghosts r there 2 protect us until I came 2 TFT. Me & my sister were 1ns accompanied by a ghost to and fro the shops at night in the bundus of Mpumalanga.

Yane, Moruti I cant wait for part 2.

I disappeared on the blog for some time but I'm back. I read the part 1 of house number 1099. It is true that if we believe in God, He is able to do wonders for us. Ja nee your wife is brave and supportive


I enjoy hearing this story over & over again. It builts my faith up. when is part 2 coming... its like i am listening to those stories on the radio that end all of the sudden... and you have to wait for tomorrow...jabu
i always forget my password...