MVK Zone Devotionalist - Gloria Mbokota - TFT - Soweto

Born in Soweto, I spent part of my childhood in a small rural village in the Mpumalanga Province. An experience I cherish for the life lessons it has taught me. This is where I first got introduced to salvation. I hold a Masters degree in Public and Development Management from Wits University, B.A. honours in Development Studies (cum laude), a degree in Psychology and recently qualified as a certified Meta-Coach. I has been consulting on organisational development and design for over 15 years in the public, NGO and private sector. Currently working as a Principal Technical Advisor for the National Treasury’s Technical Assistance Unit. My work includes consulting with social services national and provincial departments including Presidency.
Before that, I worked for many years in a number of community development NGO’s as an educator, trainer and manager, ultimately taking on the role of National Director. During this period also served in a number of NGO boards as part of my contribution to development in the country.
As a young person, through seeking to make a meaning out of life in the township, I became a member of Reach Out for Christ Ministries (now Freeway Tabernacle) since its inception (1986) and served in the ministry as a leader in various capacities including managing and overseeing the running of the Bible class and the overall coordination of the ministry of helps in the church.
I consider myself a community development practitioner and leader. My passion is to see ordinary people develop and succeed, to help people become the best they can be and discover their own passion.
I am inspired by reading inspirational books, The Bush (National Parks) or anywhere near the ocean is the best place for me to recharge

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