The Battle at House number 1099 - Part 3 - MVK

One day an elderly couple from our Church asked if they could pay us visit and we made arrangements for one Saturday afternoon. We agreed and set the date. They came and we really had a wonderful time with them. We were aware that both these elderly folks were gifted in the area of dreams and visions. In the past they told us a lot of things that we were aware of but we could not interpret and the things they said always came to pass. So we naturally loved them and trusted their spiritual judgement. The elderly gentleman passed away last month in August and the old lady is still with us in Church. It was around seven in the evening when they decided to go and Joyce and I walked them to their car which was parked on the lawn outside. As we opened the front door the elderly man got into a semi trance. I hope I will be able to explain ‘semi trance.’ He was still there with us but he paused for a few seconds and began to see in the realm of the spirit.

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