The Battle at House number 1099 - Part 3 - MVK

One day an elderly couple from our Church asked if they could pay us visit and we made arrangements for one Saturday afternoon. We agreed and set the date. They came and we really had a wonderful time with them. We were aware that both these elderly folks were gifted in the area of dreams and visions. In the past they told us a lot of things that we were aware of but we could not interpret and the things they said always came to pass. So we naturally loved them and trusted their spiritual judgement. The elderly gentleman passed away last month in August and the old lady is still with us in Church. It was around seven in the evening when they decided to go and Joyce and I walked them to their car which was parked on the lawn outside. As we opened the front door the elderly man got into a semi trance. I hope I will be able to explain ‘semi trance.’ He was still there with us but he paused for a few seconds and began to see in the realm of the spirit.

During our conversation with them earlier we never spoke about any of the things that we experienced at house number 1099. They were also not aware of who the owner of the house was, even though he was a member of our Church. The gentleman stood there at the front door and told us that he was seeing a group of people walking around the property dressed in the traditional attire that was the exact attire worn by the tribe of the house owner. He further told us that there was a war taking place in this house because the man’s family was not happy that he bought that house for his wife. So this was the reason why they ran away from the house, they could not stand these attacks. I related our experience to him but he gave us the assurance that we were actually stronger than those spirits and this boosted our faith and we were happy that they came. When they left we were very excited and spoke more about the matter, confessing our faith in God’s word and telling satan that we were not afraid. We went to bed feeling great that night.

One Sunday afternoon when we came back from Church we found that almost all the glassware in our wall unit display were smashed to pieces but the glass doors themselves were never touched. This was the devils way of trying to steal our faith in God. Once more we confirmed our faith in God’s unfailing word by telling the devil what we thought about him and his lousy tricks. What satan did not realize was that by this time our faith was strengthened more by his challenges than by the word we read. We began to identify with every word in the Bible that said God’s children were superior to satan. One scripture that really ministered to me back then and still does is Psalm 8:4 which says in my own words “what is man that your mind is so full of Him, the son of man that you care for him? Then it says ‘you have made him a little lower than the angels yet you have crowned him with Glory and honour. You made him boss over the works of your hands and you have put all things under his feet”
I still believe this scripture whole heartedly. You never forget the things that work for you. I would go around the house confessing: “devil I may be a little lower than you because you are an angel but God has crowned me with Glory and has put you under my feet”

Joyce and I used to be ‘crazy’ back then we prayed over olive oil and smeared it on the door posts like they did with the blood of the lamb on the night God smote every first born of the Egyptians. One day we took all our shoes and under them we wrote the statement: “satan is under my feet”. We also wrote it everywhere we could. Sometimes it takes that level of craziness in the things of God just to get one demon off your back. I also used to pray quoting from the book of Job that “devil God may have allowed you to touch all that I have, but He will never allow you to lay your hand on me and my household” it was during that time that I decided that I will never use capital letters to write satan, devil, or demon. I wanted the devil to know that I despised him through and through.

One thing I wish to highlight is that most Christians fail because they waste their time trying to figure out what is not their part in their fight against satan. The bible states clearly in the book of James 4:7 that “submit yourselves then to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” if you read this scripture clearly you will have no reason to panic when facing demonic powers or their father satan. This scripture says two things to me. One, it says that I must submit myself to God, and two, I must resist the devil. These are the only two things I need to worry about. The third statement is not directed to me in anyway. This is the devil’s part, he must do it. The portion “and he will flee from you” is for satan to do, not me. So we learnt at house number 1099 that sometimes satan forgets his part, and this had no impact on us at all. We were submitted to God and we resisted the devil, he forgot or ignored his part and this never worried us at all. Most people do the same things we did but then when satan does not flee they do it for him. This changes the manifestation of the word altogether. It ends up sounding like: “submit yourself to God, Resist the devil and flee from him.” The truth is that satan has seen so many folks do it right but just not bold enough to stand their ground and he knows that he has no power over us, were are the ones who seem to question it.

We were in the kitchen one evening with Joyce, she was cooking and I was standing there chatting to her. We had pots with glass lids on top of the kitchen units. The pots lids just exploded with a loud bang and there was broken glass everywhere. And guess what? We stood there and laughed it off. What we realized was that whatever was in that house was afraid to touch us because were somehow untouchable, so it resorted to trying to scare us by breaking things around the house. We cleaned up the broken glass, finished cooking our dinner, dished up and enjoyed our meal. There was no way we were going to run. We had no place to go to and house number 1099 was going to be our home until we got our finances in order. Being a coward does not glorify God at all. Our father has never given anyone in this whole universe the power to hurt us. Joyce and I still believe it up to this day.
To be continued. MVK

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Thank you Mfundisi very much, this is motivating us to go strong in our day to day challenges with the devil. I am doing a job that is demotivating me daily, though I receive good money, the day to day job is actually going down the corporate ladder. I made a decision that this job is a break/pause area, I have been working for 12 years and climbing that coporate ladder like its going out of fashion. Now I find myself paid a huge salary but doing a job that can be done by an entry level employee due to poor planning by my manager and he refuses to be advised to improve the team and make our team effective and effficient.
Nonetheless I decided to remain positive and excel in what I am doing, because my princeples are "whatever I do, I must do with diligence as if I am working for the LORD", people are so negative around me, but I know that I know,that God is saying rest my child, the next step/journey in your ladder will need your strength,positive energy,wisdom. That keeps me going daily, the devil is a liar, God will see me through like he saw your family through house 1099.

Thank you pastor, your web contributions here and on facebook are very inspiring, helpful and a blessing. The challenges you wrote about during the first years of your ministry are mine too right now, and it is very comforting to know that I am not the only one and to hear the outcome in your very life. This story about the enemy is so encouraging and I immediately mailed it to someone out of the beautiful Rainbow Nation which I am helping with the ministry of deliverance. I love to share some things regarding resisting the enemy:

1. A funny thing out the the Scripture: A couple of month ago I was involved with my son to thrive out demons out of a man who was totally under control of the enemy at that moment and his eyes were turned inside his head. After half an hour of fighting and talking with the demons and reading and proclaiming aloud the scripture (also Isaiah 14, the big humiliation of satan) I decided that it was enough for the enemy and started for the first time to apply something I learned from the scripture in Mark 5: We are able to send demons to send to a place (the Abbys or something) were they will be tormented before their time, for their final destination is the lake of fire. Therefore they are begging Jesus to send them into the pigs. So I told the demons that I gave them two minutes otherwise I would send them to the Abbys, and started to countdown aloud. They started screaming ‘no not to the Abbys’ and I just continued saying”: just one minute left for you guys’. The result: three of them left within two minutes and one after 15 minutes. The one after 15 minutes I sent to the Abbys. I knew they were with the four of them for in the beginning they started to challenge me by saying: haha four against two (my son and I).

2. I will send you a picture taken by my daughter with two demons on it, on the left and right side of the head of one of my sons. I have seen more then once demons and recognize this small ones. It is funny to see that clowns and gnomes (they look like them) are real in the dark unseen world.

Warm regards, I miss your services and Soweto and my dear friends over there. Bambelela uJesu. Kees, Netherlands