Family Matters Presentation 19 Sept 2010 - MVK

“Family Matters”, the couple’s meeting we had on Sunday at The Freeway Tabernacle was yet another success. The meeting was attended by at least 550 individuals and the challenge was that we expected 430 people. This means that we had to do last minute arrangements to accommodate 120 individuals. We plead with all to please make sure that you register well in advance as we will no longer admit unregistered persons. I also wish to thank the organizing committee for a job well done. Guys thank you very much
We dealt with the issue of communication which was the main “culprit” in our previous survey. I am sure that all were happy with how we conducted the workshop. I must say that I really enjoyed myself even though I was extremely exhausted after the meeting. I also wish to thank Pastor Motlanthe from Pretoria together with all the guys who came with him. The notes for the workshop are available from TFT office for a nominal fee; otherwise the whole power point presentation is attached at the end of on this post.

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