Family Matters Presentation 19 Sept 2010 - MVK

“Family Matters”, the couple’s meeting we had on Sunday at The Freeway Tabernacle was yet another success. The meeting was attended by at least 550 individuals and the challenge was that we expected 430 people. This means that we had to do last minute arrangements to accommodate 120 individuals. We plead with all to please make sure that you register well in advance as we will no longer admit unregistered persons. I also wish to thank the organizing committee for a job well done. Guys thank you very much
We dealt with the issue of communication which was the main “culprit” in our previous survey. I am sure that all were happy with how we conducted the workshop. I must say that I really enjoyed myself even though I was extremely exhausted after the meeting. I also wish to thank Pastor Motlanthe from Pretoria together with all the guys who came with him. The notes for the workshop are available from TFT office for a nominal fee; otherwise the whole power point presentation is attached at the end of on this post.


Hoping all is well with you and your family.
Thank you so much for your tireless efforts in encouraging us to build strong spiritual families and those that are learning how to communicate better and effectively.
Yesterday was quite fun and you examples were hilarious….you were great with your presentation and illustrated your points quite clearly, you were awesome, and I was impressed…and thought the time was too short…
I APPRECIATE YOUR HUMILITY AND RELIANCE UPON THE SPIRIT OF GOD…….thanks for the example you are setting, I am inspired to follow it as you follow that of Christ Jesus. Be encouraged.

From: Daddy Mngomezulu

Registration fee R50 P/P
Date: 24th October 2010
Time: 14:30
Venue: Reach Out for Christ or The Freeway Tabernacle [To be confirmed]
Topic: Kingdom finances; Banking and Budgeting

 All those interested in attending this workshop MUST register.
 A refundable fee of R50 per person is required on registration
 The registration fee will NOT be refunded should you fail to attend the workshop
 The closing date for registration is 17th October 2010

Account name: ROFC
Bank: Standard bank
Branch: Southdale
Code: 006405
Account Number: 202745763
Reference: WS10
Please fax proof of payment to: 086 605 7059
Members of TFT may also register at the Church

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the workshop was enriching indeed. as a young married man, where can I get this? thanks Pastor for such a awesome initiative

Bonginkosi Mzila  

I have not stopped thanking the Father above for the day we met for the first time, I wish he had told me that we would have such a fruitful relationship then I would have prepered myself for the good things He keeps on doing in my life through you.

The serminar was simple yet powerful, delivered in a shortspace of time yet reaching and life changing.

May your days and that of your family be increased on earth so that many more can come to the knowledge of the truth throug you.

Much Love


gooday Moruti Kotu,Pastor Maluke and the organising team.

i have a suggestion about the registration fee my suggestion is that we register each person for R50 as said but the refund must not be a full amount of R100.00 to a couple instead make it half a couple will be refunded R50 a single person will be refunded R25 because i noticed that you need contributions for snacks and drinks.What do you think bazalwane?

Thank you guys. To the Mzila's I receiver your blessing. and Des. this is the least we can do for such a wonderful congregation. Mashadi I will surely forward your suggestion to the organizers and come back to you about it. MVK

Hi Pastoor, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. You surely lead by example. The time you are investing in our marriages, may God please you and your family with PEACE and prosperity.

Please advise if the is no error.

The deposit will it be refundable or not. "A refundable fee of R50 per person is required on registration"

Hi Pastoor
Once again I would like to compliment you on your ability to take things that seems complex and make them simple.Your presentation skills... Awsome.
Thanks for my ahaa... moments
Your are brilliant

Eish! Arthur man the last time I checked the word REFUNDABLE it had not changed. It means you pay R50 for you and another R50 for Your wife. R50+R50 = R100. Then when you and your wife come to the workshop we give you back R50+R50 = R100. But if one of you does not come only the one who came gets R50. This time if you don't understand it don't pay come for free. MVK:-) Our reason is that the workshops are sponsored by the organizing team and some individuals register and never pitch up and the cost of hiring equipment is not cheap.The organizers don't mind paying for the workshop but they are also not going to allow guys to take them for a ride. I am also one of them and I agree. MVK

Hi Pat i,m glad that you are happy with the workshop. This is the least we can do for such a wonderful congregation.MVK

Sho! understood Pastoor. Eish, de queens language...The sessions i can't afford to miss dem. You are doing a good job and thank you for the presentation on the blog.

Joseph Mkansi  

Pastor you are an inspiration to me and my family the teachings that your are presenting to us is making us viewing each ather in a different way and yet appriciate one anather.Thanks pastor May God bless you and your family