My greetings to all our readers and friends out there. The topic of this post says it all: “Is there anybody out there” where has everyone gone to? Guys I’m serious. I have been writing and trying to share my experiences with you and all I see is that yes, someone out there is reading But why the silence? I have only received 8 comments on four posts. Am I communication with you or not? This is the ‘loudest’ silence I’ve had from our blog readers so far. Is it possible to have readers from all 4 continents keep quite on you all at the same time? Please guys say something. This is the only encouragement you can give to me. Comment and let me know that I’m not alone. I’m beginning to feel like the ghosts at house number 1099 have ultimately caught up with me. LOL. I wish to continue with my next post on house number 1099. I’m waiting for you. Be blessed. MVK

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Mfundisi sikhona. You know this topic is one of the topics that deals with the person internally, we search our souls so much we even forget to comment.We ask ourselves,if you can stand for demonic attacks, why can't we face an open opposition in ourlives.
Continue baba we are really intersted and we really apologise for the silence. We are touched in a big way.

Good morning Pastor

I should confess that of all the readers out there' I'm the biggest culprit when it comes to silence. I guess as people we often get caught-up in the awesomeness of God in revealing Himself so magnificently in your life, I then sit in silence looking into my life just wondering about the events around me....
I will try and share a thought of two...


See you on Sunday

Ur nt alone Moruti. Guess we're all absorbin everytin. Wat uve been sharin isnt sumin 1 takes lightly. It builds up our confidence with da tings of da spiritual realm. Ur reavilin hw powerful we r if we stand our ground against da devil with God. We r just cleanin up.

Pastooor, its an interesting topic and the details of your life are mind boggling. Im much more amazed when someone of your stature is crying out for communication,it goes to show that its truly not good for a man to be al-one or maybe we are so used to listening to you we are intimidated to air our views.


silence is golden ..LoL
but is true, it feels like we are reading for free.
dont stop we/ I will try to commet on all post I read. just like sms when I recieve I need to respond even if it was not a question.


Hi Sir, yes we are quite cause we want to hear more.not that we are afraid of whats happening at house no.1099. Resa thuhisa. Re ea leboha ntate ka melaetsa e jena. you are really encouraging us.

Moruti, we are here - just that, the experiences shared are mind-boggling and amazing. Absorbing in what you have come dace to face with and having gone through that by the Power of the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony, you overcame the evil one.

Also, bringing to our attention that, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through the pulling down of strongholds. That being a Pastor is really tough, what you go through to be physically and spiritually in tune with God, His will and Word.

Keep it coming, it is finetuning us - we will with time, be of a greater camp in the Lord.

Hi Pastoor, please continue with the wonderful work. Nna I'm learning a lot on how to trust God irrespective of the circumstance i face. Looking forward to more 1099 lessons....thank you and continue the Good word.


Good evening moruti, I am here an love reading your your blog. I do apologiez for the silence. Your the greatest and I will make it a habit of commenting from now on.

Guys,thanks a lot for your caring attitude. I really needed to hear from you. 'the faithful few' Are sure that were still all here or maybe the rapture has taken place already. We have readers in the USA, CANADA, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, NORWAY, PAKISTAN, RUSSIA, GERMANY just to mention a few. Will you guys Please say some thing. I'm begging you. Encourage me. Be blessed. MVK


Hello Moruti

i love this topic it is very intresting, your expiriences at the house builds my confidence in one way or the other i have had an expirience with demons attacks and i have also seen the fire outside my home with my naked eye,so when you tell us of this expiriences it reminds me that God loves us we may be attacked but we end up victorious.thanks Moruti continue with the topic.

I'm still here and loving every article!

Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

Rev Kotu,I am urge you P.S continue TEACHING The Gospel of Jesus Christ i have learn many things in this Blog .By the Grace of God i am teaching others about your teachings .


Sikhona Mfundis'Kotu. Some of us are only reading this a month later, but we are still encouraged in the Lord! Continue to testify Mfundisi. I am not even a member of your congregation but God is speaking to me through your messages and blog as a whole, in a manner that you may never fully understand. I AM SO BLESSED! May God eternally fulfil His will upon you and yours. I will continue to read and be blessed.....

Just out of curiosity, do you have any branch in KZN area Morut'?