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I am excited to announce that I have been accepted as a professional speaker by the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. My reason for joining PSASA is because I realized that even though by the Grace of God I am able communicate with people internationally through this blog the door to ‘professional speaking’ was almost impossible to enter unless I am registered with a professional body like PSASA. So what’s next? I will definitely be charging you for speaking to you in person! Just kidding. To be honest with you money is the last thing on my mind because the Bible is very clear on that one. The book of Ecclesiastes sums it up in the following clear terms: Eccl 5:10 Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless. NIV

PSASA is the professional association for speakers. It is the place to meet with and learn from some of the best. PSASA is an accredited member of the global National Speakers Association (NSA) and is the eighth full member of the Global Speakers Federation(GSF). PSASA is a professional association for people involved in the speaking business. We consider “speaker” to include trainers, facilitators, coaches, consultants, adult educators, and keynoters. Our members are versatile and diverse. They represent all aspects of the speaking business. All make their living, or part of their living, speaking to and/or working with groups as trainers, facilitators, coaches, consultants, adult educators, and keynoters.
PSASA is committed to building a better future for the professional speaking business in South Africa. We help our members succeed in their speaking businesses through learning partnerships, market development and professional accreditation. We also support international advancement of the speaking profession through our participation in and support for the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFPPS)
You may visit PSASA at: http://www.psasouthernafrica.co.za/

Herewith my updated profiles as it now appears in PSASA web site

In order to appreciate this man one has to actually sit and hear him speak. Rev. Montoedi Kotu is a proficient and a seasoned public speaker with 23 years of speaking experience. All these years he has been restricting his speaking engagements to Churches only across the country and the SADC. Now he is ready to face the world at large.
Montoedi’s personal life experiences and his Inspirational, and daring approach to life’s challenges can be read from his blog; http://montoedikotu.blogspot.com This blog is a must for all to read.
He uses the simplest yet daring approach to challenges that people face on a daily basis. He is the senior Pastor of The Freeway Tabernacle, A growing Church based in Soweto, now the second largest congregation in the city with no less than 2800 members in attendance every Sunday morning. Born in Soweto, he grew up and attended school in the township. He presently holds a Masters degree in Theology, (M.Th) a Bachelors degree with honours in Architectural Drafting. B.Draft. (Hons) and an Associate degree in Interior Design. (AA) He is a registered professional Architect with The South African Council of The Architectural Profession (SACAP) He is currently studying for a Doctor of Theology (Th.d) He is the founder of Reach Out for Christ Ministries International, a family of Churches in South Africa. He is the CEO of MVK Architectural services. He conducts monthly Marriage Enhancement seminars called “Family Matters” attended by hundreds of couples, the engaged, and the divorced. His latest workshop results can also be read on the same blog and the Power Point slides of the latest seminars are available on http://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?searchfrom=header&q=family+matters

He is a scuba diver, Mountain backpacking hiker and a biker who belongs to his own one man Club that he calls “The lone rider” He enjoys riding his 1800cc Boulevard cruiser alone. His reason for being the sole member of the biking club in his own words is “so I can be the Club President for life” He is a registered member of the Herpetological Association of Africa (HAA). And believe it or not but Montoedi is also a snake handler registered with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture Conservation and Environment (GDACE) to remove problematic wild animals.

When Montoedi came to start a Church in a township called Chiawelo, in Soweto 25 years ago he decided that he was going to put up a Church building with his own hands, and against all odds he did this by constructing a 1200 square meters building with offices, and this became the first non denominational Church structure in Soweto. It took him 8 yrs to build it debt free.
In his own words he says about himself and about the things he likes;
“The animals I like the most are the Black Mamba; The Cape Buffalo; and the Honey Badger. The Black Mamba is a very shy snake by nature. It normally flees from humans before it can be seen. But when cornered the mamba will stand its ground with fierce aggression. I like its nervousness yet bold retaliation. Adults grow to about 3-4 meters and its venom is Neurotoxic (which means it attacks the nervous system). I admire the Cape buffalo; they always stick together and defend each other with extreme confidence, even in the face of obvious defeat. The Cape buffalo is definitely not easy meat. When Lions go ‘shopping’ for these formidable animals I imagine that they tell their families: "I will see you if I come back". The honey badger is simply the most fearless of all animals. I enjoy the company of young people and I just love snakes” If you need to inspired then this is your man! His slogan for life is ‘Believe, Become, Be alive’

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Hi Moruti

we thank God for making a way for you,well done.


Hi Moruti

Wow, we are so happy for your breakthrough and we know that God will use you internationally the same way he uses you nationally. May God continue to bless you.


We thank God for you Pastor Kotu. May He continue to bless you and your family.

Wow, you are a really challenge to me pastor. what ever you do, you always increase and this puts a challenge to the coming generation. We surely need man like you so that we can be like 1.

Good morning Sir.

This is exciting, and congradulations on another achievement. Like you say Grace works best in Action, now we see it.
2 weeks ago i was telling a friend immediatly after the service, that ive heard young exciting speakers speak but ive never heard any like you. I have always admired how you transperently use the Word without extracting the core of its meaning, unlike other speakers who will sugercoat it just to suit their audience, to inspire us to face the challenges of life. I rank you higher than the speakers who charge thousands and thousands to motivate and they usualy do little inspiring.
GOD be given Glory for enabling you to do what you do.


Congratulations and Celebrations
All Praise and Glory be to God,i choose to believe that you are experiencing (Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto you)

Congratulations Pastor Kotu

Im also challenged by your life story and your personal development experiences, ever since i came to reach out 2002 you have never dissapointed my listening skills.May your enterprises increase through the Blessing.

Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

Wow,We give Glory to the Most High God.Psalm 37 verse 23 Steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way. Job 31 verse 37

God's best to you !!

Guys thank you very much.I truly appreciate your compliments and well wishes. You are the reason I look up to the next day. MVK



Inspirational, you are world class and it makes us to be your world class children.
I pray that you go up and up, so we can look up to you


Ngiyakubongela...that is 1 body I also wish to list with...so kungcono ngoba now you will guide me to it. Udumo kuBaba!

Wow Moruti, I thank God for you. . Your achievement, goals and successes really up lift me and makes me want to work hard as much as you have. I am encouraged to a highest optimal level. You are my real role model and Iam not afraid to say so. I am proud to say you are my Pastor!!!


Wow Moruti this is great.The more we have motivational speakers that fear God the more God can change lives and influence the market place and other industries in South Africa. With That being said...I'm right behind you!!!



with a leader like you going on ahead of us, we have no reason to be loafers.... the standard you have set is pretty high and you have pioneered a move of God and people who will shake this world FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD.. nice one pastori


hi Pastor

My congratulations to you on another big achievement. I am realy happy for you,and gues what a lot of people will be happy also to hear from one of my(our) best teacher, a man from God.. you teach the word differently, you make it easy for us. I wish you all the best....well done.