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Back in 1983 when I was a new convert I was challenged by a testimony that two Christian brothers shared with me. We were just chatting about the goodness of the Lord and the many things that they have experienced since they became Christians. The first testimony they shared with me was of a young Christian lady who was walking home from a home cell meeting. She used to walk home with a group of other youngsters but that evening they did not come so she had to walk by herself.
As she was walking across a veld one evening a group of boys appeared and came towards her. She had nowhere to run and had to continue walking. They came closer to her from the opposite direction. By that time the young lady was praying silently and just trusting God to intervene on her behalf.

The young men came closer until they were about a few meters from her then they ran in different directions as if someone was chasing them. The young lady said that she was just surprised by the whole thing and she looked around and saw no one except herself and the fleeing young men. They ran until they were out of sight. She continued to walk home and reached it safely.

The next morning a boy from the neighbourhood came asking if he could talk to her. When they sat down this young man told the lady that he was one of the young men who met her last night on her way home. He confessed that they saw her and just decided that they were going to rape her. He asked for her forgiveness and the lady assured him that she has forgiven them. Then he asked her a question: “who was walking with you last night?” the lady told him that she was walking alone but the boy insisted that she should tell him the truth. He told the young lady that just as they were a few meters from her they saw a man about three meters in height wearing shining white clothes with a sword in his hand walking behind the young lady and that is why they fled.

Another testimony that they shared that really triggered my desire for the spiritual realm was about how one evening both these brothers witnessed something that they were sure that they would cherish for as long as they lived. Both of them were very keen musicians and one of them his father was a Pastor of the local Church not too far from my home. There was an old piano at the Church and these guys always played it. And they did this by candlelight because the building was not electrified.

One evening as they were playing the piano and singing they experienced something very beautiful. The door of the Church opened and they did not worry much because they thought it was one of their friends who knew that they would be there at that time. So they just ignored that and continued on then piano waiting for the person to come and join them but nobody came and instead they saw a very bright light come through the door. An Angel appeared at the door, according to them the being was as tall as the door itself which was two meters in height, It was shining like stainless steel that reflected a very bright light and it was blinding to look at. They said it had the whitest feathers and huge wings folded at its back. The angel came in and walked towards them with a huge light around it. The brothers said they would have liked to run for it but they found themselves cornered and could not do so.

They were scared and just stood there looking down at the piano with one playing and the other standing there. This Angel reached where they were and stood there behind them so close they could almost touch it. The one on the piano began to play a tune that he never played before in his life. He did not even know what he was playing. After what felt like eternity the angel turned around and walked back towards the door. The brothers said the light around the angel lit up the whole Church as if it was a huge light bulb. He left the building closing the door behind him, leaving them in almost darkness as all they had was the candle on the piano.

What the brothers shared was so powerful that I found myself drawn to wanting to know more about the spiritual realm. That evening as I was sitting there at home I knew that I wanted an experience like that. What I did not know was why. Late in the evening before I went to bed I knelt at my bed and prayed to God. I found myself saying: “Lord please let me see a demon….” Amen
I knelt there for the next few minutes thinking about what I said, why did I say that? Did I really want to see a demon and what if it appeared right there and then? I did not care I just wanted to see a demon. And I prayed again “Lord please let me see a demon, Amen” I stood up and knew that’s what I wanted and I was prepared for it.

The next few days were the most apprehensive in my life. I could not rest, especially in the night as I was expecting it to happen at any time. Most nights I would lie there in bed just gazing at the ceiling. The slightest night sounds would send chills up my spine and cause me to sweat. I began to regret that I had prayed in that fashion. My mind wanted to recall my prayer and tell God not to bother anymore about it but in my spirit I continued to wait for the manifestation of the prayer. I waited and my days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months yet no demon appeared. Three months later nothing had happened still and I began to lose interest in the whole thing. To be continued. MVK

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Moruti every time you talk about these testimonies i get revived this reminds me that the spiritual realm is real.And i think about those days when you used to conduct deliverence,when i was a new convent 1998,this is what drew me to your church.My life was transformed beacuse i used to respond to every alter call and just discovering that i am annointed of God that whenever i used to be challenged by demons i would cast them out in the name of Jesus and the demons flee was amazing to me.Thanks Moruti for visiting this topic now and again.


patrick augustine  

wow thats amazing how god take care of his people if only we can take his word at face value things can happen the problem is we think that since god is invissible therefor his word also does not carry the weight of his presence electricity its invisible but we can see the manifastation even though the eskom guys are not there we dont underetimate its power and the damage it can cost when not obeyed so lets apply the same rules to god and his word

patrick augustine  

any way am the new comer to this side thats its my first comment i hope i will enjoy the journey here

Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

Rev 12:11
They overcame him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
NIV,This what makes Us Significant."Yeah ,One testimony or one Word from GOD Can change anything."This is inspiring.

Wow, Moruti I am incouraged by your request from God. Very Inspiring, that reminds me what I have ask from God( to see heaven before I die) Hope it will happen.

1 John 4:4
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
Moruti It is evident enough that God is all powerfull and I thank him always for his protection.