Who wants to see a demon? - Part 2 - MVK

It had been three months since I prayed asking God to show me a demon and by this time I was honestly happy that it did not happen because since the day I prayed I checked a lot of books and saw many horrid pictures depicting satan and demons, and this naturally made me afraid up to a point. But then deep down inside I kept feeling that desire to come face to face with a demon, and looking back today that desire made a lot sense because it prepared me for a lot of things that I had to go through in life. Many people who oppose the reality of Angels and demons simply do so because they have never confronted these beings. I have also heard others say that these are simply myths or hallucinations. One Saturday afternoon in 1984 we were cleaning and getting our Church hall ready for the Sunday service and the Church choir was rehearsing in preparation for the next day. I and the other guys were now cleaning the yard outside when the musicians came out of the Church running as if they were being chased by something.

We ran inside the Church to check out and what we discovered changed the way I have always considered the things of the Spirit up until then. We came into the Church and the music was playing accompanied by the best choral voices ever but the problem was that there were no musicians as they were all outside. The sound of the instruments and the singing came from the ceiling of the Church. This is what made the musicians to run outside, they were singing when they noticed that they were not singing alone, every time they finished a song an invisible band and singers continued to sing the same song. At first they thought that they were just hearing things but they did two to three more songs and the results were still the same. Ultimately they knew that they could not take it any more and that’s when they anonymously sprinted out of the building.
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