Thoughts To Keep You Going Over the Weekend - MVK

* God is not interested in perfect people, rather He is looking for people He can perfect in doing two things. First in pursuing their purpose and secondly in finding and acknowledging the source of their perfection
* Trying to be perfect without God is like trying to run your car on water, you are guaranteed to go nowhere
* It is God who ignites in us the desire to run after our purpose
* God preserves our dreams until we are able to fulfill them, therefore we can boldly declare that in Him there is no failure

* No amount of failure can kill your dreams
* We cannot outsource the work of God in our lives, god insists on being the sole contractor. In any case God is the one having all the plans
* No one can fulfill in you what God has ordained you for except God Himself
* We cannot afford to let satan and everyone else to occupy the driver's seat in our lives
* The main reason why God is not interested in ready made people is because God always finds that they are totally incompatible with what He has already in His mind for them
* Every superior power prepares and perfects people to operate only in line with what that power prepares them for.
* It is true that when we meet with God for the first time He will always find something wrong with us. It becomes better the second time around
* The fact that something which has been wrong all along was considered to be right does not make it to be right today.

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This is very powerful Vhafunzi. I believe that if you are still alive, you can still achieve your dreams. God has spared your life for a purpose.Failure is only one of the challenges that we come across and should not be a determining factor of our dreams.Maybe the only thing that we need to change is the methods that we used that made us fail.


Powerful massage man of God


I like the saying by MVK if you want to see different result change your method