He's Always Been There; Even During Your Worst Moments [From my archives]

We have all experienced those episodes of feeling totally insignificant in life. Times when God seems far away and one feels like all they want to do is die and be free from worries that engulf ordinary folks. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes seemingly also reached this point at sometime in his life and he ended up by concluding that it would have been better for a person to not be born than to be born and suffer in this world. He uses two different comparisons probably coming from two different experiences that he went through or witnessed. One is about a stillborn being better than a person who lives but suffers Ecclesiastes 6:3, and another one about a living dog being better than a dead lion.Ecclesiastes 9:4 

Now what we see here is not a confused or contradictory man but rather a person who has been honestly interpreting life they way he felt it as it kept changing and taking him through different phases. When we look at this man we get a picture of a person who has experienced both victories and failures in this life. The lesson we need to derive from his experiences is that no one just suffers without ever experiencing those breakthroughs and victories that come at their own seasons. Also not forgetting that this is the same man who said: "There is a time for every thing and a season for every activity under the sun" Ecclesiastes 3:1
Having come to accept that there are those times in life when things don't work out in our favour we go on to the next question and we demand to know where God is when we suffer? Well, I think the answer to this question would be easier to understand if we ask ourselves the next question which is: where is God when we succeed? I have found out from personal experience that I hardly ever question God's existence nor his whereabouts when things work for me

My answer to both these question would the same; When we suffer God is precisely where he has been all along when we were succeeding. Our Father never changes his position about us simply because our situation has changed. When Jesus was handed over to sinful men to taunt him and finally kill him where do you think God was? Therefore during my struggles I have learnt never to question God's whereabouts but rather God's will and purpose about the challenge that I believe He is allowing me to go through. This has helped me to maintain that much needed unwavering faith during my struggles.
Can one really have faith during tough times? This would be like asking if one would still have his hair on during rain. Faith is not what we seek when life turns against us. The bible says faith is the lifestyle of a believer. The bible says The just shall live by faith Romans 1:17  and that without faith it is impossible to please God.Hebrews 11:6

The bible says if we cast our burdens upon the Lord He will sustain us and shall never let us be moved Psalm 55:22. The reason most of us fail to break out of our "hell holes" is because we focus on the why's; when's; and how long's that overcrowd our sound judgement.. The truth is when exam time comes all we need to know are the answers and not the questions. If you have more questions than answers it's simple: you are going to fail. And that is why God never even bothers to answer our questions during our testing times simply because this is a test and we must approach it with answers and not questions.
I want to encourage you today to come to this conclusion and make this your confession: God's own son was tried; condemned; killed; and locked behind a huge rock but by the grace of God he was risen from the dead; he ascended to heaven; and is now sitting at the right hand of God waiting for his enemies to be made like a carpet under his feet so shall my life be. Therefore come what may I'm fully prepared and I thank God in advance for all my victories. if this is too long to memorize write it down somewhere say it again and again until it fills your spirit and your soul. 
Child of God no matter what it is that you are going through today, your father sits on His throne and he is watching you knowing that you have what it takes to overcome it. 
May this be the best weekend of your life so far.

Be blessed

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MVK...You know one thing I have noticed about focus is that "whatever we focus on expands". In times of trouble it is what we focus on that shall expand. You ask 1 question and suddenly you are clouded with questions and no answers. You focus on an answer and you get blessed with many possible solutions. This is the same universal law that makes you to start noticing a car more often just after your friend has bought it. You are spot on, when its time for testing what is needed by the marker is answers and not questions. The book of Peter says that these things come so that our faith which is of more worth than gold may be tested pure...Problems are a conduit to Promises...had it not been for the sufferings of Egypt, Canan would never be a big deal...BM