Something Everyone needs To Know

  • That those who hate you are now officially fewer than those who actually love you. I just joined those who love you so cheer up.
  • That you have failed at achieving some things but there are other things you have done well so far
  • That though most of your days are difficult some, like today are much nicer than yesterday
  • That you've been the best you could be so far, now you need God's grace to to make it happen
  • That self condemnation is your choice, if no one condemns you give yourself a break and enjoy life
  • That there are no grey areas between success and failure you have the right to look for success
  • That hard work is not the only rewarding factor you will need in life. you will need God's divine intervention as well
  • That though life offers no guarantees, God does and He said I will never leave you or forsake you.
  • That being content with what you have is a gift from God. If you practice this long enough soon you will receive many other gifts from God
  • That you need to start loving your job from today, many are queueing outside waiting for you to leave

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Thank you for the wise words especially the last one about loving my job.I've been complaining about my job ever since the year started especially after my increment, i was not happy at all.I think i'll start to be content now with what i have.Thanx

Hi Pastor

What you have compiled here is genius!!! I am so moved.No doubt about it, my life has changed drastically since I began visit this link. I am learning how to eliminate fear of the unknown. I feel liberated and so energized

Yes Tshibi that's the spirit my sister. we live in tough times and many have come to realize it. imagine if you were unemployed without any hope like of South Africans. God is able to increase the harvest right where you are and even move you when the right time comes. for now thank Him and appreciate your portion in life.

Hi Oscar. Thank you sir i'm glad that you find it beneficial. be blessed broer.

Hi Pastor, am aslo moved by the last line. it was so hectic @ the office i even wantd 2 resign. after readin dis. i started appreciatin my job.

Hi spike. The Bible says there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. your promotion has it's own date and its coming soon!



Thank you for the words,I have learned to appreciate what I have and never complain about what I dont have coz all I have is through Gods mercy and favour.

I receive dat promotion in the name of Jesus.