LEHLOGONOLO ‘NONO’ LEFAKANE – 5 Jan 1988 – 21 Jun 2010 - RIP

AN ELEGY TO A FRIEND – By MV Kotu                                     

From behind darkened glasses my eyes flow with drops of tears. Tears of grief for a friend gone back to her master a while too short than I care to accept. It was only but for a moment too brief that she came into our presence, and just as we thought that her purpose she has found, right there before our eyes she was called back, as if it was by mistake that she was sent. It was so sure that her face never again shall we behold in the land of the living. Her master in his presence he wanted her to come, and this none of us could resist. For who in this world can never want to be in the presence of his God. She had to go back from where she came.Hard as we try to be strong. Strong for the sake of those who constantly trouble us with questions we cannot answer, wanting to know how come so quickly she was called. We all wish to know how come hers was such a brief appearance when others long enough live until they beg the master to call them back home, and as if ignoring their cries He continues to let them live.
We clear our throats as if something profound is about to come through our lips, only a sigh and a groan we breath out to the wonder of the mourners. We try hard to console others, telling them it was all in good timing. That none of us shall live long enough, to die and leave others applauding a life taken at its right time.
It is at a time such as this that one has no choice but to muse on their day of recall. When on that morning all shall begin as usual but that day never to end as all others did, and I too shall be gone and leave behind one trying to write about me a story, and tell others of how much they loved me. A story I will never get to hear, for from this world I too shall be drawn by the one who has sent me. To be counted with the multitudes of those whose days have been numbered. And there I know that my friend once more shall I see, and around the place she will take me to show me where she dwells. In that mansion that none of us could design for a lack of divine ability. For unto Angels only has such ability been given and never unto us sons of men.

And unto my friend this I have to say; yours was a journey too short, yours was a life too brief. But like a seeker through the forest here and there you went searching for a life better, better than those of your peers. A part of it you designed, and a bit of it you drew and here and there lay the pieces of papers bearing witness to the dreams that you had. Yes you knew it could be done, but never for too long could you do it. For in this world we have but a brief moment and nothing ever gets done until the doer is utterly satisfied. 

When that cloud of darkness descended upon you, and sat on you like a blanket until you eyes could no longer see the light of day. Peacefully you slipped away and your soul you gave back into the hand of the one from whom you borrowed it. A journey you took that lead you to another place, and through the gates of pearls you walked, beholding the beauty of flawless architectural designs. A work no man can do, for unto us sons of men such level of imagination was never given. Only that great Architect himself reserved this for the chosen, and those that will dwell in His presence. You have come into the presence of the master himself. You now dwell in the assembly of those who designed, who drew, who arranged and decorated but could never reach this level of majesty. Here; my friend is where it all ends, for here my friend is where it all began. Rest in Peace.And enjoy your stay in heaven. MVK 
LEHLOGONOLO ‘NONO’ LEFAKANE – 5 Jan 1988 – 21 Jun 2010

Lehlogonolo attended primary school at Westonaria Primary. Then she completed her Matric at Queens High School in 2006. Lehlogonolo enrolled At Inscape College and completed her Architectural Draughtsman Course in 2008. She then registered with The South African Council Of The architectural Profession as a candidate Draughtsman under mentorship of MV Kotu. She took ill whilst she was establishing her own practice. She passed away on the 21st June 2010. She is survived by her family and she will be missed by all who knew her. Lehlogonolo was a member of The freeway Tabernacle.

PLACE: AME CHURCH – BEKKERSDAL [Next to taxi rank]
TIME: 08H00-09H00

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Life is very strange. Her journey was too short, but God knows all things. May Lehlogonolo's soul rest in peace. To the family and friends, may God be your comforter and strength during this time of loss. He is surely faithful, he will not leave you or forsake you.


God is mystreios, is sad to read or to hear news like this. but we wont stop getting closer to God, as i beleive she is more closer, what she wish now is not the greif she is seeing (yet is important to greif) but is wants us to worship god more and more. like a man who wanted to come back on earth to tell his loves to be saved. she is not angry or worried, one thing i learn from this, it doesnt stop one to love God, to top it all to come closer to God. may indeed Rest in peace in the presence of the master. desmond

This is sad and heartbreaking. Yes, her journey was too short and her life too brief. May her soul rest in peace.
KB Mohapi

May her soul rest in peace, Lehlogonolo ran her race for the time God allowed. The comfort of the Lord be upon all family and friends. It is never easy, never will be, yet we continue, knowing the Lord is with us.