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I might just be able to advice you or maybe give you my opinion on the matter. so come on, go ahead I'm waiting for you.

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This is a tester, i know you said its private but i want to confirm its private before i venture into giving you details.
Please let me know how this must work, willi post stuff on the blog and you will reply via my email or via the blog but i ll only be able to see the reply?


This is, I don't even have words to discrib it. You see that is the flop I see with English, it just does not have enough words.

Any way, I believe this is the best thing amongs many that you came up with. In this way we will be able to talk to you direct and address some of the issuess we have.

We will talk some more as the week goes. For now I just wanted you to know that this is good and it will be helpfull.

Thank you for allowing God to use you in our lives. I know its not by default, its a choice you that you made and I am greatfull that you made the right choice. Anywhere else you think you would be hopeless, LOL.

God bless you more Pastor.

Hi Wisani. thank you very much for your much valued input. i think the greatest challenge in life is in trying to make that much needed difference in other's lives. im glad you like the idea.


hi Anon. [LOL]
post any comment;question or whatever you wish to. anywhere on the blog. it will NOT be visible to the world until i have read it. the idea is to protect everyone's privacy and dignity in case of sensitive matters.
we will then communicate and YOU will decide if it goes public or not

I published this comment with your question so that it answers others too.
Thanx a lot for your input.


I am a soon 2 b 21 year old young lady, and have 4 long been coming 2 church, been taught the word and have heard the scriptures but i still im clue less when it comes to my spirituality. I love the lord, but at times I even forget to call him in times of adversity. Ive only ever known to say thank you when i pray, but how do i make God an entire part of my life... I feel as though im all over the place, like im lost in a spiritual.
Ive always wanted to be a spiritual person more than a religious person...
dear pastor if any of this makes sense, please help me in finding my direction.

iam such a internet and surfing slave i find this very much interesting than facebook,mxit,twitter. my classmates were teasing me when i was suppose to be doing a history research LOL i was busy with this blog its the boom BYE

Hi Nonni. thank you very much for your comment. I think the best approach would be to approach one of the Advisors/Counselors at Church and let them pray with you for the baptism of the Holy spirit. the reason being there are quite a number of experiences or relationships we can have with the Holy spirit. one is the Holy spirit dwelling in us with the evidence of speaking in tongues. this comes through the laying on of hands by someone already filled with the holy spirit. I am sure this will empower you to live a more meaningful life for God. read the following scriptures: Acts 1:8 ;Acts 2:1-4; Acts 19:1-7; Romans 8:26 May God increase your thirst for His way. Be blessed. MVK

Well Buhle i'm truly excited to hear your comment. the idea was to bring something more meaningful for young minds like yours. My only problem though is how to get them them to know when it's time for them to do their school work.
But the I must also confess that it seems like this blog is taking my study time too. i'm doing my Th.d and since i started with the blog I have never read anything. I'm really challenged. should you get some way out please let me know.

Peace and Grace


What an initiative!!!! Always encouraging to see those advanced in years (LOL) using the 21st century inventions to advance the gospel.

This will surely go a long way on ensuring that the you and the ROFCMI go places. And surely I will be there in thoses places.

Super staff pastori, looking fwd in interacting with you in this manner. Remember I will always be anonymus (LOL).

And before I go I need one favour:

Who will win the 2010 Soccer World Cup? I betting here and need a devine answer (LOL)

Have a super day..........

I am everywhere, learning, i thought this will be easy, i want to see my name

well postor as the holy book says theres tym for every thing i jst use my break tym to come and be see the blog i wil be visiting soon

Hi Buhle thanks again for showing up and your input is highly appreciated.


Ouch! Shandu, do you really think that i'm that advanced in years? by the way broer i'm just 51 but still look better than most youth. anyway thanks for your comment. and i'm actually putting all my money on Bafana Bafana to win the world cup only if they don't come here with a "TENDENCY" LOL


Dear Portia.
Since you asked me a question and I replied. You have gone quite now.
If you wish to send me an Email directly to then we can talk. :-)


Im not a facebook or mxit type of a person but this it's really fun, i'm learning and i'm gaining at the same tym.Pastori you have really outdone yourself may God bless you and all of you who visit this site with us.lets all hve the "TENDENCY" of having fun.

I fully agree with you "ttwice" we need to develop the "tendency" of having fun and whoever cannot must "jump!" LOL


Mfundisi wami,
I am at the college as i am writing this.A thought has just came to mind.Do you, in your experience as the pastor,think that the "prosperity Gospel"is the one that is driving up the number of people going to church? I think at times people hide behind the prosperity issues when in truth their are greedy.I must confess that in all your sermons, prosperity feature less compared to what is happening globally in the Christian faith. I would like to talk at lenghth on this subject because it is interesting to me.
Ps; I have heard positive comments from those i have forwarded the daily postings.I cut and paste with the signature "MVK" at the end. Hope I am not plagiarising. Mama Joyce's daily devotional was inspiring!! Now I know what to say to the devil.

Broer. feel free to use any of these texts as long as it's for a worthy cause. i'm glad that you're doing that and thanks for spreading the word.
I'm a firm believer in the message of prosperity and as a matter of fact i will be sharing on the blog about my prosperity experiences and thoughts. There are a number of things that could be the cause behind the influx of what we call "seekers" coming to the Church and yes prosperity is one of the reasons but not the sole reason. considering that we live in times of severe sickness,oppression, lack and want all these drive people to seeking relief to end up in Church.
My reasons for not addressing the subject at directly present: The worst occupation on the planet is being a teacher of the world. The bible tells us to "be sure that you know the condition of your flock"
In my case I think that my best approach to our congregation is the "seek ye first the kingdom of God.....and all these things shall be added" approach. simply because the message of prosperity has been discredited by both those preaching it for personal enrichment and their "prosperity now or never" converts.who end up missing the kingdom itself in search of the fruits thereof. but ja, I am a believer and in, and a preacher of prosperity. I Just package it differently. MVK


Moruti Dumela,

I joined TFT a few months back and thank God I do not regret making that decision.
All praise to God for vessels like yourself in God's hands!!!!

According to the word of God in Isaiah; we are not to consult the dead on behalf of the living...
Some of us Christians (if not all); address God as ntate wabo Abraham, Isaac, Jacob etc..
Does that not sound like re khonza badimo. Why not just call Him God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ? re mo bitsa ka batho ba shwileng? Morena Jeso yena oile a tsoha from the dead


..please help for some of us live le family who has not yet accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour

Thanks and Regards