Presentation Of the Workshop Held on 24 October - MVK

The workshop held on the 24th October at Reach Out For Christ was our third this year since we began in August. we have been endeavoring to help couples resolve some of the challenges faced by most married people today. The workshops and seminars help in making it possible for us to do an en masse kind of counseling. I wish to thank all those who attended the seminar and followed the correct procedure which required that all the attendees pay a refundable fee and I hope you guys enjoyed the whole episode. From my side I can't complain, I fully enjoyed every moment, though as tiring as it was. I also believe that God wants His children to live in peace and enjoy the good of the land as the bible say in the book of Isaiah. As couples we need to commit ourselves to pursuing these laws and make a concrete decision never to turn away from them.

Our next meeting will be held at the same venue on the 21 November at 14H30 which will be the last but one of our meetings for 2010. A map will be attached on the Blog for those coming outside Soweto. A big thank you again to the guys from Pretoria and those coming from other Churches. We believe that the Kingdom of God cannot be contained in one small Church such as ours and That is why we are happy to have members of other Churches join us in these seminars.
I have attached the Power point slides of the presentation hereto, but the notes are only available with the DVD of the presentation on request for a very nominal fee. Please note that the handouts you were given at the seminar are not the presentation notes. To order the dvd and notes please call the office on 011 980-5970 or order on comments under this post. Be blessed. MVK 

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Hi Moruti, thank you for such a powerful and enlightening session. This session has really challenged me to relook at the area of giving and debt and want to appreciate the knowledge shared.This time the powerpoint presentation i got it right.


Sure Pastori, thank you for making time to help and guide people like myself, I really a appreciate the effort you’ve put into this project. Thanks to you, now I have a way out of our debts and the weight is off my shoulders. The tension, pressure and stress is gone we are now happier. Thanks for everything. We’ve decided that when God choose to speak through you we should choose to listen and do as He says. Please know that your efforts are not in vain.


Hi Moruti,

Thank you once again for these teachings. I really enyed the Compatability session also since I'm one of those "single again". I look forward to the next session and hope to see the latest material on the blog.