I am a Property of Jesus - Part 7 - Dr. Charles Mahlangu

Being tempted to exercise their "democratic rights"
As in the pre-conversion days
Paul charged them with a shock!
Do you not know that your members of the body
Belong to someone else now
And that when you became Christians
You become one with him?
How then can you take the physical members
(Belonging to the new master)
To fornicate with temple prostitutes?
(Just as you routinely did in your pre-conversion days
Of spiritual blindness)?

Don't you know, remember
That you made a decision, an irrevocable choice
To take Christ as your Lord?
Who then indwelt you with the Spirit
The new landlord of your lives?
You have no bodies of your own any more
You voluntarily surrendered them to His sovereign rule
They now belong to the new master of the temple
Who lives in you!
In reality you can no longer take a human part
(of the Spirit)
To fornicate with prostitutes with a human body
(Belonging to the Holy Spirit)
Your new agenda of interests
Is to glorify him in your bodies (1 Cor 6)

So you see, Diane, you belong to Christ now
You cannot, legally speaking, misappropriate
The Lord's temple
By offering your former beautiful body
To satisfy the craving lust of sensual depravity
By joining in sexual union with a boyfriend
That is not even a Christian to marry.
You have no property rights any more!
You now have custodial duties of oversight
To take care of the Lord's property!
Which is you!!!
OBEDIENCE, not Dichotomous living, makes sense.
You belong to Christ the new landlord
Who has a new agenda of interests
Yours is to submit fully to His Lordship
In order to glorify Him in your body.
He has every right to demand totality in holiness!
He knows you are a sinner, full of sinful tendencies
That is why even His programme for sin
Is thoroughly comprehensive and logical.

Say it, even if it is hard to acknowledge it!
Affirm it, even if it is incredible to confess it!
Embrace it, even if it is not natural to do it!
Acknowledge it, you no longer have
Democratic rights of sinfulness!

For Christ is the benevolent loving Despot
He is a Benevolently loving Dictator
(He never seeks my approval or permission
For he would not be Lord anymore!)
He demands unconditional obedience from his followers
Sin is the exercise of my democratic rights
In a dictatorship where such rights are treasonous!
Shouldn't he demand?
Lord over?
Exhort to obedience?
When he bought you with his blood
Redeeming you to be his own?
Submit then to the Benevolent Dictator
To enjoy the privileges of love and mercy
One hundred percent
For democratic human rights for you
Mean sinful egocentric independence
Where there is no peace
One hundred percent
(when you claim it, Diane, you lie!)
There is no joy one hundred percent!
There is no security one hundred percent!
Dichotomous mentality breeds confusion
Either bow to the Word of God in full
Or be out of fellowship with the Lord
In one hundred percent darkness
Since darkness is a total entity!

Christians want to play games with God
When he demands loyalty
They want to listen to what God says
In whatever form
Thereby not acknowledging the Word.
Or trivialize their disobedience with stylish rhetoric!
Sin becomes a cultural situational distinctive
Sin becomes a psychological dysfunction
Sin becomes a little problem (temporary)
Sin becomes a personality idiosyncrasy
Or temperamental leanings.

Ezekiel was informed by the Lord
Being prepared in advance
For the sophisticated Dichotomous responsiveness
"As for you, son of man,
Your countrymen are talking together about you.
By the walls and at the doors of the houses,
Saying to each other,
1.`Come and hear the message that has come
From the LORD.'
2. My people come to you, as they usually do,
3. And sit before you
4. To listen to your words,
6. For their hearts are greedy for unjust gain.
7. With their mouths they express DEVOTION,
Indeed, to them you are nothing
More than one who sings love songs (MINSTREL)
WITH A BEAUTIFUL VOICE and plays an instrument well
For they hear your words

What a dichotomous mentality
What a common practice that the people of God
Have mastered, refining it to an art!
The people of God, kind of joke trivially
About the prophetic message from Ezekiel
With cynicism they come to him
With mocked interest they sit under his feet
With faked revivalism they demand:
"What's the fresh prophecy for the day, Zeke?"

The dreaded disease for entertainment
Has long haunted the people of God!
Even with prophetic utterances they
Preferred to be entertained
Preferring to hear what was
Safe and innocuous
With no revolutionary demands!
"Tell us, what's new from the Lord?"
Is there no vision
Are there no supernatural messages in store
What's the "blessing" from the Lord today?

Here is a dichotomous stance from Ezekiel and his setting:
1. "Come and hear the message . . ."
The people of God do express "religious devotion." This can be done through personal reading of the Word as well as listening to messages "from God." The emphasis is not on the origin, content or intent of the Word of God. It is to undergo the ritual of a service.
There is no doubt in their minds that Ezekiel has a message from God as such. The problem is the attitude towards the message, messenger and the source of the message.
The fact that they tell each other about a very personal private serious message shows cavalier disregard for Scripture not the religious ritual! It's all a big joke internally for what the prophet has to say has no value to them practically. Their minds are made up already about being CASUAL about God's serious revelation. "

2. “My people came to you as they usually do, and sit before you . . ."
What a caricature of calculated disdainful treatment of the Word of God.
The people of God go to the prophet
Sit before him in mock piety
Proceed to mimic the act of listening
While they are laughing within
With no intention to follow after God's Word.
The large numbers of religious devotees
Often are composed of passive non-responsive cynics
Who have long ago decided to remove
Instant obedience from listening to the truth.
To them it's all an external ritual that should not disturb
Nor touch the core of their volitional response.
To be continued

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