FAMILY MATTERS GALA EVENING - 19 DEC. 2010 - 14h30 - 19h00

MVK- Zone in Partnership with 'FAMILY MATTERS' the couples fellowship at The Freeway Tabernacle invite you to a Gala Evening to be held at Reach Out For Christ Ministries Auditorium on the 19th December. The event will start a 14:30 with a photo shoot session of individuals and couples. This event is a Black tie so please come dressed up and look as handsome and as beautiful as you can be. A 3course meal will be served. Testimonies and a keynote speech. Cost per person is R150. Adults and couples only. Please do not bring your little ones. For your reservations please call Pastor. Billy Maluleke on 0837220815 or make a deposit in the following bank account: ROFC. Standard Bank. Southdale Branch. Branch code; 006405. account number. 202768309. Reference number: Gala1912. And please fax the deposit slip to: 0866057059 at least by the 12th December. Do not keep your slip and hope to bring it on the day we need to make arrangements before the occasion. See you there. Please remember: Babies and children may not be brought along.

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This is one time I wish I was married, just to learn from the Family Matters Team . I always tell my aunt (who is married & a member of TFT) & all she ever says is, "it is lovely, your time will come." But the way they glow more after having the meetings, I just wish I was so there!

Ja, your time will come and may God guide you to the right person. its possible that by then our family matters programs will be hotter than they are presently. Its a truly wonderful experience to be in a peaceful relationship. MVK

Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

Looking to see the BEST EVENT 2MOR?

Mondli& Montana Ndlovu:
Family Matters is going to be a classical event next year.This was evident in the recent Gala evening on the 19th December 2010. Our deepest gratitude as a family goes to Pastor Kotu and mother Pastor Joyce Kotu. Your vision and commitment has uplifted and changed not only our familys'lifestle but we now have the privilage of impacting on the other people around us with the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired through your teachings and mentoring even in the workplace colleaques are beginning to ask about Family Matters DVD's and workshop dates. Thanks Pastor, May the Good Lord Bless and increase your capacity, May your territory be enlarged as well, May all your request be granted and the Lord looked upon you and your family with great favour. May this coming year 2011 be the beginning of your super-charged years in the Kingdom, like an Eagle your wings be spread to glide in super natural heights. Please note that your work has not gone down without being noticed. You are well appreciated to us and I see now why it is said "we are more that conquerors, for the Joy of the Lord is our strength". Keep on blowing and sounding that trumpet for we have realised that it is changing and saving lives. We believe that The Lord has send forth his word to heal us all.

In conclusion; May the Lord richly Blessed all the men and women who work tirelessly behind the scenes and make events like these: e.g. (2010 Gala year end function) a success. We put our support behind you, Guys you are all special people in the Kingdom. May the grace of GOD leave a resonance in your homes and families, let the Grace of GOD not easily depart from your midst let it be tied around your necks as a symbol of Hope and victory. May the Peace that passes all understanding and Stability prevail through out the years. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow you the rest of your lives as you dwell in the House of the Lord forever and ever.

Stay Blessed!!!