I believe in an Existent God - Part 1

We live in a generation that has lost ‘touch’ with the things of God. The only things people know about God is that He ‘claims’ to have created the heavens and the earth. He ‘supposedly’ owns every thing we see around us and that He knows us all by our first names. That’s all. Oh, I almost forgot number four, He wants us to live good lives and He makes sure that all the bad guys go to hell when they die. In all honesty if this is all the reality that is about God no wonder not many people are following Him.
The importance of knowing about God cannot be imparted by one to another it is rather an innate ability. We were all created or born with that inherent vacuum for the knowledge of God. In our Church I once gave the following example: I said that man was created to be compatible with God and be able to connect with him as long as he uses the correct connections. I gave the example of both cell phone manufacturers and sim card manufacturers. These companies don’t usually work under the same roof but they use both the same principles and parts that have been designed to become compatible when used together. The sim card has a ‘chip’ that carries the information etc. and the cell phone has the ‘reader’ than can extract the information from the card. And these can work together for the first time as if they were created by the same person. Now this is what man can do with the little mind that I believe God has given to him.

I also think that it is right to respect products and judge them by the reputation of their manufacturer. The only true difference between Sony, Panasonic and LG is the reputation of the manufacturer and not the products themselves, because none among these three uses any secret parts that others don’t know about. It is the same with Mercedes, Audi and Hyndai. And as a result if we claim that man is a product of evolution then we have to credit man’s ingenuity and intelligence to evolution. It is also very funny how the Apes that we are supposed to come from have never created any product so far with all the resources that they still have. Think about it.
Man’s greatest obstacle is not being able to do or not to do certain things in life but the inability to acknowledge that he too, is somebody’s product. Look at how helpless we have become to the very things we claim to have power over. A single stick of cigarette has more power over its maker than the actual power that the manufacturers claims to have over the cigarette. How about alcohol and other things that make us realize that ‘mother nature’ is not our creator, but that there should be someone else out there to whom we can reach out and get help. We have created too many things that have proven to us that we are actually too small in this universe. There must be other superior forces and powers somewhere out there.

Our denial for the existence of God has absolutely no basis at all. No man has proven that there is no God. The only argument that the atheists have is on the fact that God is invisible. There are a number of invisible yet powerful elements that we cannot seer but we know they exist. The wind, sound, heat, cold, fear, and anxiety amongst many others, are some of the most powerful forces that man cannot stand against. If we have to credit existence and power only to those things that are visible then allow me to say that the wind is not powerful at all because we can’t see it. How about the fear that you feel when you are told that you have an incurable condition? Is it possible that thunder is non existent too since we can’t see it? Why do we have to fear anyway when we’re in the plane and there are turbulences? These are things that make us realize that power and visibility are two different things and that we cannot be justified by using either to decide whether the other exists or not.

In addition to all these have you ever given thought to the reason for the order we see around us? Do seasons just change without any particular order? What about the different climates, the vegetation, the solar and the lunar systems? Have you ever noticed how identical each group of animals are? The male and female buffalos are so much alike except for the reproduction organs. This is the same with almost all animals. Today there are about six billion people on earth and each with a unique face. How come evolution failed to do the same with all other creatures? The Bible tells us that human beings are created in the image of God and in His likeness. See Genesis 1:26. When we realize this we also become aware of the fact that we are more superior to all other creatures and that this superiority is not a result of nature deciding differently but of a perfect plan from our creator. God is our creator and He wants us to have life and have it to the fullest. This is His perfect plan for us.

When God created us He made us totally different from everything else He created. He gave us the ability to choose to do or not to do His will. Even up to a point where we have a right to deny His existence. What do you do when your children deny you? Do you destroy them or get surprised at their ignorance? I think that is exactly how God feels about us. Ignorance about God can only affect us and not him. If I am ignorant about some truths in life it does not actually affect them or change them in any way, I become the victim and the sufferer of my own doing. In order for God to become more than just ‘a god’ in our lives He requires that we believe and accept not only that He is there but also that He is our creator and father. I have come across people who believe that there is God but who do not believe in Him. This makes a huge difference in how we approach Him. Believing that there is God is just as good as me believing that there is a planet called mars, this does not make it any closer to where I’m at. The distance remains the same. This is the same with believing that there is ‘god’ somewhere, it does not make Him any closer to you. The bible says that even demons believe and they tremble and that’s just about all they can do; to tremble by knowing there is God.

But by believing in God changes our belief from being just a belief to becoming a conviction and it is only when we have this inner conviction that we begin to seek him more. And in seeking Him we come into contact with His personality and power. Living on earth and not recognizing the existence of the creator of the earth makes us to be more like the cockroaches that live right there behind our cupboards but deny that we actually do exist. To be continued. MVK

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I think every living human being is aware that there is God. However not all of us believe in Him. When we are in need and desperate we call unto Him, when things go well we think we are able to do things without God. If only all of us can believe in the existence and power of God, this world will be a better place. Thank you pastor for this article.




I've always believed in his existance because i know that i'm safe in his hands.When it came time for Jesus to leave this earth He did not want to leave us alone.He knew what we would face and what we'll need.In His love for us,He knew that He could not give us anything less than Himself.God could only send us someone who could be the perfect provision,not a partial solution,to all the things we would walk through in life so because of his His existance He call the One who would come to us The Comforter,he is always there with us,besides us,and he lives within us.



This is encouraging especialy for me/us as Christians cause we think we know. yes we know but..
this is the basic of one to regularly refer in a journey of Chrisitianity
Thank you Pastoor