Thank You - Ninety Days After - From MVK

Mr. Charles Dempsey
First and foremost I thank God the father, the Son and the Holy spirit for giving us this season. Thank you Lord. I also wish to express my deepest heartfelt thanks to all our blog friends out there. You guys truly ‘rock’ Its is only three months since we went on the net and so much has happened it actually feels like a very long time.
I also wish to welcome the spring season, I’m sure that most ‘Johannesburgers’ will agree that this was the coldest winter in the past 10 years or so. The FIFA world cup event was another great experience for both soccer lovers and soccer ‘tolerants’ like myself. We almost had an overdose of the whole event. We thank God for       Mr. Sep Blatter Who had faith in South Africa from the onset and was never disappointed. Another Thank you to Julius 'juju' Malema for the best thing he ever said during the World cup event. Mr Malema said NOTHING at all and this was great.The World cup atmosphere is something I will forever cherish. It was truly an experience and my first time to wear a Soccer 'T' shirt. We hung country flags almost everywhere we went and some are still up. My house looked almost like FIFA house with all those flags proudly flying even at night, it was so wonderful to just go out at night and watch them sway from side to side. Some cars across the city still have flags and mirror covers of different countries on them. I also wish to thank God for enabling our country to host such an event even when Mr.Charles Dempsey thought that we were too primitive to do so. And hey world South Africa is NOT a third world country, we are just as competitive like most of you guys who came to visit us here.
During the world cup there were no incidents of Lions roaming the streets or Cheetahs chasing the tourists. no reports of people waking up only to find a black mamba in their shoe. Did you guys notice our Airports? And how about our Shopping Malls and roads. To top it all off South Africans have just proven to be the Worlds best hosts.

How many of you still remember the headlines; ‘PARIS HILTON ARRESTED IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR SMOKING WEED This just proves how first world we really are! We don’t do weed in public! Sorry Paris and please note that if you were arrested in Zimbabwe you would still be awaiting trial. Serious, in Zimbabwe there is no bail for Americans and Britons only Ransom. And I hope that next time South Africa is mentioned folks like Mr Dempsey will search the archives and never judge a book by its cover as the saying goes.

To our blog friends it gives me great pleasure to say thank you for your support and continuous feedback. I wake up every morning looking forward to a great ‘blogging’ we are already three months old. Our first post went on the net on Monday the 3rd of May and already our statistics show that we are indeed making a great impact out there. What started as a trickle has touched so many lives and given others also a purpose in life. The first comment I had on the blog on Monday the 3rd of May read as follows: "this blog is a dope" and the comment was from "anonymous"  I sat there gazing at the computer screen almost believing what anonymous said but thank God I immediately disbelieved 'anon' and decided that if this was not for him/her, then it was meant for someone else. And do you know what anonymous? you and Charles Dempsey must be from the same mother, Negative and unbelieving.I pray over all the articles and the daily devotions that we do because I realize that there could be a life out there just waiting for one word to get it back on track.
So far our blog has been visited 23,000 (twenty three thousand) times in the past 87 days. And our pages have been read 13,988 times internationally.

Our present readership statistics stand as follows:
South Africa 47% - Canada 11% - USA 8% - UK 7 % - Philippines 3 % - Germany 3% - and all the following countries 1% each: Indonesia, Belgium, Malaysia, Iran, Russia, Norway, Botswana, Tanzania, Portugal, European Union, Mexico, France, India, Kenya, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Zambia and Senegal.
To be able to view these stats please do the following once you have logged into the blog. Scroll all the way down until you see ‘LIVE TRAFFIC FEED’ there will be flags with ‘a visitor from…’ on them. Scroll down to the end of these flags and next to ‘REAL-TIME VIEW’ click on ‘MENU’ a window opens on the screen click on ‘LIVE TRAFFIC MAP’ this opens up a map of the world with all the recent ‘loggings’
I also wish to thank our reading material contributors; my wife Joyce, Pastor. Modise Moathlodi, Rev. Thembelani Jentile, Bishop Isaac Mthinkhulu, Delores Mahlangu, Dr, Charles Mahlangu, Pastor. Elliot Borchardt, Pastor. Mazwe Majola, Pastor. Phillemon Mathane, Pastor Moss Nthla. Gloria Mbokota and Pastor. Kopano Mohapi. The largest chunk of my gratitude goes to none other than our Partners. Guys thank you so very much. May you be blessed through and through. Lets keep blogging Amen. MVK

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Yes, indeed the blog has been a breath of fresh air! So informative with the Spiritual & all aspects of our lives. It makes 1 sit back and realize the impact 1 can make by just believing. I think God had mapped your way, with the people you are connected to Spiritually & otherwise. He has blessed you with Pastors who were willing to give up some of their time, off their busy schedules to assist in the Gospel. My hat off to them, may God bless them well well.

About the "dope" person, chances are, that person is young. So he or she probably meant, the site was/is "cool", that is their Lingo.

I agree with you on Juju, he can be smart @ times, by just being quiet! Mr. Charles Dempsey was just being a typical Australian, in my view.

To many more blogging days!

EXCEPT THE Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. If GOD be for us who can be against us.

Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

We give The Glory to The Most High God about this blog .This i recall to my mind,therefore have i hope.It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not.They are new every morning great is thy faithfulness.