ELC Day - A Great Success - And Thanks To Modise Moathlodi

Modise and Zodwa
Phillip Semela
The ELC day at The Freeway Tabernacle was too wonderful. A big thank you to Pastor Modise Moathlodi. My brother you spoke to our hearts in a very special way. And hey, I am truly humbled to know that you actually read our blog. Thanks for that. To your lovely wife; madam thanks for your presence at our Church may the    Lord bless your family, and thanks to your daughter, and the team that accompanied you guys. The day was just too great. I believe that the seed you planted shall surely grow and multiply. I also believe that this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship in the Lord. Thanks once more. Nozizwe thanks a lot to you too for a job well done. And my sister please understand that your entrepreneurship efforts in Rustenburg are simply identified as "bo Mkhozi" here in Jo'burg [LOL] however I truly thank God for seeing you through your situation, and just look where you are today. Thank you. Thanks also to Abe, Phillip, Kile,Sam and Bro Solly. You guys did extremely well, and your message was well received. and I'm certain that we have all benefited from your experiences.

Phillip gave a moving testimony of how he grew up in a very poor family and his father was earning less than  R5000 per annum. In his own words he said; "I knew that I was not going to go my father's route but with a family that had no resources I soon realized that my only way out was my education. I started off with nothing but miraculously so I ended up at UCT. and this year I managed to get my Masters Degree, and I passed my thesis with a distinction. Phillip managed to study for his masters as a husband and a father of two. Now that's commitment. On the other hand Bro. Solly Maswanganyi related how with no high school education he had to 
Nozizwe Katane
On other hand Bro. Solly maswasnganyi related
Solly Maswanganyi
start working early to help school his siblings after his father's death. "some of them have university degrees which I failed to get" said Solly. "But I manged to get myself employed by starting my own handyman and interior decor company. and presently I have employees and contracts with reputable companies around Jo'burg" Solly warned all those who want to have their own businesses to be careful as this is one commitment that requires a lot of discipline and planning all the time. Sometimes you have enough but at other times you have nothing, so you need to manage it well" said Solly. Another amazing testimony came from Kile Kwinana.
Me and Kile
Joyce and Charity Mkone
Kile a professional nurse and midwife told how she worked for the SAA as a manager and also in possession of other qualifications but she ended up in construction, a male dominated industry and definitely not for the faint hearted. She is presently in charge of her own company and is doing very well with contracts on hand worth around R30 million. Another moving testimony was given by Abe Lebakeng an Audit manager at SARS. Abe told us how he was schooled by his pensioner grandmother until he registered at the University. He never enjoyed the basics of life as a kid, but indicated to the youth that "no one has an excuse good enough to not be progressive, you must have a dream to chase at all times. I must confess that these testimonies including how Mr Modise took eleven years to complete his junior degree served to bring reality closer than it ever was. I looked at my own life. How I am used to taking life easy. I realized that it is easy for one to live in their own world where your own comfort zones have now become a grave of failure and self destruction. These men and women have put a clear challenge before the Church: you make it or you don't, there is no neutral ground. I wish to extend my utmost gratitude to everyone at TFT. All the men and women who graced the occasion in your uniforms, displaying diversity at it's fullest. I want to believe that we made a difference to the youth and other seekers. Also thank you to those who put on their school uniforms, Joyce and I did too. To the Lord of the Church Jesus Christ Our master:  it's all about you because it all comes from you. To the Holy Spirit; Lord thanks for your wisdom upon your Church. And to God be the glory for the things He has done. MVK 

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Hi Spike
Was looking foward to ur comment on yesterday's function...Anyway yesterday was a great for me ,it was inspirational and ja...there's a story behind every great person.Mr Modise and his rock!!!

Papa you looked like a school boy on Sunday...lol a school boy who's constantly reprimanded or taken to the principals office for God knows what....hehehehe, but he had an awesome time and thanks to Nozizwe for such a successful programme. awesomeness...


Sunday was awesom, ke tshwere ke babalazi ya the life changing stories that were shared. Nozizwe once again you have axceeded our expectations well done...I am a bit worried about our pastor thou...seeing him in that school uniform said a lot about your school days... you looked like a child who ditches school....heheheheh well done thou


That was history in a making. I am still drowning with the hangover, the day is repalyed in my head everyday. Speaking for young people if that was not challanging enough I dont know... its either you shape up or you shape out...

I mean from "Mkhozi" to reginal manager, From a STD 5 to a successful businessman.. 3year degre in 11years.
I am calling on all the youth and young people to brake this records.

Thanks Pastori "school boy", Pastor (rolemode) Modise and Nozi for a Job well done.

It was very very very inspirational.

I totally agree that Sunday was a true eye and and opener. But I must also try to pressurize the youth at TFT by saying that please make sure that these efforts do not fall to the ground.I am 51 and have enrolled for my Th.d. (Doctor of Theology) and was given 6 years to complete it through correspondence. This is my second year. I have not done much work and since I started the Blog it's now worse because the blog itself requires at least 3 hours per day. But I am determined to get my Th.d even sooner than the period given. So young folks please wake up and do something with your lives. MVK