Youth Seminar Power Point Presentation

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Hi Pastoor.

This is an insightful presentation that one can use as a guideline for managing their lifes journey. In this generation that is said that we will most probably change careers 3-4 times in our lifetimes, it is apparent that we choose careers for security's sake (to have a standard life that we are able to pay the bills). Conversely, we are a generation that seeks to be significant and i'd like to believe that our significance is subject to us living in our purpose to reach our destinies (calling). Futhermore as Christians or even non-christians it is said abundance and prosperity lies within fulfulling our purposes. Now how do we use our purpose and calling -turning it into a means of making living- to avoid changing careers? Would you advice one to leave their career which they do not enjoy that much even while they are still a novice in it to honour their calling as a care giver or speaker or counselor etc -what made you leave your job back in the 90's into full-time ministry?

Kind Regards

Morgan Lekgetho Mogagabe  

I 'm Greatful this Presentation" I 'll had over to myself and my Generation...thank you Rev.MVK